How Much Does a Bowling Pin Weigh? – Everything You Need to Know About Pin Weight

Knowing how much does a bowling pin weigh isn’t a very necessary thing. But if you are a bowler then it is good to have an idea about it. 

That being said, I have made this article all about bowling pin weights and different bowling pin types.

It is a small guide, shouldn’t take more than 5-min!

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Weight of Bowling Pins

There are different types of bowling pins and they weigh differently. Here I will be walking your through all kind of bowling pins and will tell about their weights as well. 


Standard tenpin weighs around 3.3 to 3.5 lb. And in kg that would be 1.5 to 1.5 kg. The height of these pins is 38 cm or 15-inches. 

This is the most common bowling pin, we see it on every alley and it is extremely popular. You know how tenpins look like but let me still try to describe the look. 

They look wide in the hip area and the neck is narrow and then the head section is a little wider than the hip. On the other side, the bottom area is a little narrower than the hip.

There are red stripes on the neck area.


A standard duckpin weighs around 1.5 lb. And in Kgs that would be 0.68 kg. They are way lighter than the tenpins. The height of these pins is 23.3cm or 9.4-inches. 

Duckpins are called the dwarf version of tenpins. Compared to the Tenpins, Duckpins have less wide hip and a shorter height. 

Due to their shape, they are called Duckpins, a lot looks like a duck. 

Sometimes a rubber band is placed on the wide hip part of the duckpins so that the hitting impact would be extreme. 

Five pin 

Five pins weigh around 1.5 to 1.7 kg. They are 31 cm or 12.5-inch long. And they are 127 mm wide on the hip part. The base of these pins is 1.625-inches. 

A wide rubber band is also put on the hip portion of the five-pin. 

Five pins is a version of bowling pins that are mainly played in Canada. Five pins are small than the 10-pins. 


As you might have already guessed, these pins look like a candle that why they are called Candlepins. The weight of the candlepin is 1.1 kg or around. And in-lb that is 2.43. 

They are 40 cm or 15.75-inches long and 74.6 mm wide on the hip area. The base is 54 mm. 

Candlepin bowling is done mostly in Canada’s Maritime Provinces. It is played in the New England region of the USA as well. 


Another name of Ninepin is Kegel. It is mostly played in European countries. And the rules in Ninepin are pretty different from the tenpins. 

Kegels or Ninepins weight around 1.3 kgs. Ninepins are a lot like tenpins and that is why ninepin is called the cousin of tenpins. 

I hope you got the answer and you know how much does bowling pin weighs. If there is anything I can help you with, don’t forget to ask. 

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