How to Join PBA? – Procedures to Follow

Many people have considered bowling as their favorite pastime since time immemorial. Sometimes, we bowled an unbelievable score than the Pros we follow on TV and dream of being a pro bowler. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. Again, I wouldn’t say it’s that simple because first of all, you have to consider joining the PBA. But, did you know how to join the PBA?

Many of us hold a misconception that joining PBA is no big matter. But in order to join the PBA you must have to meet at least one or more of their requirements. In this content, I’m going to explain the facts in-depth.

The PBA Requirements

The PBA community has determined 3 requirements and you must have to fulfill at least one of these 3 requirements in order to join the PBA. Two of the requirements are related to your skill in bowling.

However, the requirements are given below with proper explanation.

1. Bowl an average 190 or better regularly in a sports league sanctioned by the USBC; Minimum 36 games

A random bowler gets no chance to join the PBA. So, PBA has set the condition where you have to make an average score of 190 consistently. But the average will be counted when you will complete at least 36 games under your belt in PBA or any league which is sanctioned by the United States Bowling Congress.

2. Experience 200+ average in your recent league season (Minimum 36 games)

How is your bowing score in the recent games? Has the average reached 200/more? If so then congratulations! You are now eligible for joining PBA. But keep in mind the credentials will be counted only if you have bowled 36/36+ league games

3. Cash in a PBA regional tournament without being a member

Fortunately, there is an easy way left for you to join the PBA. You have to cash in one of the following tournaments

  • One of PBA’s over 180 regional tournaments.
  • PBA50 Tour tournaments
  • Open PBA tour. 

Luckily, you don’t need to be a PBA member to go through the Cash IN process. They allow the guests to join professional small tournaments.

But, there are limitations. The non-PBA member is allowed to cash in once a year for the PBA tour tournaments and twice per year for the PBA regional tour.

The Verdict

I think you are now aware of the requirements you must have to fulfill to join the PBA. Well, if you are a beginner there is no big hope for you.

So, my suggestion is to practice more and get an average of 200. In this way, you can join the PBA without facing any big hassle. And if you are already doing great in bowling don’t wait for more, join the PBA today.

For further information and FAQs about PBA members, joining conditions, and PBA tours, visit the official site of PBA.

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