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4 Best Spare Bowling Ball Reviewed – Best Spare balls of the Market Right Now

You will be needing a spare bowling ball at some point in your game. 

If you are a beginner then it is mandatory for you, though you might not realize it yet. Even expert bowlers keep spares with them, it can win them a game. 

However, if you have made your mind to get a spare bowling ball, then you should always aim to get the best spare ball on the market. 

Your main ball and the spare ball will be different. Spare balls are usually simple straight-going balls. But still, if you have your own preference then you can roll accordingly. 

That being said, I have made a list of the 4 best spare bowling balls and have reviewed them as well. Why don’t you have a quick peek? 

Top Picks

NameStorm Ice Spare Bowling BallBrunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling BallPyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball
Core 3-piece coreTzone BulletNew Era 139
CoverstockPolyesterPolyesterPath Reactive
Finish3500 PolishCrown Factory Shine1500 grit polish

4 Best Spare Bowling Balls Reviewed

1.Storm Ice Spare Bowling Ball

If you want to stay on the secure side, I would recommend you this Storm Ice spare ball. The reason is, it performs well on every lane condition. 

You don’t have to worry if the lane is too dry or too oily, you just throw it right, the ball will take care of the rest. 

This very ball doesn’t come with any hook potential, it goes very straight and in a predictable trajectory. For the spare ball, you don’t need hook potential. 

If you can throw the ball right, it will bring down the remaining pins easily. 

It comes with a traditional 3-piece core and polyester coverstock which is a beginner coverstock. While traveling the ball won’t allow any deflection. 

And in terms of finish, it has a 3500 grit polish finish, this is what gives the ball extremely consistency in any lane condition. 

Whether you are a beginner or an expert looking for a spare bowling ball, this Storm Ice spare ball will be a great choice for both. 

  • Core: 3-piece core. 
  • Coverstock: Polyester. 
  • Finish: 3500 Polish.  

2.Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

This Brunswick Tzone Deep Spare ball is a great entry-level ball and is also a great spare ball. 

With this very ball you will be able to come on the alley with full confidence knowing that even if you miss few pins, this straight-going amazing ball is going to back you up. 

The ball doesn’t give any curves or turns, it comes with simple polyester coverstock and it goes predictably straight. And it is enough as an entry-level ball and a spare ball. 

Since it comes with polyester coverstock, it gives good performance in every lane condition, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. 

The ball comes with crown factory shine, this will make the ball go very straight in a predictable trajectory. 

It has a swirl pattern which everyone appreciates. It comes in different weights so that you can choose the suitable weight for you. The price is very reasonable which a great thing is. 

However, according to few users, this ball isn’t very durable. 

  • Core: Tzone Bullet. 
  • Coverstock: Polyester. 
  • Finish: Crown Factory Shine.  

3.Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Not every bowler is the same, some want their spare bowling ball to be a little reactive and give a little hook. And I have this Pyramid Path Rising Bowling ball for them. 

It is a highly durable bowling ball that comes at a very reasonable price. For the price, this ball offers a lot. 

Not only is the durability, but the performance on the lane also pretty crazy. With this very Bowling ball, you will able to learn different bowling techniques. 

From beginners to experts, this bowling ball is suitable for everyone. 

It comes with a pyramid path reactive pearl coverstock and a New era 139 symmetrical core. However, though the coverstock is reactive the core doesn’t allow the ball to change the path on the lane. 

So it goes pretty much straight. 

The combination of the coverstock and core will enable any beginner to learn and perfect the gripping and releasing skill. 

  • Core: New Era 139. 
  • Coverstock: Path Reactive. 
  • Finish: 1500 grit polish. 

4.Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

Though this is a kid's favorite ball since it glows in dark it is an excellent spare ball. This Glove Viz A ball comes with polyester coverstock and an asymmetrical core. 

If thrown right, the ball will go very straight and will smash the leftover pins. This will be a great choice for any beginner

Anyone who wants to learn grip and releasing techniques, or basic throwing, this Globe Viz is good to go with. 

Controlling this ball is very easy and it does better in most only lanes. 

  • Core: Symmetrical. 
  • Coverstock: Polyester.
  • Finish: Single buff rubbing and finishing compound. 

How to Choose the Best Spare Bowling Ball?

A spare ball usually is a very simple bowling ball. Bowlers don’t look for hook potential, high-quality finish, and etc. They just want a ball that will go straight and will hit the leftover pins hard enough. 

Having that said, there are still few factors that you would want to check before buying a bowling ball for spare. 


You should follow the 10% rule when choosing the weight. This is a rule that is followed by a lot of bowlers around the world. 

The rule is to choose a ball that weighs 10% of your total body weight. In this way you will get a ball with which you will get full momentum, will be able to throw more accurately and the focus won’t be diverted towards putting extra power on throwing the ball. 

If you don’t want to follow this rule, that is fine too. In that case, try different weights, and pick the one you are most comfortable with. 


When you are shopping for a spare ball, it is ideal to look for one that comes with solid coverstock. Do not go for porous coverstock since they would absorb the oil on the lane. Do not look for reactive coverstock, because you do not need hook potential to smash down few pins. 

Choose plastic/polyester coverstock. And if you want you can go with the urethane coverstock as well, these should be good enough. 


Bowling balls come with mainly three types of cores, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and pancake. For a spare ball, an asymmetric core will work fine since other cores deliver a very controlled motion of the ball. 


Weight is another important factor when it comes to choosing a good spare ball. When the ball is lightweight, it will give very low traction over the lane. And heavy balls will give high traction on the lane and they are very easily controllable. The going trajectory of a heavy bowling ball is more predictable. 


Whether it is the main ball or spare ball, you should always look for durability. These balls come against a good amount of money, so make sure you are investing in one that will last long. The ball you choose should be scratch-resistant and heavily constructed.

Final Words

According to my research and user satisfaction, these are the best spare bowling balls on the market right now. And if you want me to narrow down the choice a bit more, then I would say go with either Storm Ice Blue/White or Brunswick Tzone deep space ball. These two are amazing balls, you will love them. 

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