How to Bake a Bowling Ball? – 10 Steps to Follow

Ever heard people abandoning their bowling balls while baking them In the wrong way?

It happens very often due to the lack of property ideas and knowledge of heating a ball. So, you must not hope to face an accident like that.

I bet you don’t but to avoid such an accident you need to know How to bake a bowling ball

It sounds so easy but properly performing the task of baking isn’t that simple. Sometimes, you may bake it but the purpose won’t be fulfilled.

That means all the oil may not be released even after getting baked. Actually, there are some pre-procedures and post-procedures you must follow to accomplish the task perfectly.

In this content, I am going to break down all steps with some additional facts. 

How to Bake a Bowling Ball into an Oven?

The term baking goes perfectly when something is heated up into an oven. You can heat your bowling ball in the oven but you need to monitor the temperature strictly. Most ovens use the lowest temperature of 170°F and this is the main reason for monetization.

The slight ups and downs of temperature can be highly dangerous for the bowling ball. Besides, heating up the ball excessively faster can abandon the ball. 

So you have to keep in find, you can’t heat the ball over 140°F and can’t increase the heat rapidly. Here I am showing the proper method to bake it in the oven.

Step 1: Put the wire rack maintaining a big distance from the heating element and make sure to leave enough room for the ball.

Step 2: Now place the 2nd rack underneath the 1st rack. Now get a cookie sheet and put it on the rack. Now, direct heat will be blocked from the element.

Step 3: This step is crucial. Get 2 microfiber towels, roll them up, and place them side-by-side perpendicular to the wire rack. You will aim at creating a type of bed for the ball to lie on.

Step 4: Put the bowling ball on the towels and close the oven. 

Step 5: Now plugin and turn in the oven using the lowest setting.

Step 6: Now wipe up the paper towel every two minutes. Don’t forget to rotate the ball while wiping. The frequent opening won’t let the temperature rise higher.

Step 7: Keep rotation and wipe the ball until you see no oil coming from the ball.

Step 8: Now clean the ball and again put it into the Oven.

Step 9: First make sure the oven isn’t excessively heated. Now let the ball cool down gradually inside the oven. Let it in the oven for an hour

Step 10: At the final step, Remove your bowling ball from the oven and give it a good thorough clean. 

Congratulations! You have completely baked the bowling ball and released the oil out of it.

Notable Facts

  1. Keep the temperature at a certain level.
  2. A sudden rise in the temperature can affect the ball.
  3. Must rotate the ball while wiping to release every drop of oil.
  4. Open and close the oven to keep the temperature at the lowest level.
  5. Must let it cool down inside the oven and wait for an hour at least.

So, following the explained 10 steps and maintaining the noted points you should face no problem baking your bowling ball.

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