How to Increase Bowling Ball Speed? – Throw Bowling Ball Faster&nbsp

If you can make a fast speedy delivery that will surely work in your favor. You get more hitting power, hence you get more strikes in the alley. 

That is something that every bowler wants. 

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to throw a bowling ball faster or how to increase bowling ball speed, you are going find this very guide extremely informative, ‘

It is a five-minute read, sit tight and read on. 

How to Throw a Bowling Ball Faster?

Take a Quicker Approach. You can boost the bowling speed by boosting your approach. A lot of bowlers (mostly beginners) focus on the arm swing when they think about increasing the bowling speed. 

And that is inappropriate. Bowlers that pressurize the arm and tries to swing it harder often end up with an unpleasant result. 

The better way is to mind your leg movement during the throw. Speed up your bowling approach, you can speed up the throw. 

So go back to the starting point and make a little run. Keep track of your foot tempo and speed up the pace when the ball is in the swing. 

This little run before throwing the ball will help you to gain little momentum which can make a lot of difference. 

The quick approach you will take, the faster delivery you will be able to make. 

Get Loosen a Bit. 

You cannot expect a faster bowling ball delivery if your arm and leg muscles are tight. You need to be flexible and you need to relax your legs and arms. 

When the arm and leg muscles are relaxed, calm, they have translated more power to the release. 

Try to keep the arm swing as natural as possible. And when swinging your arms need to be flexible, otherwise, if you put much pressure thinking about bowling ball speed, you might end up injuring yourself. 

Keeping the ball high up in the backward swing.

Entry-level bowlers do it, they think keeping the bowling ball high up in backward swing will help them to throw the ball faster. 

Yes, it speeds the ball up a bit but that will mess with the accuracy entire. You won’t be able to throw the bowling ball on the desired point

Then what’s the point of speeding the bowling ball up when you cannot gain a strike? Makes sense, right? 

This is what you should do instead. 

Keep the Bowling Ball high on the starting point. When you do that there will be an increased distance in the bowling swing arc.

And this will translate into more power. And this will not mess with the accuracy as well. 

Choose a heavy ball. 

Heavy bowling balls are best for speedy delivery. Due to their weight, they are easy to throw fast and heavy bowling balls hit the pin very very hard. 

However, if the weight is out of your capacity then it is better to avoid that. Everyone should increase the bowling ball weight gradually. 

Keep Training. 

There is no best way to speed up your bowling ball speed than training consistently. All the techniques are shown, those will not be mastered overnight. You will have to train with those for days before you see the result. 

So doesn’t matter whatever technique it is, if you don’t train enough, you won’t be good at it and there won’t be any advantage for you in that. 

So train hard. 

Final Words 

This guide should be enough for every beginner to teach them how to increase bowling ball speed. And it also teaches you how to throw a bowling ball faster. 

Choose a suitable bowling ball and start training. You will be breaking the pins real soon.

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