Zebco 888 Vs 808 Comparison – Zebco’s Top Spincast Reels

When it comes down to spin-cast reels, there are very few brands that can compete with Zebco. One of the finest and oldest spin-cast reel manufacturers, serving the market for way long. Anglers who are looking for heavyweight reels, the Zebco 888 and 808 could be suitable pick since both of them they weigh over 17 oz.

That being said, it is easy to catch up in confusion regarding picking the suitable one from these two, beginners tend to fall into this confusion often. However, I have created an in-depth Zebco 888 Vs 808 Comparison. Go through this, and you will easily understand which model you should go with.

FeaturesZebco 808Zebco 888
Ball Bearing 02+1
Front Cover MaterialPlasticStainless Steel
Drag SystemDial Adjustable Magnum Drag SystemDial Adjustable Magnum Drag System
Gear ratio2.6:12.6:1
Pre-spooled line20 lb.25 lb.
Bait clickerAvailableAvailable
Weight17.1 oz19.5 oz

Zebco 808HA Spincast Reel

Though it is advertised to be suitable for saltwater heavyweight fishing, it would choose this one for light or medium-lightweight fishing. I will give you the reasons.

First of all, this is not a smooth operating reel because it doesn’t come with any bearing at all, instead, it uses bushing.

If you have never used 5 or more bearings featuring reel before, you wouldn’t know how much difference it creates.

And then if we talk about the durability, I don’t find it at the top bunch. The front cover is made of plastic, which is not a durable material at all. 

That being said, it wouldn’t matter much if you don’t drop the reel or the plastic gets hit hard by something. With all these, you can still use it for heavy fishing but I don’t think it would be effective. It is completely my point of view.

Zebco 888 Spincast Reel

The Zebco 888 would be a better fit for heavy fishing compared to the Zebco 808. The front cover of this reel is made of stainless steel which makes it extremely durable.

And then it features 3 stainless steel bearings as well and that makes the reel operation extremely smooth.

And smoothness matters a lot when you are in the big fishes game. And that too in saltwater. It is a heavy reel and features continuous anti-reverse.

Main Differences Between Zebco 808 and Zebco 888 Spincast Reels

Ball Bearings

The Zebco 808 spincast reel doesn’t come with any ball bearing, instead it uses bushing which is definitely not as effective as ball bearings. So in terms of smoothness, the 808 reel falls behind the 888 reels. The 888 comes with 3 bearings that increase the reel smoothness a lot. The smoothness plays a big role especially when you are after big saltwater fishes.


The manufacturer has used stainless steel material in the construction of the Zebco 888 reel that makes it highly durable. And stainless steel makes it suitable for saltwater fishing as well. On the other hand, the Zebco 808 comes with plastic from the cover which isn’t close to stainless steel material.


With 19.5 oz weight, the Zebco 888 spincast reel wins here as well. 808 weighs around 17.1 oz. When you are up to heavyweight fishing, the reel weight also matters a lot. On that note, compared to the 808 reels, the Zebco 888 is more suited to heavyweight fishing.

Pre Spooled Line

Well though this isn’t a major issue, doesn’t make much difference but still worth taking a look. The Zebco 808 comes with a 20 lb pre-spooled line, where the Zebco 888 comes with 25 lb. pre-spooled line.

Final Words

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are some features as well which are common in both. Let’s have a look at those as well. Both of these reels come with the same gear ratio, 2.6:1. It is a decent gear ratio. Also comes with dial-adjustable magnum drag which makes adjustment easy for the anglers.

Bait clicker is an extremely beneficial feature, especially for night fishing. During the night you won’t see the fish bite well, and that is where bait clicker comes, they will let you know immediately.

If I have to choose one from these two models, I would definitely go with the Zebco 888 spincast reel because that is better than the 808. However, hope this Zebco 888 vs 808 comparison helps you choose the right spincast reel for yourself.

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