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4 Best Urethane Bowling Balls – Don’t Miss Out On These

At present time, the dominance of urethane bowling ball is no more! 

Due to the entry of reactive resin bowling balls, most new bowlers have lost interest in a urethane ball. 

But that being said, in the bowling, there is still a place for urethane models though that is small. 

Those who need good lane length will surely go with the urethane ones because reactive resins cannot give the length as urethane coverstock does. 

Not every urethane ball is going to give you good performance, you will need to hit the ideal one. 

And in order to make you decide easily, I have put together a list of the 4 best urethane bowling balls that are doing amazing. 

Go through…

  1. Best Urethane Bowling Ball on the Market: Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball
  2. Best Urethane Bowling Ball for Dry Lane: Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball.
  3. Best Storm Urethane Bowling Ball: Storm Mix Blue/Silver Bowling Ball
  4. Best Budget Urethane Bowling Ball: Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling Ball.

Best Urethane Bowling Balls Comparison Chart

NameHammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling BallStorm Pitch Black Bowling BallStorm Mix Blue/Silver Bowling Ball
CoverstockUrethane PearlControl Solid UrethaneU1S Pearl Urethane
CoreSymmetrical purple pearlSymmetrical Capacitor traditional 3-piece symmetrical
Finish500/1000/2000 Abralon1000-grit finish 3500-polished
Suitable laneMedium to heavy oily Dry and wooden laneDry lane

What Are Urethane Bowling Balls? 

Urethane indicates the cover stock of bowling balls. Polyester, Resin, and Urethane – are the most common cover stocks for your bowling ball. 

Urethane covers are more durable than polyester and they offer more hook potential in return. Urethane balls also have lower back-end violence and they offer a better pin effect. 

Balls with Urethane cover stocks are mainly used hugely by advanced and experienced bowlers. Their improved friction rate and longer lifeline make it an ideal selection for smooth and challenging games. 

What Are Urethane Bowling Balls Good For? 

Urethane Bowling Balls are good for a variety of reasons. Here they are: 

• Urethane Bowling Balls offer improved friction for bowling. It prevents any misleading ball delivery and paves the way for smooth output. 

• These balls offer less back-end violence; which is essential for improving the hook potential. Increased hook potential helps to deliver some extraordinary shots. 

• Urethane balls are more durable and longer-lasting. Other plastic balls would crack and act less effective but when it comes to Urethane, it is all fit for heavy-duty bowling.

Pros and Cons of Urethane Bowling Balls 

Here are the pros and cons regarding Urethane bowling balls: 


• Urethane balls have a more durable and prolonged life than other types of bowling balls. 

• They have increased hook potential with a better possibility of accurate delivery.

• The improved friction rate in the Urethane balls allows you to make a smooth and close to perfect contact with the lane. 

• The better pin action in the Urethane Balls enables a shot that affects more pins consequently. 


• Beginners may find it hard to sync with Its asymptomatic core’s hook potential. 

• Direct contact with the surface may feel a bit too smooth and slippery to control. 

How to Choose Urethane Bowling Ball? 

Urethane Bowling Balls are stronger than regular plastic. Their increased friction rate between the surface and the ball makes them perfect for advanced bowling. However, the beginners, you may find it hard to select the best Urethane Bowling Ball for you. Here are some factors that you should double-check before buying an appropriate Urethane Bowling Ball. 

Bowling Ball Weight: What’s important is to maintain a proper body to ball weight proportion. Experts say that your bowling ball shouldn’t be more than 10% of your body weight. On average, the ball should be around 16 pounds most.

However, this theory is not legit every time. Many females are seen to deliver bowling balls of 14-15 pounds around the corner. 

• Hook Potential: Hook Potential is referred to the bending ability of a bowling ball. It describes how much your bowling ball can hook after being released to the lanes. 

Generally, hook potential depends on the flare potential of the ball and the radius of gyration. 

To select a ball of ideal hook potential, you should aim for bowling balls with 6 inches or higher flare potential rating. 

• Cover Stock: The cover stock is the outer layer of bowling balls. In importance, it is next to the hook potential of a bowling ball. 

It is the layer of the ball you actually see, and that directly gets in contact with the surface. The pricing of bowling balls largely depends on this single layer. Besides Urethane, you will also have polyester, resin, or other elements. So far, based on my opinion, Urethane is the most suitable for bowling.  

Top 4 Urethane Bowling Balls Reviewed

1.Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling BallBest Urethane Bowling Ball on the Market

The Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane bowling ball is a high-performing urethane ball that has won many hearts. 

Though all the urethane ball gives great dry lane performance, this hammer purple shows incredible hook potential on medium to heavy oily lanes. 

Features urethane pearl coverstock along with 500/1000/2000 abalone polished finish. The finish of this ball tells that you can use this ball in different lanes. 

And features a purple pearl symmetrical core. 

It also comes with an LED cover design which gives pretty good control on short oil lanes. 

Hookers are going to just love this ball, the hook potential is amazing in oily lanes. 

Hammer purple bowling ball is one of the most attractive bowling balls on the market. 

Lastly, I would suggest you not pick this ball for dry lanes, it wouldn’t perform as expected. 

Get this for oily lanes, it will perform better than expected. For beginners using this ball would be a little hard. 

  • Coverstock: Urethane Pearl. 
  • Core: Symmetrical purple pearl. 
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Abralon. 
  • Suitable lane: Medium to heavy oily.  

2.Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball - Best Urethane Bowling Ball for Dry Lanes

If you need a bowling ball that will perform well on dry and wooden lanes, then consider getting your hands on this Storm Pitch black ball. 

The dry lane and wooden lane performance of the ball will amaze you in no time. 

It comes with a control solid urethane coverstock and also has a symmetrical capacitor core, these two together make it a very strong bowling ball. 

The ball has a 1000 grit finish, which makes it suitable for entry-level bowlers and mid-lane bowlers. 

The RG of this ball is 2.57” which tells that the mass of the ball is more towards the center. 

Those who use spin techniques will find this ball very suitable for them. 

Not only that due to its good hook performance hookers will also love this ball. 

Do not pick this ball for heavy oily lanes, the performance would be very average. 

  • Coverstock: Control Solid Urethane. 
  • Core: Symmetrical Capacitor. 
  • Finish: 1000-grit finish. 
  • Suitable lane: Dry and wooden lane. 

3.Storm Mix Blue/Silver Bowling Ball - Best Storm Urethane Bowling Ball

Now we are looking at a bowling ball that is super predictable and that is none other than the Storm Mix urethane bowling ball. 

Features symmetric 3-piece core along with obvious U1S urethane coverstock. 

The coverstock is one of the strongest coverstocks and it is highly wear-resistant as well. 

And it also has a 3500-grit polished finish. All these three features together make this a highly predictable strong and durable bowling ball. 

In dry lanes, this ball does wonder! 

You will be shocked by the incredible performance of this ball in dried lanes. 

Not only that, but the hook potential is also pretty impressive. Many experts use this ball as a spare

Do not pick this ball for medium or heavy oily lanes, the performance gets muted there. 

  • Coverstock: U1S Pearl Urethane. 
  • Core: traditional 3-piece symmetrical. 
  • Finish: 3500-polished. 
  • Suitable lane: Dry lane. 

4.Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling Ball - Best Budget Urethane Bowling Ball

And at the last spot, we have the Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling ball. Another top-notch urethane bowling ball of the market right now. 

It features a new era 139 symmetrical core along with breach urethane coverstock. 

And also has medium flare potential and a 100-grit abalone finish. 

All these together make the ball give a very controlled motion even in the driest lane. 

It comes in various weights which makes the ball suitable for every bowler. 

On top of that, it is priced very reasonably, so it is very easy on the wallet. And lastly, it can called the best urethane bowling ball for beginners. 

  • Coverstock: Breach. 
  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetrical.
  • Finish: 1000-grit abalone. 
  • Suitable lane: Medium to heavy oily.  

Urethane Bowling Balls vs Reactive Resin Balls

Urethane Bowling Balls

• Urethane bowling balls are tougher than plastic. 

• This type of cover stock offers more friction resulting in better hook potential. 

• Improved hook potential of Urethane balls lead to accurate pin action. 

• Urethane bowling balls are more controllable due to the improved friction rate. 

• It is less sensitive to the different conditions of the lane and overlooks simple errors of players. 

Verdict: Urethane bowling balls are perfect for professionals who prefer accurate pin action and smooth delivery. Beginners can also select Urethane balls for their training. 

Reactive Resin Bowling Balls

Reactive Resin Balls are less durable than other plastic balls.

• However, this kind of cover stock has a higher friction rate, even surpassing that of Urethane balls. 

• Reactive Resin Balls offer better pin action and high hook potential. 

• Because Reactive Resin bowling balls deliver higher friction, it is more sensitive to surface conditions and the user's minor errors. 

• All these features make Reactive Resin balls less controllable and hard to manage. 

Verdict: Reaction Resin bowling balls are for players who are obsessed with high hook potential. There may not always be accurate results always, however, it delivers brilliant strength and friction; which is not for everyone. 

Difference Between Urethane Pearl and Urethane Solid

There are two different variations in Urethane cover stocks. 

  1. Urethane Pearl 
  2. Urethane Solid 

Since they are both Urethanes, they share more similarities than differences. However, still, you’ve to notice some differences before the final purchase. 

Urethane Pearl is more sensitive in nature and overall a condition-dependent form of Urethane. They have a smaller hook and make it through the fronts cleanly. Depending on the speed you throw the ball, pearl urethane balls act differently. 

On the other hand, Urethane Solid, also known as, hammer black urethane has a slightly bigger hook. And they are less sensitive. Solid Urethane acts in advance when you throw the bowling ball. 

In a nutshell, Urethane solids are slightly stronger than pearl urethane. However, the significance of pearl urethane on specific pin bowling cannot be denied at all.  

Do Urethane Bowling Balls Absorb Oil? 

Yes, Urethane bowling balls do absorb oil, but in a very little amount. 

Urethane balls are similar to plastic in nature. They both have a very small amount of oil absorption capacity. However, when it comes to resin, the oil absorption rate is much larger. 

Every time you use urethane balls, make sure you wipe them out fairly and thoroughly. Urethane absorbs a very small amount of oil. But it is always a smart move to keep it clean.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What are urethane bowling balls good for?

Urethane coverstocks are way more durable than polyester or plastic coverstocks. Plus, urethane coverstocks create more friction when rolling on the lane. And due to that, they have higher hook potential

Moreover, urethane bowling balls give pretty good pin action compared to plastic. 

Is a urethane bowling ball good for dry lanes?

Urethane bowling balls are great for dry lanes. 

Do urethane balls absorb oil?

Urethane coverstock bowling balls are harder compared to resin coverstock balls. And they don’t absorb any oil at all doesn’t matter how oily the lane is. 

How long does a urethane ball last?

According to a few research, with proper care and use urethane bowling balls last from 5 to 10 years. 

Can you polish a urethane bowling ball?

Yes, you can polish urethane bowling balls but since they are pretty hard it would be hard to polish them properly. 

What is the best urethane bowling ball?

There are a lot of urethane bowling balls but I have found these 4 to be the best. 

  • Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane Bowling Ball.
  • Storm Pitch Black Bowling Ball.
  • Storm Mix Blue/Silver Bowling Ball.
  • Pyramid Pathogen Plague Bowling Ball.

Final Words

There are dozens of urethane balls in the market but these 4 models are some of the best urethane bowling balls you will find right now. 

Be very wise when making the choice if you are a beginner. Seek expert help or go through the user reviews so that you would know better which one you should pick. 

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