What to Do with Old Bowling Balls? – Uses for Old Bowling Balls

Have a few old and used bowling balls? And don’t know what to do with oil bowling balls? 

Well, there are surely some uses for old bowling balls instead of just throwing them away. But would you be able to use the bowling ball that will be depending on the condition of the ball? 

However, here I have shown few ways that you can use your old bowling balls

Have a quick look!!!

What to do with Unwanted Bowling Balls?

Keep it for use

If you are a professional competitive bowler then you might need an old bowling ball at some point. 

It is not necessary for an old bowling ball to be useless. Old bowling ball might not react well but sometimes a non-reactive bowling ball is what all you need on the alley. 

Old bowling balls work exactly like a urethane bowling ball. And the need for a urethane bowling ball will always be there, no matter what. 

Non-reactive or urethane bowling balls are very easily controllable, very consistent, and very smooth. 

Sometimes you might a bowling ball to make a very small controllable hook shot, and that is where an old bowling ball will strike. 

Having that said, it is sometimes irritating to hold on to an old bowling ball. The transportation and storage feel irritating. 

However, it depends on you. If you already have a non-reactive urethane bowling ball then there is no need for another one. 

Check out the below ways to find a good use for that bowling ball. 

Donate the Ball

You might not have any idea there are so many people and places where they will take your old used bowling ball with a happy smile. 

For example, high school bowling teams or clubs, youth bowling leagues, etc. Bowling is an expensive hobby to keep and not everyone can afford that. 

So instead of throwing the old bowling ball into the garbage, if you give it to a kid who has an interest in bowling, wouldn’t it be great?

You and the kid both will feel happy. 

If the ball is useable as a non-reactive ball, you better donate the ball. For donating the bowling ball you can contact few places such as contact your local bowling alley. ‘

If there isn’t any then search for an alley in your neighborhood. Contact the bowling centers or pro shops, they will be happy to take the ball. 

Or you can check if there is any beginner bowler around you, that might work as well. 

Even if then you don’t get anything for anywhere the there is no other way than throwing the ball away.

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