Zebco Bullet Vs Omega Pro – Differences Between These Two Models

Zebco Bullet and Omega Pro, these are two top of the line spincast reel of the market right now. And that is why I have come up with this Zebco Bullet Vs Omega Pro comparison.

There are a lot of differences in these two spin cast reels and I have held up all those differences so that you would understand which one would be more suitable for you and decide to pick one.

Not only that, but there are also two variations as well in Zebco Omega Pro reels, ZO2 and ZO3, I have compared all of them. If you are interested in any of these reels, then go through the comparison, it can turn beneficial for you.

In case if you are in a hurry, roll your eyes over the quick comparison

NameZebco Bullet Zebco BulletZebco Omega Pro ZO2Zebco Omega Pro ZO3
Ball bearings977
Gear ratio5:1:13:4:13:4:1
Mono line capacity90 yd./ 10 lb.85 yd./ 6lb85 yd//10 lb.
Pre spooled line (lb)10610
Retrieve rate (inches)29.61419
Weight (oz)

Differences Between Zebco Bullet Vs Omega Pro

As I mentioned above, the omega pro series has two reels ZO2 and ZO3, I have done the comparison of them as well. So it is a three spincast reel comparison. Let’s get started with the detailed comparison.


With 13.9 oz weight, the Zebco Bullet falls on the heavier side. The Omega ZO2 pro is 8.1 oz, and the ZO3 is 10.6 oz. ZO2 being the lightest spincast reel here it is suitable for lightweight fishing. And the bullet and ZO3 are pretty close to each other, a difference of 3.3 oz. Though both can be used for medium-weight fishing but Zebco Bullet will be more suited to it.


More ball bearing means more smoothness. And when it comes to fishing reels, smoothness matters a lot. The zebco bullet comes with 9 ball bearings when the Omega series has 7. Obviously, the bullet will be smoother than the Omega series. Those two extra ball bearing gives the reel smoother retrieval action compared to the Omega reels.

Retrieval Rate

With 29.6-inches retrieving rate, the Zebco bullet keeps it ahead in the race. The retrieval rate is extremely fast, in fact, there isn’t any other spincast reel in the market that has this fast retrieval rate. It is faster than even some baitcaster and spinning reels.

The increased number of ball bearing and gear ratio (coming in the next section), contributed to the fast retrieving rate.

On the contrary, the Omega ZO2 fishing reel has a 14-inch retrieve rate, and the ZO3 has a 19-inch. They are no that slow but compared to the Bullet, yes they are slow.

Gear Ratio

Zebco bullet comes with a higher gear ratio 5:1:1, for a spincast reel it is very fast speed. And this is one of the reasons behind the higher retrieve rate. Conversely, the Omega pro series comes with a 3:4:1 gear ratio, it is medium speed. But the bullet is way too faster than the Omega pro series.

Monoline capacity

Zebco Bullet has a line capacity of 90 yards / 10 lb. The Omega ZO2 pro has 85 yard / 6 lb. and the ZO3 has 85 yard / 10 lb. well, there isn’t much difference in these reels, but bullet shows up again with little more monofilament line holding capacity.

Pre spooled line

The bullet and ZO3 pro reel come with the same amount of pre-spooled line. But the ZO2 has less, it comes with 6 lb. mono line pre-spooled.

What are the Similarities Between these Spincast Reels?

Apart from the differences, there are some similarities as well.


All of these three spincast reels come with the instant anti-reverse gear.
Drag system: All of them have the same dial-adjustable disk crag system which is pretty popular in the market right now.

Build quality

The manufacturer has ensured that these three reels last long, all of them are constructed with a top-grade metal material.

Final Words

It is clearly shown that the Zebco Bullet reel is made for heavier fishing. It is one of the fastest and smoothest spincast reels in the market.

It has a higher retrieval rate and the weight is high as well. So undoubtedly, it can be used for medium to big size fishes.

On the other hand, both the Omega ZO2 and ZO3 reels can be used for light to medium weight fishing. However, hope this Zebco Bullet vs Omega Pro comparison helps you decide.

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