7 Best Paintball Barrels For Improved Accuracy – Be a Pro in Accuracy.


To improve your accuracy in the paintball fields and getting an edge the best paintball barrels are the perfect equipment to get help. You have to select a quality barrel according to your gun and set it on the end section of the marker to get the instant result.

However, if you’ve been looking for the best paintball barrels then you’re at the right place. Today, I have gathered the 7 best barrels for paintball guns to help you in making the most informed decision. So, further prolonging the intro let’s get to the review segment.

Name Smart Parts Freak XL BarrelGOG Paintball Barrel - AutocockerDeadlywind Null Kingman Paintball Barrel
MaterialCarbon fiberStainless Steel and plastic sleeveCarbon Fiber
Color BlackBlackBlack
Dimension15.67 x 1.14 x 1.06 inches.15.75 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches 14 Inches.
Weight0.12 kg0.18 kg50 grams.

7 Best Paintball Barrels for Distance and Accuracy

Here I am going to describe the products with their specification and detail.

1. Smart Parts Freak XL Barrel

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 15.67 x 1.14 x 1.06 inches.
  • Weight: 0.12 kg.

If you’ve been looking for an accurate paintball barrel to improve your shot accuracy then go for this 8-inch barrel manufactured by Smart Parts. Made of carbon fiber the barrel improves your overall performance in the field.

The freak paintball barrel is just 73g in weight and brings all the advantages of the freak system. It is also integrated with full-size porting and shoots like a freak.

The thing I found the more convenient is the quick removal and replacing the system. Plus, it is compatible with almost all types of markers. So considering everything I must say this barrel will be a perfect addition to your paintball accessories.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • High-end design, appropriate for professionals and beginners.
  • Lightweight construction..
  • Budget-friendly product.
  • Easy fitting and replacin.
  • Improves overall accuracy..

2. GOG Paintball Barrel – Autococker

  • Material: Stainless Steel and plastic sleeve
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: ‎15.75 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches.
  • Weight: 0.18 kg.

On the second spot, another effective barrel comes from the GOG Paintball. To improve the performance and adaptability the barrel comes in great help. The barrel is 14 inches in size – the maximum size for the best performance.

You’ll also love the threads (Autococker). The beginners will get extra advantages from it. Also, there is an additional .689 freak insert. 

Another great thing is the lightweight design. It won’t make your gun heavier to hold. Finally, the impressive accuracy will satisfy you completely.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Great accuracy.
  • Not too heavy to carry.
  • Don’t create noise.
  • Price is affordable.
  • Comes in a padded packed bag.

3. Deadlywind Null Kingman Paintball Barrel

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 14 Inches.
  • Weight: 50 grams.

Deadlywind Null Kingman paintball barrel is a professional catch for serious shooters. This paintball barrel is very lightweight, precisive, and silent in nature. With a straight bore design, it has an internal diameter of 0.688 inches. 

Our Null barrel is made of three-layer three-layer construction. And it is compatible with markers from Spyder, MR1, MR100, Xtra, Fenix, Victor. 

It is very durable and strong in nature that it can get driven over by a car, still won’t face a scratch. Every element of this paintball barrel is USA-made and manually examined for quality checks. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Super quiet in firing mode.
  • Most accurate.
  • Multi-vector pattern in the middle layer. .
  • Super smooth silk fiber inside.

4. TRINITY Tippmann Cronus Accessories

  • Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson
  • Product Dimension: 12.3 x 11.5 x 3.9 inches
  • Product Weight: 1.06 lbs.

Style meets with high performance with our next barrel on the list. Trinity Tippmann Cronus Paintball upgrade is an aluminum-based durable barrel. It is built to deliver you perfect and precisive shots. 

This barrel composition comes with an anodized black polish. It has a vortex design port that improves performance allowing users quieter shots. Its micro polish honing delivers a long-term service of accuracy and high efficiency. 

Will you take it? Definitely, it is worth the buck for durable and professional service. It’s an important upgrade for Cronus that users have been craving for a long time. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Accurate and precise shots
  • Silent output.
  • Smart appearance.
  • Highly suggested for Cronus markers. .
  • Lightweight and affordable.

5. Deadlywind Null Paintball Gun Barrel

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 11.8 x 1.2 x 1.1 inches .
  • Weight: 45 gm. .

Earlier, we presented you with the Deadlywind Null paintball barrel which was 14 inches in height. This one is a bit smaller by length. However, it is exactly the same in function as our enlisted item number #3. 

It is a 12 inches Null paintball barrel that offers real accuracy. Being ultra-lightweight in nature, this paintball barrel delivers quieter shots. The internal bore is 0.688 inches and the entire barrel has a straight bore design. 

This null barrel has three layers in construction: Satin Twill External, the unidirectional fiber in the middle, and lastly, super smooth silk fiber inside. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Entirely USA-made and QC checked. .
  • Accurate and precise.
  • Affordable and professional. .
  • Delivers quiet shots.
  • Durable carbon fiber body.

6. Tippmann A5 X7 J&J Ceramic Paintball Barrel

  • Material: Ceramic, Aluminum, and Teflon.
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 20 x 1.2 x 1 inches .
  • Weight: 0.204 kg.

Do you want an extra-large size for a barrel? Tippmann A5X7 is an exclusive barrel for sniper paintballers. It is 20 inches in length, And mainly built with aluminum in structure with durable ceramic and Teflon coating. 

You might feel it a bit heavier due to its ceramic coating. However, the combination of both ceramic and Teflon offers an extremely smooth and almost zero fraction surface for firing. 

It offers you all-time accurate shots with precisive quality and efficient velocity. Any paintball hardly gets wasted inside this barrel. Even if it breaks, all you have to do is keep firing to clear off the passage.  

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Perfect for sniper practice.
  • Comfortably long.
  • Accurate shots.
  • Quiet in nature.
  • Durable and most smooth.

Buying Guide

Now it’s our final part to help you with a quick buyers’ guide. After reading this part, you will be able to select the most suitable paintball barrel for yourself. 


Many of us still think a long barrel can offer us more accuracy and better performance. However, this is not entirely true. Paintballs can be at full potential when the barrel is within 12 or 14 inches. Any barrel longer than that will eventually slow down your paintballs and require more air to shoot, leading to an overall degradation of performance. 


Aside from the best paintball barrel size, the diameter is another essential factor to cross-check before purchase. Usually, most paintballs are .68 inches in length. However, any paintball smaller than the barrel size will slide through the end of the barrel without even a single puff and bigger paintballs will require more than multiple puffs to slide through the barrel. 


Porting refers to the number of holes near the barrel head. They help to reduce noises. However, a larger number of holes will require more air to shoot eventually leading to poor performance. Hence, there is always harmony in the number of air holes in a barrel. 

Final Verdict

The core purpose of this article is to make you familiar with the best paintball barrels. After researching a lot and considering several facts I found 6 products ideal for different paintball markers. Now it’s your turn to understand which one goes perfect with your marker. Read out every detail of each product and hopefully, you must get the most appropriate barrel for your gun. 

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