Daiwa BG 3000 vs 3500 Comparison – Which One Should You Choose?

The Daiwa BG series is quite popular, it comes in a bunch of different sizes. But among all the sizes the Bg 3000 and 3500 seem to be more popular. Some people find it a little confusing to choose from these two top-notch reels.

And that is exactly why I have come up with the Daiwa Bg 3000 vs 3500 comparisons. I have made the comparison in-depth so that you can decide easily whether to go with the BG 3500 or 3000.

Let’s get started!

Quick Comparison Daiwa BG 3000 Vs 3500

In a hurry? Take a look below, the quick comparison table will give you an idea about both these fishing reels.

Name Penn Battle Penn Battle 22Daiwa Bg
Weight (Oz)10.8014.10
Retrieve rate37.4-inches38.5-inches
Mono line capacity240y/8lb – 240y/10 lb240y/10lb – 210y/12lb
Gear ratio5:6:15:7:1
Drag (lb)15.417.6
Braided line capacity280y/15lb – 240y/20lb310y/20lb – 230y/30lb
Ball bearing77

Differences Between Daiwa BG 3000 & 3500

People might think there is only size difference between these which is wrong. They are completely different, what is the same is the design. They both look the same. Have you gone through the comparison table? Still don’t whether to go with the BG 3000 or 3500? Then the below section is going to clear the air, here comes the in-depth comparison.


BG 3500 has a weight of 14.10 Oz and the 3000 has 10.80 oz. The 3500 turns out to be 30%  heavier compared to the 3000. Which size should you opt for, 3000 or 3500?

Well, that depends completely on you. Both are good weight in their areas. If you will playing heavier fishes then obviously go for the heavier one, which is BG 3500.

On the other hand, if your target fish species are small like walleye, bass, etc. then go for 3000. The perk of lightweight reels is they are easy to handle, and you can fish for a long period without making your hand tired.


The 3500 comes with 17.6 lb drag power, where the 3000 comes with 15.4 lb max drag. That means 3000 has less powerful drag than the 3500 which makes it suitable for use on small fishes. And the 3500 for heavy and fighting fishes. You can use 3500 for small fishes as well, but cannot use 3000 for heavy fishes.

Line capacity

The Monoline capacity of 3000 is 240y/8lb – 240y/10 lb, 3500 is 240y/10lb – 210y/12lb. And the Braided line capacity of 3000 is 280y/15lb – 240y/20lb and 3500 is  310y/20lb – 230y/30lb. Well, the line capacity difference isn’t much between these two Daiwa Bg reels. But still, 3500 has a higher capacity.

Retrieve Rate

3000 offers 37.4 –inches retrieve rate, and the 3500 offers 38.5-inches, which is higher than the 3000. However, the difference isn’t big, so I don’t think that would matter much. However, it will be good always to go with the higher retrieve rate if you are into serious fishing.

Gear ratio

Both the 3500 and 300 reel comes with fast gear ration. 3500 comes with 5:7:1 and the 3000 comes with a 5:6:1 gear ratio. The fast gear ratio is the reason behind the higher retrieval rate. 

Final Words

If you have gone through the entire comparison, you must have decided by now which one you will go with. Go with the Daiwa BG 3000 reel if you have a plan to catch smaller fish species like walleye, bass, etc.

Their less power full drag and weight compared to the Daiwa Bg 3500 reel makes them suitable for light fishing.

On the other hand, for medium to large fish species, you can pick the BG 3500. Having that said, you cannot use it for catching saltwater fishes that weigh much, it will be best for medium-sized fishes.

However, I hope this Daiwa bg 3000 vs 3500 comparisons helped you. If there is anything else that you want to know, hit me up through the comment section.

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