How to Clean a Bowling Ball with Dawn?

Dirty, uncleaned bowling balls lose their performance with time. Grip, reaction, hitting power, you will see a reduction in everything. 

And that is what makes cleaning the bowling ball with proper cleaner mandatory. 

However, I have seen a bunch of people asking how to clean a bowling ball with the dawn. 

You can clean a bowling ball with dawn and that is pretty easy as well. 

If you are also one of them who want to learn bowling ball cleaning with the dawn, this very guide is going to be very beneficial for you. 

I have designed a step-by-step guide so that you can understand it better. Let’s have a look!

Making a Mixture.

 The very first thing you would want to do is to make a mixture. And for this, you will require Ammonia solution, dawn dish soap, and water. 

Most of the dish soaps are harsh but not Dawn. Since it doesn’t contain highly harsh components, it is safe to use on the bowling ball. 

It will damage the exterior of the bowling ball or anything else while cleaning. 

Rather it will clean off dirt and oil from the ball. Dawn will do thorough and deep cleaning. Dirt grimes stuck on the cracks will be cleaned off as well. 

However, here is how you will be making the mixture. 

Take one-fourth cup of Dawn dish soap and then take a little amount of Ammonia solution. 

Now mix both together and then add some lukewarm water to the ammonia and dawn mixture. 

Mix well and before you apply on the bowling ball make sure the mixture is done well. 

The reason why we will be using ammonia solution is, dawn dish soap alone won’t be able to bleed through the bowling ball coverstock. 

But if mixed with Ammonia, it will. 

And the dawn soap works here as a cleaning agent. 

Alright! You have made the mixture, now let’s move on to the next step. 

Tape the Holes Down.

After you have made the mixture you would want to tape the finger holes before applying the solution or mixture on the ball. 

Otherwise, the mixture will get inside the bowling ball and that might damage the bowling ball. 

There are few people who think if the mixture will get inside it will clean the core, clean off the oil. Let me warn you, that is a terrible mistake you will be making.

If water gets into the core, that will make the ball perform poor and the performance will get down with time. 

Moving on. 

Make sure you have tapped the holes perfectly. Use waterproof tape.

Dip the ball into the Solution.

Now time to give the bowling ball a bath. 

Once you have confirmed that the finger holes are tapped perfectly, then dip the entire ball into the cleaning mixture.

The ball needs to be dipped entirely and you will have to leave it there for 20 or more minutes. 

When you are dipping the ball into the mixture make sure that the cleaning mixture is still warm. If it isn’t, then heat it up a little before dipping the bowling ball into it. 

Keep the bowling ball in the solution for 20-minutes. And then you should see the oil trapped on the coverstock is coming out slowly. 

You might even notice little color discharge as well. And this is the only side effect of cleaning the bowling ball with dawn dish soap. 

After a thorough cleaning, you might see the color fading a little. But the win is, the bowling ball gets cleaned properly. 

And it will start to perform a lot like a new bowling ball. In other words, you will get to see a rise in the performance of the ball. 

Clean the Ball with a Towel.

After 20 or more minutes have passed, take the bowling ball out of the cleaning solution and put on a bowling towel. 

You can use just any towel or bowling ball polisher

After taking the ball out of the cleaning solution you will find the ball greasy and that means the solution has done its work. 

Keep the bowling ball on the towel or polisher. If you want you can polish the ball with a bowling ball polisher as well. 

After taking the ball off the cleaning solution, you can use a little bowling ball cleaner solution as well. 

Final Words

Cleaning the bowling balls on regular basis is extremely important, especially if you are a competitive bowler. 

Thorough cleaning regularly will make the bowling ball perform great. You will be able to make trick shots and use different techniques. 

However, I hope you learned how to clean a bowling ball with dawn dish soap cleaner. 

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