Pen Fierce Vs Battle Comparison – Which One to Pick?

In the spinning reel market, Penn Fierce and Battle, these two are among the most used series. The brand Penn is one of the oldest and well-reputed manufacturers of fishing gears, serving the market with pride for a very long. In this very guide I have made Penn Fierce Vs Battle comparison so people who are in confusion about which one to choose, this guide is going to help a lot.

What Are the Differences Between Penn Fierce vs Battle?

The main differences between these two series are in the gear ratio, Bearings, line holding capacity, and price. I have explained each difference broadly so that you can understand better. Apart from that below, I have designed a quick comparison table as well, so if you are in hurry roll your eyes on it.

FeaturesPenn FiercePen Battle
Gear Ratio5.2:1 – 6.2:16.2:1
Size2000 - 80002000 - 8000
Drag SystemCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber
Anti-reverse InstantInstant
Braid Ready SpoolYesYes
Braid Line capacity (Yard/Lb)240/4, 180/6, 125/8 – 340/20,310/25, 230/30255/6, 175/8, 140/10 – 335/15, 230/20, 210/25

Penn Fierce Series Spinning Reels

Penn Fierce series spinning reels are available on a wide range of sizes, from 2000 to 8000. That gives the user a good amount of choice to choose from.

Constructed with heavy-duty material, the body and side place is metal. Features Penn HT-100 carbon fiber drag washer.

If we talk about the smoothness of this reel, it comes with 4 stainless steel ball-bearing and 1 roller bearing, all are shielded. 5 bearing is enough to give you enough smoothness while retrieving.

The Techno balanced rotor makes retrieval easier. And then there is heavy-duty bail wire and superfine spool made of aluminum, they ensure easy line management.

Penn Battle Series Spinning Reels

Like the Fierce series, the Battle series also comes in a wide range of sizes which is coming very conveniently for the anglers since they can choose the suitable one.

The rotor, body, and side plate of this reel are constructed with metal. The bail wire is made of high-quality aluminum which makes it extremely durable. The carbon fiber drag system doesn’t comprise the smoothness at all.

Features 5 stainless steel sealed bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing as well. It is a braid-ready reel, requires no backing. The superline spool ensures good line management.

Differences Between Pen Fierce and Battle Series Spinning Reel

Gear Ratio

The max gear ratio of both of these reels is the same, 6.2:1.  But if we talk about the range, Penn fierce comes with a good range from 5.2:1 to 6.2:1.

Where the Battle series only comes with a single gear ratio of 6.2:1. So with the batter series, you will not be getting the flexibility that Penn fierce can offer. The range of gear ratio makes the Fierce series suitable for a lot of people.


A single bearing can make a big difference when it comes down to smoothness. Penn Fierce 5 stainless steel bearings and Penn Battle stays one step ahead with 6 stainless steel bearing. If we compare Penn Battle will be smoother than the Fierce.


The Penn Battle series spinning reels tend to be a little expensive than the Fierce series. However, the price shouldn’t be a concern as long as the reel performs and serves the way you expect that to serve.

Final Words

These two reels have a lot of similarities than differences. I have only found out 3 differences which are have been shown above. However, I hope you find this comparison helpful.

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