7 Best Paintball Knee Pads of 2021 – Top Rated Paintball Knee Pads

Wearing the pair of best paintball knee pads will give you more confidence to run and shoot in the paintball field.

Doesn’t matter how many times you fall on your knees, as long as you have an ideal pair of knee pads, you won’t feel a thing.

And that will help you to concentrate more on the game.

Since the market is filled with a lot of knee pads, I have decided to do a little research and pick top-rated models that are already satisfying the users.

Here are they, take a look.

Best Knee Pads for Paintball Reviewed

1.REXBETI Gel Multi-Purpose Knee Pads.

On the top, I have the REXBETI knee pads. It is a pair of multi-purpose knee pads, whether it is construction, airsoft, paintball, cycling, or anything else, these pads will do a great job protecting the knees.

Features upgraded thick gel pads with denser foam cushioning. The stitching is good enough to last a couple of years easily.

It is constructed with a heavy-duty PVC shell. And that provides protection from glass, nails, stone, etc.

If you are worried about comfort, please don’t.  The foam cushioning and thick gel pad will make you feel very comfortable.

Not only that, these pads fit pretty well too, thanks to the elastic strap and thigh suitable design.

In order to make sure it fits every knee size, the manufacturer has made it adjustable.

Comes with 4 extra extension straps and they are very easy to adjust.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Highly comfortable to wear.
  • Provides needed protection.
  • Suitable for every adult.
  • Long-lasting knee pads.

2.Bunker Kings V2 Royal Guard Knee Pad.

This one is a sock-style knee pad and does its job nicely. The Bunker Kings V2 knee pads have high-density BK foam which makes the user feel comfortable.

And then there is dual-layered in major impact zones which has the ability to save the knee from different threats.

As I said it is a sock-style knee pad but like most, it won’t slip down after a while. It doesn’t lose its elasticity over time and it sticks to whatever position you wear it.

This knee pad is highly ventilated, making it more comfortable for the user.

It is also a multi-purpose knee pad, any athlete can consider using it.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Highly comfortable to wear.
  • Protects from impacts.
  • Lasts long.
  • Doesn’t lose elasticity over time.
  • Highly breathable.

3.ToughBuilt Gelfit Thigh Support Stabilization Knee Pads.

 As the name suggests, these knee pads are actually built to be tough and protective. The manufacturer has constructed these knee pads following the highest standard just to ensure durability and protectiveness.

It is made to withstand harsh situations and has the ability to protect the knee from impacts.

The manufacturer has used 1680D abrasion-resistant fabric in the construction. They have also used shatter-resistant plastic in construction.

Features unique gel cushion and foam which takes the shape of the knee and upper shin easily. And that makes you feel very comfortable wearing it.

These pads are elastic. And on top of that, they come with buckle thigh and calf straps which ensures don’t matter how intense the paintball match is, the pads don’t leave your knees.

Wearing these paintball knee pads is very comfortable. And the best part about them is, they don’t cost you even a bit of flexibility.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Extremely durable knee pads.
  • Delivers great comfort.
  • Fits fine and adjustable as well.
  • Protects from impacts.

4.HK Army Crash Knee Pads.

The HK Army Crash Knee pads, these synthetic rubber constructed pads are giving tough competition in terms of durability, protection, and comfort.

Features high-impact paddings, is dual-layered, and contoured. Pretty lightweight and is highly breathable.

Wearing them is very comfortable and pretty easy as well. Comes with a hook and loop closure system.

For a good fit to every shape, it comes with adjustable Velcro straps as well.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Highly protective pads.
  • Very easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Breathable pads.
  • Adjustable Velcro straps.

5.Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads.

The Bodyprox protective unisex knee pads come in pairs. In terms of size, there aren’t many of options. This pad comes in only two sizes.

Constructed with different materials, 45% polyester, 25% rubber, and 305 EVA. The manufacturer has used high-density foam for greater comfort and protection.

The elasticity is good and the best part is, it won’t be losing its elasticity anytime soon.

Wearing is super easy and very comfortable. These pads are highly breathable as well.

They are not heavy and sticks to the knee. The knee area is highly padded, enough to protect the knee from most impacts.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Heavily padded knee pads.
  • Provides needed knee protection.
  • Easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Highly breathable and durable.

6.AWP Tactical Hard Cap Knee Pads.

Looking for an affordable pair of paintball knee pads? I have the AWP tactical Hard Cap knee pads for you.

It comes at an extremely low price and for the price it offers great value.

Features high-density foam padding which offers both protection and comfort. It has an inner mesh interior which is pretty breathable.

Apart from the price, another impressive feature of this knee pad is it has a tread design that sheds dirt and eliminates any dirt build-up.

It also has a dual elastic strap and high-quality tri buckle hardware for smooth and easy wearing.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Comes at an extremely low price.
  • Offers good protection.
  • Easy to wear.

7.Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads.

Last but not least, here I have the Exalt Paintball free flex knee pad. It is a memory foam constructed paintball knee pad that comes with a hook and loop closure for easy on and off.

Features pass through the retention strap which ensures the pad stays where it is supposed to be.

The padding is dense and molded, delivers good protection to the knees. Also has Velcro adjustable strap for easy adjustment.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Highly comfortable knee pads.
  • Offers needed protection.
  • Easy to wear.
  • Fits pretty well.

Final Words

These are the 7 best paintball knee pads I have found so far. And I don’t think you would regret these models. Users seem to be pretty happy with these paintball knee guards.

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