7 Best Paintball Pants Reviewed – Comfy & Flexible Pants for Intense Gameplay

It’s always a drag when you get mish-mashed in paint and crash for not having enough protective gear while playing paintball. 

Hence, if you want to level up your game by enduring proper safety in paintball, then paintball pants are your answer. 

With the proper pair of pants, you’ll be able to enjoy ample protection with flexibility that will take you one step closer to win the battle. 

Ergo, to guide you to the perfect pair of pants, we have reviewed the 7 best paintball pants, that you should consider putting on your list. 

To find out, read on. 

7 Best Paintball Pants Reviews 

Paintball pants don’t only provide protection, but they also come with a wide range of features and benefits. For your better understanding, we have formulated this article evaluating the features and aspects of each product that you can count on. 

1.HK Army TRK Jogger Paintball Pants

  • Poly Knit Blend
  • Water-Resistant Zipper Pocket
  • Ventilated Leg Tracks
  • Cuffed Ankles Handle
  • Pockets for Two Swabs

One of the key things to look for while buying any paintball pants is comfortability and flexibility. With these two features, it becomes a hustle to grab the winning pallet. 

Keeping that in mind, The HRK Army brings you the HK Army TRK jogger paintball pants full of comfort and incredible flexibility. They’re made with premium poly knit fabric which is a refined material. 

There’s a waistband drawstring attached to it, which is the main reason these pants are so smooth and comfortable.   

But what makes this unique from other paintball pants is that it’s extremely lightweight and comes with detailed embroidery. After all, who doesn’t like comfort with a bit of design? 

Besides that, they’re structured with water-resistant zipper pockets, which allows you to keep swabs spoiled-free. It also comes with 2 swabs of pockets that are of a full length. For this, you won’t have to worry about the swabs falling from your pockets anymore. 

Moreover, it also includes ventilated leg tracks. This makes it breathable and lets the air pass through your pants. 

Along with that, it has cuffed ankles for which you don’t have to worry about is stepping. 

Other than that, for ample support, this one has reinforced support for the knees, which keeps them protected and makes a perfect choice for any paintball game. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Provides support in the knees and keeps them protected.
  • User-friendly pants with comfort and flexibility.
  • Breathable pants for easy flowing ventilated leg tracks.
  • Includes ankle support with the cuffed ankle handles.
  • Extremely lightweight to wear.

  2. HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants 

  • Padded Knees, Crotch, and Hips
  • Multiple Sis Pockets
  • Cuffed Straps in The Waist and Ankle
  • Vented Back Leg
  • Stretchable Knee Pad.

This HK Army Hardline Paintball is one of the finest pants, allowing you to endure all that brutal slides and dives. It provides you with protection and lasts longer, a key feature most players look for.  

Featured with heavy layers of protection, these pants have padded knees, which works as a great protection system for players who constantly keep tripping down on their knees. Now you won’t have to worry about hurting your knees anymore. 

Along with that, the crotch and hips are also padded, which gives the players huge protection to those areas and allows you to play longer in the field. 

These pants are also stretchable in the knee areas, which plays a major role in saving you from tugged pants and falling to the ground. 

There’s also a waist-size adjuster and cuffed straps for the ankle that keeps the pants fitted to your legs and makes it easier for you to move. 

It’s also featured with multiple sis pockets all over the outer body of the pants. With these multiple pockets, you can carry a lot of equipment together in the field. 

Other than that, it’s qualified with full-length swab pockets that prevent your swabs from falling. 

Additionally, these pants have vented back legs that allow hot air and sweat to pass through the pants. This helps you keep not too sweaty and hot out there. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Provides heavy protection around the knees, hips, and crotch
  • Multiple pockets to store equipment.
  • Easy movement for adjustable waist size.
  • Fitted pants for ankle cuff straps
  • Stretchable around the knee
  • Breathable pants for the vented back leg.

3.Exalt Paintball T4 Pants 

  • Double Swab Pockets
  • Exterior and Interior Waistband
  • Double Drawstring Adjustment
  • Meshed Venting Legs, Groin, and Pockets
  • Padded in Hips, Groin, and Knees.

The Exalt paintball T4 pants are versatile pants best suited for regular uses in paintball games. 

These pants feature a set of exterior and interior walled waistbands that comes with a double drawstring adjustment. It prevents the pants from getting loose. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the fittings around your waist as you can easily tighten them. 

There’s also a nice layer of pads around the hips and crotch areas, providing reasonable protection from the shootings. Knees are also padded and are supplied with thick protection as it’s fabricated with Kevlar.

Aside from that, these pants are equipped with thigh zipper pockets on the top two sides that are pretty wide and allow you to keep your necessary equipment. It also has dual swab pockets that can easily store your swabs. 

Moreover, there’re meshed vents at the back of the legs, pockets, and groin in the interior lines, allowing the air to pass and maintaining cool airflow. This makes the pants breathable and makes it easier and comfortable for the player to play on the field.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Protection from heavy damage.
  • Fitted pants with adjustment settings.
  • Breathable pants for having meshed venting.
  • Supplies extra storage by multiple pockets.

4.IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants

  • Made of 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton
  • Fabricated with Teflon Coating
  • Adjustable System for Ankles, Knees, and Waist
  • Water-Resistant System
  • Multi-Pockets with YKK zipper.

The IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants are multipurpose, suitable for almost any outdoor actions that include hunting, shooting, paintball, etc. For versatility, these pants do wonders in a paintball field. 

They’re fabricated with a Teflon coating, keeping 50% polyester fabric and 50% cotton fabric. This makes the pants high in quality and durable. 

As it’s water-resistant, your pants won’t get damaged easily and last longer. 

It also features adjustable settings for ankles, the waist, and a set of removable knee pads. For these, you can easily adjust according to your preference of knee height or how tight you want to keep it. 

There’s also a military strap with a loop and hook that lets you adjust your pants according to your preference which is a helpful tool for flexible movement. 

With a high storage capacity of 10 multi pockets and a YKK zipper in the pants, you can store as much equipment as you need while playing.  

Moreover, they’re stretchable around the knee, crotch, and hips, which provides flexibility and increases your performance level for its comfortable qualities. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Multiple Adjustable straps.
  • Secured high storage with various pockets.
  • Easy movement for stretchable clothing.
  • Waterproof and durable.
  • Versatile knee adjustments with removable pad.
  • Extra functional for knee, wrist, and ankle adjustments.

5.IDOGEAR Combat Pants 

  • Waterproof Teflon Coating.
  • Elastic Military Level Strap
  • Polyester 50% and Cotton 50%.
  • Detachable Knee Pads.
  • Unbreakable YKK Zipper.

The IDOGEAR Combat Pants are a perfect go-to for you if you like versatile pants. Being one of the best pants for paintball, they’re designed to give you comfort and ensure your smooth movements in the field. 

For being with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, these pants are very comfortable, which helps in flexible movement. 

Besides, they’re fabricated with Teflon, for which they have a waterproof coating. This makes the pants durable and long-lasting. 

It also features an adjustable elastic thread of military level with a hook and loop system, which helps you setting adjustments to the pants. 

Plus, this pair has an unbreakable YKK zipper in the front, making it more durable. Thus you can stay tension-free of any breakage or damage. 

Besides, it’s filled with multiple pockets all over the pants giving you enough room to store any baggage that you carry in the field. It also comes with detachable knee caps, which will prevent your knees from getting harmed. 

Overall, these pants are very breathable and lightweight and have the capacity to absorb sweat. For this feature, your legs won’t get sweaty and keep it dried, which is a total game-changer when you’re playing paintball. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Smooth and comfortable to wear
  • Never gets sweaty at all
  • Multiple adjustment system
  • Adjustable hook and loop
  • Waterproof and durable.

6.SINAIRSOFT Tactical Pants 

  • Composed of 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton
  • Removable Knee Pads
  • 10 Multifunctional Pockets
  • Adjustable Waist System.
  • Coated with Teflon.

If you’re a person who plays paintball regularly, then the SINAIRSOFT Tactical pants are just for you. Providing comfort and excellent durability, these pants are going to be your best friend in the field.

The reason why these pants are durable is that they’re made with Teflon coating. This coating facilitates the long-lasting effects of your pants.  

Plus it’s especially effective in drying sweat as it keeps circulating air in and out. For which the pants are breathable and allow air to pass through. 

They’re also fabricated with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. For this, it’s not only comfortable but also durable. 

It also comes with multifunctional pockets near the knee, waist, and ankle area to store any equipment with you in the field. 

Besides, these pants have vast adjustable systems. There’s an adjustable loop and hook opening along with a waist adjustment system. This allows you to set the adjustments according to your waist size and prevents your pants from getting loose. 

Furthermore, these pants come with an additional feature of removable knee pads. This knee pad can be adjusted up to a desirable height anytime you like. For these knee pads, you can not only adjust them up to your length but also keep your knees protected.  

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Extremely durable and breathable.
  • Materials of high quality used.
  • Vast storage for Multi-functional pockets.
  • Unique adjustable straps.
  • Circulated air and absorbs moisture perspiration.

7.HK Army Freeline Pants 

  • Solid reflective logo and design.
  • Crotch Ventilation with Aero mesh.
  • Ventilated Leg Back
  • Elastic Ankle Straps and Waistband.

If you’re looking for paintball pants that are lightweight and comfortable but also do the job in the field, then the HK Army Freeline pants are your answer. The brand specifically made these pants to be comfortable and lightweight, which works as a big advantage for easy movements. 

This pair of pants is very flexible and perfect for any paintball game. Flexible pants allow more movements, making it way easier for the player to move freely around the field. 

They also come with a built-in crotch and knee padding system that protects you when you get a shot. Plus, the knee pads are made of Kevlar fabric which makes them more durable and effective. 

Moreover, they include ventilated legs along with aero mesh ventilation around the crotch area. This feature gives the pants a breathable effect and lets air pass in and out of your pants. 

Besides, they have coordinated pockets that you can use to store equipment. You can also easily adjust how tight you want your pants for the adjustable waistband and ankle straps. This way, your pants stay fitted to your legs. 

Overall, this pair of pants is very lightweight and breathable, which is an important factor to look for while choosing paintball pants. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Provides flexible movement.
  • Lightweight and easy to move.
  • Breathable for ventilation points.
  • Soft and comfortable to wear and run
  • Unique Adjustable settings

Factors to Look For While Buying Paintball Pants

Before you go on your shopping spree, there are some factors you’ve to keep in mind. Some factors to look for while buying paintball pants are: 

  • Thickness of Pant 

In paintball, you can’t keep your skin exposed. It’s an absolute no-no even if you keep your skin a little bit exposed. Thus it is very important to wear proper clothes which are thick enough to protect your skin. 

The thickness of the pants matters a lot, as they protect you from getting hurt when exposed to hard objects. 

  • Padding for Defence 

Just the way how the level of thickness ensures your protection from getting hurt, the same way the extra layer of paddings acts as a great protective gear. This lets the player fall freely on the ground without getting hurt. 

Having a pair of pants that has pads is good to pair of pants that will protect your legs and act as a defense mechanism. The pants won’t be worth it if they don’t have any paddings.

  • Fitting 

Fit is an essential factor when it comes to paintball pants. It keeps your pants fit to your legs and prevents the pants from getting under your legs. For this players can easily move in the field without tripping over. 

  • Adjustments 

Paintball pants that have adjustment settings ensure easy movements in the field. This gives you the benefit of keeping your pants tight and fitted to your legs according to your requirements and prevents the pants from getting loose. 

So make sure the pants you’re getting have enough adjustable functions that will aid you in moving flexibly while playing paintball. 

  • Right Materials

The materials with which the pants are made make a huge difference as it’s a key to good quality. 

You’ll need pants that are durable and will not rip apart easily, which gives it a quality check. The pants that are made with right materials are always durable and don’t tear easily. 

Besides for being made with good materials, pants become breathable and are way more comfortable than rar pants which is an added benefit for the players.   

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Is paintball safe? 

Yes! Paintball is a lot safer than Baseball, soccer, and football. According to the National Injury Information Clearing House, only 2.5 injuries occur per 1 million exposure, Which is a lot less than injuries caused by bowling. 

  • What is the best way to clean your paintball pants? 

First, make sure the pants you used are washable or not. If they are, soak them in water with any detergent or ingredient used to remove paint. It’s always better to get rid of the stains first before putting them into the washing machine. After removing the stains, you can just toss them into your washing machine and wait to do its magic.

  • What kinds of pants to wear for paintball? 

It’s always wise to wear comfortable and flexible pants for paintball to make it a lot easier for your movements. Paintball pants are usually equipped with qualities like flexibility and comfort. And if you don’t have one, you can use a pair of cargo pants as a replacement. 

  • How much is too much to pay for paintball pants? 

You’ll find great pants Paintball pants from $100-$200. It’s not wise to spend more than this range while buying paintball pants. 

  • Will the paint stain Clothes? 

Since paintballs are biodegradable and nontoxic, It doesn’t stain your clothes permanently. You can remove the stains normally by laundering them. 

  • Is paintball suitable for children? 

It mostly depends on the parents and the age of the child. The decision depends on the parents whether they deem their child eligible for such type of sport. Other than that, you can also contact the local hotline of the participation arena. 


Paintball is an extreme sport and requires the players to look after their protection. It’s not possible to win a paintball game without the proper clothing that contributes to protecting you.  

So it’s always wise to consider your options and look through all the ins and outs of the product. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money and your expectations if you end up getting terrible pants. This is why you shouldn’t spend your money if it isn’t one of the best paintball pants. Hope you’ve found the pants that suit your interest. 

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