What Does Polishing a Bowling Ball Do?

Are you a beginner bowler seeing bowlers around you polishing their bowling balls?

And wondering what does polishing a bowling ball do?

Well, to give you a straight answer, polishing a bowling ball can improve its performance. But not all techniques require polishing.

If you want to know who should polish bowling balls and who not, have a look below.

Do I Need to Polish my Bowling Ball?

Check the following points and that should tell you whether you need to polish your bowling ball or not.

  • Are you a slow speed bowler?
  • Are the lanes where you usually bowl hooks very much?
  • Does your ball have a very high rev rate?
  • Are you a right handed bowler and needs to stand far left to make a perfect throw?
  • When the lane breaks down, do you struggle?
  • Do you always need to use lower end hooking bowling balls?

Is the answer Yes? Then you should consider polishing your bowling ball properly. That will surely increase the performance.

Benefits of Polishing a Bowling Ball Properly?

Most of the beginners think the factory polish of the bowling ball lasts very long, which is not true.

Actually, how long the polish will last depends on how much do you play with the bowling ball.

If you play often, then the polish will disappear soon. And if you don’t play at all, then it can last forever.

If you are a regular bowler then polishing the bowling ball will increase the performance.

No polish can increase the reactivity of the ball, making it a very reactive bowling ball which will make the ball hookless and early. And you will end up leaving some pins on the corner standing.

Polishing the bowling ball in the right manner will reduce the reactivity, will give you more control over the bowling ball, and lastly, it will make sure you make a throw that hits and drops all the pins.

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