Daiwa Bg vs Penn Battle 2 Comparison – Which One is Best for What?

Daiwa and Penn produce a big bunch of top-notch spinning reels of the market, they are around for very long. The Penn Battle 2 and Daiwa bg is the most popular reel series of these two top-class brands. Both of these spinning reel series are pretty similar to each other, even the price is almost the same.

That being said, there still are few differences between these series which makes them suitable for a different purposes.

However, if you are finding it hard to pick one for your need, go through this Daiwa Bg vs Penn Battle 2 comparison. I have prepared a head-to-head comparison that will help anyone decide which one they should actually choose.

Here we go

FeaturesPenn Battle 2Daiwa BG
Size1000 - 80001500 - 8000
Ball bearing 5+16+1
Sealed Bearing AvailableNot Available
Rotor & Bail ArmAluminum Plastic
Retrieve rate22 – 44-inches28.3 – 53.3-inches.
Anti-reverse switchNot AvailableAvailable
Weight (oz)8.10 – 30.20 8.50 – 30.00

Penn Battle 2 Spinning Reel

Currently, the Battle series is the most popular and top-rated reel series of Penn. High-quality and sweet price, this very series offers both of it.

The best part of this reel series is, it features rubber-sealed ball bearings which makes it corrosion-resistant and as a result that makes it an extremely suitable reel for saltwater fishing.

Apart from that, it also features a metal rotor and aluminum bail arm as well that increases the overall functionality and durability of the reel.

If the angler can maintain the reel well, Battle series reels will serve for a very long period without any difficulties. Let’s take a quick look at the mains features…


  • Metal side plate, rotor, and body.
  • Sealed ball bearings.
  • Carbon fiber drag system.
  • Aluminum bail arm.

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

The BG series reels are highly reliable and simple reel. I would suggest this reel for freshwater fishing because it doesn’t come with sealed bearings that might not withstand saltwater.

An angler who looks for reels that give a high retrieving rate, this BG series is a perfect suit for them. Features ABS spool which enables the angler to achieve longer cast and fast retrieving.

It has an anodized aluminum frame and a braid-ready spool. Have a look at its features.


  • ABS spool reel.
  • Oversized gear system
  • Anti-reverse mode.
  • Braid ready reel spool.

What Are the Differences Between Daiwa Bg and Penn Battle 2?


When it comes down to the smoothness of the reel, bearings play a big role. The number of bearings and their quality matters a lot. That being said, the Daiwa Bg series comes with 5 + 1 ball bearings which are 1 less than the Penn Battle II since it comes with 6 + 1 ball bearing.

Apart from that, the factor that separates these two series is sealed bearing. The Daiwa Bg comes with regular ball bearings, where the Penn Battle 2 comes with rubber-sealed ball bearings that make it suitable for saltwater fishing. Plus, because of one more bearing, Penn battle 2 series reels are smoother than the Daiwa Bg.


The side plate and body of both these reels are made of aluminum. But there is a difference in the bail arm and rotor material.

Penn Battle II rotor and bail arm are constructed with metal. On the other hand, those of the Daiwa Bg series reels are made of plastic which is not as strong and durable as Penn Battle II. 

Line Retrieval rate

If you like a high line retrieving rate then the Daiwa BG will be a suitable choice for you because that offers a very high retrieval rate, better than the Penn Battle 2 series. The rate fluctuates by 10-inches between these two series.

Some might think the gear ratio is different that is why the retrieve rate differs these much. Actually, that is not the scene. The difference in the retrieve rate is due to the size of the spool.

Line Capacity

As I mentioned above, the Daiwa Bg series reels come with bigger spool sizes which is why their retrieve rate is higher. And for the same reason, the line capacity is also high in the Bg series reels.

Anti-reverse Switch

Although both these two series come with anti-reverse gear but only the BG series comes with the switch. The anti-reverse switch will allow you to deactivate the gear and backpedal. This is something you would get on Penn Battle 2 series reels.

Final Words

There is no doubt that Penn Battle and Daiwa Bg is top-notch reel series. The price they come in, you will barely find any other spinning reel offering so much at that price point.

But if you are more into saltwater fishing, I would suggest you to go with the Penn Battle 2 series reels since they are corrosion-resistant. And choose the Daiwa Bg series reels for freshwater fishing. With the Daiwa BG reel, you will achieve a good retrieving rate and line capacity.

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