How to Remove Oil From Bowling Ball? – Easiest Way to Get Oil Out of Bowling Ball

Even few courses of bowling games can make your bowling ball absorb dirt and oil from the lane.

And this makes the ball look dirty. Not only that, if you keep it that way after a while the resin cover stock of the bowling ball will start to absorb the oil.

And that can damage the entire thing. Surely, you don’t want that.

Which is why it is wise to remove the oil from the bowling ball before its too late.

Now that makes me ask you a question, do you know how to remove oil from bowling balls? If yes, that’s great.

But if the answer is no, then this article is what you need right now.

Spend 5 minutes and I will walk you through the entire process of remove oil from bowling balls.

How to Get Oil Out of Bowling Ball At Home

There are various ways of cleaning or removing oil from bowling balls. But the best way is to use a bowling ball rejuvenator.

The process is the easiest and quickest.

In case you don’t have a bowling ball rejuvenator, follow the given instruction.

Cleaning Spray

You can get oil out of the bowling ball using a bowling ball cleaning spray.

This can be brought from store and if that isn’t possible you can make cleaning spray at home as well.

To make that you will be needing green rubbing alcohol and water. Yeah, it is that simple.

Take equal amount from both water and alcohol and then mix them together.

The cleaning spray is ready.

Spray on the bowling ball properly, make sure you leave no area unsprayed. After spraying let the solution sit for a minute or so.

And then with a towel or bowling ball polisher wipe clean the ball.

It will be very effective if you can clean the ball between every two shots. In that way you will be able to clean the oil before the bowling ball absorbs it.

You can clean the oil from the ball with only rubbing alcohol as well.

Take a bucket, pour a mug water and then pour same amount of rubbing alcohol. Mix them together well.

Take a cleaning towel and dip it on the mixture. Dip the towel well and wring it before sweeping the bowling ball.

Sweep the bowling ball properly, the de-oiling would be done.

Immersion Method

Now this one is a DIY method and another effective way of getting rid of bowling ball oil. Follow the given instructions…

Fill a bucket with hot water and then mix a little cleaning solution. Hot water and cleaning solution will remove dirt, oil from the bowling ball faster.

You will be needing waterproof bowling tapes to seal the finger holes. Otherwise water will get inside and do more bad than good.

Make sure you seal the finger holes properly, if required check triple time.

And now put the ball into the bucket and let it soak for a while. Do not hurry, the ball needs to be in there for a while, at least for 20-minutes.

After 20-minutes you can take the ball out and put it on the bowling rack. Do not remove the tapes from the finger hole until the ball is completely dry.

Following this you should be able to get oil or dirt out of your bowling ball very easily.

Hope this helps.

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