Pflueger President Vs Trion – Which One to Choose?

President is a very popular and top-rated series from Pflueger, it has a separate fan base. But there is another series from the same brand which is pretty similar to the President series, there is a lot of similarities and few dissimilarities as well between these two popular reel series.

And in this very guide, I will be walking you through the Pflueger president vs trion comparison so that you can have a clear idea about both of these spinning reels.

Let’s get started

FeaturesPflueger PresidentPflueger Trion
Size2000 - 40002000 - 4000
Drag System Sealed Oil Felt
Max Drag6 – 14 lb6 – 14 lb
Anti-reverseAvailable Available
Material GraphiteGraphite
Ball bearings 7 - 107
Gear Ratio5.2:15.2:1
Braid Ready SpoolAvailableNot Available
Weight6.20 – 11.50 oz.6.30 – 11.30 oz.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Series

You will definitely see this series on every best under 100 dollar reel lists. For the price, it performs incredibly.

Actually, that is no surprise, it is about the brand. Plufueger is a well-reputed old brand serving the needs of anglers pretty well.

You will barely find a few professional anglers who don’t own a Plufueger gear. However, let’s not get into that.

This spinning reel series is highly popular for two things, their performance, and the price. Delivers a lot for the price.

Smooth retrieving, fighting well with the medium heavy freshwater fishes, and long-lasting service, you can expect everything from this spinning reel series. It is extremely reliable.

  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Aluminum made bail and handle.
  • Slow and smooth Oscillation gearing.
  • Several sizes.

Pflueger Trion Spinning Reel Series

The President series comes on every under 100 top list. And this Plufueger comes in every under 50 dollars top lists.

This series is extremely suitable for beginners, that being said, professionals also can use this reel in some situations.

Very durable and smooth. The angler will have full control over the reel. And if we talk about comfort, this reel offers that too.

  • Stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Aluminum handle.
  • Very soft grip.
  • Classy look.

What are the Major Differences Between Pflueger President Vs Trion?

The major difference between Pflueger President and trion lies in four factors, drag system, ball bearings, price, and spool. Below I have explained them in detail. Have a look

Ball Bearing

This one plays a major role, how smooth the reel would largely depend on the ball bearing. The higher quality and amount of ball bearing a reel has, the smoother the reel is.

Pflueger president series comes with a high number of stainless steel ball bearings. The smallest size, 2000, even that comes with 7 stainless steel ball bearings. And the bigger size of 4000 has 10 bearings.

And if we talk about the Pflueger trion series, small to large all reel comes with 7 steel bearings. So definitely that will not be as smooth as the president series.

Drag system

The President reel series features a sealed drag system. The benefit of sealed drag is they are extremely durable and provides consistent pressure, and that results in great drag performance.

On the other hand, the Trion series comes with an oil felt drag system which is not as effective as sealed drag. And that is not durable as well. So President series eats the cake here as well.

Braid Ready Spool

Both the President and Trion series come with the aluminum spool. The president series reels come with a braid-ready spool, which Trion series reels lack. The benefit of braid ready spool is, it allows the angler to tie the braided line directly and then spool all the braid lines to fill.

But with the Trio series reels, you cannot do that. You will have to get started with the monofilament linebacking and then there is another thing that you will have to take care of. That is an irritating process.


Both these series are affordable. You will find these series at every under 100 and 50 dollars list. But if we compare then the Trion series comes at less price. And I think that is because it lacks few beneficial features that the president series has.

Final Words

Before I wrap up, let me take you through the similarities as well. Both look pretty cool and they come in the same size ranges as well, 2000 to 4000. They are constructed by Graphite material which is known as one of the best materials for fishing gear. Comes with the same drag power though the drag system differs, the president series comes up with a better drag system.

Has the same gear ratio of 5.2:1, it is a decent gear ratio and both come with an anti-reverse switch as well which makes it convenient for the anglers. And lastly, they are lightweight. That’s pretty much all, hope you like it.

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