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5 Best Reactive Bowling Balls – Best Reactive Resin Bowling Balls Review

Want to add the best reactive bowling ball to your bowling arsenal? 


Then look no further! I have a list of the 5 best reactive resin bowling balls for you along with in-depth reviews. 

All you have to do is, just go through all the reviews.

These reviews should be enough to give you a broad idea about each of these reactive bowling balls. 

So that being said, let me walk you through the top reactive resin bowling ball list. 

Top Picks

Name Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball.Brunswick Rhino Reactive Bowling Ball.Pyramid Path Rising Reactive Bowling Ball.
Coverstock NBT Hybrid R-16.Path Reactive Coverstock.
Core Gas mask inner core. Symmetrical Light Bulb.Symmetrical New Era 139.
Finish 500/1000/2000 Siaair.500-grit. 1500-grit Polished.
Suitable laneAll lane conditions. Most lane conditions.All

5 Best Reactive Bowling Ball Reviewed

1.Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball.

The Quality of this Hammer Black Widow Legend bowling ball is so good that you will see this model on most of the top lists. 

It is one of the best hooking balls. Performance-wise and aesthetically, this ball satisfies the user in both ways. 

Not only that, it is suitable to be used on most lanes and it is quite impressive. 

It features a gas mask core and that is wrapped up by a carbon fiber outer core which increases the durability and improves the motion of the ball. 

High revolution bowlers are going to love this very model. 

The motion of the ball is very controllable.

It features a very aggressive solid coverstock, reactive. Here Hammer black widow has taken the game to a notch by using hybrid coverstock. 

Also features500/1000/2000 Siaair finish. 

This ball comes in 5 different sizes from 12 to 16 pounds, which makes it suitable for bowlers of every level.

The Hammer Black Widow bowling ball doesn’t come pre-drilled. So you have a good chance of getting it drilled according to your comfort. 

And this will show massive improvement in the game. 

  • Coverstock: NBT Hybrid.
  • Core: Gas mask inner core. 
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Siaair.
  • Suitable lane: All lane conditions. 


2.Brunswick Rhino Reactive Bowling Ball.

With 3 different colors and top-notch performance, this Brunswick Rhino Reactive bowling ball is dominating the market right now. 

It is one of the best-selling bowling balls on the market. 

Features R-16 coverstock that gives greater hook potential. It also features a light bulb symmetric weight block and a 500-grit finish. 

The finish of the ball increases the traction over oily lanes and improves the hook potential of the ball. 

This ball is very controllable, you will get good control on different lanes. 

It is a low RG and low differential bowling ball, and it is very predictable which is great. 

And the most impressive feature of this ball is it is USBC approved. 

That means you should not worry about the quality at all United States of Bowling Congress have taken care of that. 

USBC doesn’t approve of any bowling products that have low quality and don’t meet their requirements. 

Lastly, from 10-16 pounds, the ball comes in different weights. 

  • Coverstock: R-16.
  • Core: Symmetrical Light Bulb.
  • Finish: 500-grit.
  • Suitable lane: Most lane conditions.


3.Pyramid Path Rising Reactive Bowling Ball.

Here comes one of the most durable bowling balls, the Pyramid Path Rising Reactive bowling ball. 

If you can maintain the ball well, this ball promises to give incredible performance league after league. 

This ball comes with a top-notch path reactive cover along with an asymmetrical new era 139 core. 

For those who do stroker-style bowling, this will be a great choice. The symmetrical core improves the performance on the oily lane. 

The hook potential of the ball is also great on oily lanes. And in dry lanes, the ball rolls pretty straight and predictable way. 

It is suitable for beginners as well. It offers good control. 

The price of the ball is also very impressive, it is light on the wallet. 

  • Coverstock: Path Reactive Coverstock.
  • Core: Symmetrical New Era 139.
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished. 
  • Suitable lane: All. 


4.Storm Timeless Reactive Bowling Ball.

Have you heard of Jason Belmonte? You surely do if you are professional bowlers. 

However, Jason Belmonte is three times PBA player of the year winner. And the design idea of this Storm Timeless ball was his. 

It comes with an R2S hybrid reactive coverstock along with a dual-core. It also features 1500-grit polishing. 

It is an extremely reactive bowling ball and is pretty aggressive on the lane as well. The hitting power is also very good. 

If you are a beginner, then this is a no-go for you. Because it is very unpredictable and hard to control. 

Only experienced players get the right use of it. 

If we talk about durability, this ball is pretty durable. And the price is higher as well which is obvious. 

  • Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Reactive.
  • Core: Dual Drive.
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished.
  • Suitable lane: All lanes. 


5.Storm Hy Road Reactive Bowling Ball.

Now we are looking at the last ball on the list and that is none other than the Storm Hy road reactive bowling ball. 

Another high-quality reactive bowling ball of the market right now. 

Features R2S solid reactive coverstock that delivers incredible hook potential on Medium oily and heavy oily lanes. 

It also comes with an inverted Fe2 technology weight block which gives good flare potential. The back-end reaction of this ball is also pretty impressive.

Whoever wants to perfect their hook shot on the heavy oily lane, carry on with this one, you will thank me later. 

The ball has a 1500-grit polished finish. Again this is also not recommended for beginners! 


Coverstock: R2S Solid Reactive.

Core: Inverted Fe2.

Finish: 1500-grit Polished. 

Suitable lane: medium oily and heavy oily. 


Final Words 

If you were looking for the best reactive bowling balls, this list should be enough. 

That being said, do not solely depend on others' recommendations, do a little research on your own. You can do few things on your own even if you have no prior knowledge. 

The first thing will be to read a buying guide, there are hundreds of resources on the web. I have an in-depth guide on that as well, click here. 

And then you can check the user’s reviews. Check what the majority of the users are saying about the ball that you have in your mind. 

If you see most of the people are satisfied with it, you can proceed. Otherwise don’t

Yeah! That is pretty much all. 

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