Best Mechanical Paintball Gun

Surfing the internet for the best mechanical paintball gun? You got it. 

Though there are not a lot of options available still beginners get confused while choosing from a bunch of different models. 

And this very guide is going to help you with that. 

I have come up with 3 top-rated mechanical paintball markers on the market right now. Take a look, you will end up picking one for sure. 

Name Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Gun Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball GunGOG New GEN2 Mechanical Paintball Gun
Brand Planet EclipsePlanet EclipseGOG
ColorBlackBlackBlack and green
Weight850g including barrel1500g (3.3 lb)
Length 17.2" (437mm)17.2" (591mm)
Height 8.5"10.7"(273mm)
Outer bodyGRN compositeN/APlastic, Metal

1.Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Gun 

Since 2002, Planet Eclipse has been known as a reliable brand for paintball guns. 

EMEK 100 has successfully met all demands of paintball lovers. What’s the point of playing paintball without a perfect gun? 

This mechanical paintball gun is one of the finest entry-level guns that will also fit your budget. 

Let’s know more about this mechanical paintball gun for complete knowledge! 

Key features:
  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 850g including barrel
  • Length: 17.2″ (437mm)
  • Height: 8.5″(216mm)
  • Outer body: GRN composite

Durable built-in material

This paintball gun is made of the two most durable materials: aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon. These two helps to have additional strength on overall performance including all inner parts. 

The outer shell is created with glass-reinforced nylon that is super effective in very low or high temperatures, providing a sturdy performance every time. The aircraft-grade aluminum covers the inner body core with perfection.

Special Gamma Core Technology

The mechanical paintball gun is created with excellent gamma core technology that means it provides the users more efficient action and accurate shots. Because of this technology, the gas tanks will go months after months as it uses minimal air. 

Not just efficiency, this tech needs almost zero maintenance. If you don’t even lubricate these paintball guns for weeks, it won’t make any difference in action. 

Hose-less Air Transfer System

Because of this feature, using a paintball gun is a lot more easy now. Also, this allows you to have a compact design for your gun. No more worries about how to run accurately as a beginner. Maybe that’s why this paintball gun is called beginners’ luck. 


  • The paintball gun is extremely lightweight with only 850 g weight. 
  • The fire safety switch ensures the utmost safety for the users. 
  • The single-piece GRN frame provides consistent performance. 
  • The aluminum inner body core holds the durability of this paintball gun. 

The Con

  • This gun is not suitable for speedball application.

2.Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL Mechanical Paintball Gun

For experts, this Planet Eclipse MG100 PAL is one of the finest choices. With special features, this one gives the users the finest application as well. Besides, the package comes with loads of accessories. So, for experts! Upgrade your budget a little bit and enjoy your game with ultimate satisfaction.

Key features:
  • Brand: Planet Eclipse
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1500g (3.3 lb)
  • Length: 17.2″ (591mm)
  • Height: 10.7″(273mm)

Spool Valve operation:

The mechanical paintball gun is designed with a spool valve feature that reduces the responding mass which means with this paintball gun, users can operate at lower pressures.

No matter what the weather is, consider yourself as a winner with this paintball gun always. This is what makes you a step ahead of your opponents.


The GRN Outer Composition provides the ultimate durability to this paintball gun. Years after years, gamers can use it without any complications. 

Not only that, this function provides rust-free application and requires less maintenance. 


This is a paintball gun that will provide you most consistent performance than ever. Even if you use it very roughly, this will give a consistent performance for the long term. All credit goes to the innovative Gamma core Drivetrain for working so well even if in less maintenance. 


  • Its single-finger hinge frame ensures easy grip every time. 
  • The soft-touch bolt along with three-stage bolt acceleration provides real speed in your game. 
  • The external velocity can be adjusted easily.
  • It comes with loads of accessories that a real paintball gamer needs.

The Con

  • This MG100 PAL doesn’t come with a hopper. 

3.GOG New GEN2 Mechanical Paintball Gun 

If you are searching for a low-budget paintball gun, then this one can be considered the best option for you. Under $200, the best paintball guns are also available, this GOG New GEN2 is the perfect example for that. 

Key features:
  • Brand: GOG
  • Color: Black and green
  • Weight:
  • Air Gun Power Type: Air or CO2
  • Frame Material: Plastic, Metal

Simple Design:

The GOG Enemy is created with the most simple application. So, anyone who is interested in playing paintball can start with this paintball gun. Users can handle it very comfortably. 

Easy Disassemble: 

Apart from the easy application, this one is very easy to disassemble. Users can clean it super quickly and can be maintained without any hassle. 


This paintball gun can be both works with air and CO2. So, whichever style the users want, they can use it. The best part of being mechanical is there won’t be needed any batteries!


  • For smaller games, this is the best paintball gun. 
  • The paintball gun is created with metal and ABS plastic that ensures durability. 
  • This can be worked pretty fine in low pressure. 
  • The special bolt engine can be removed from the back. 

The Con

  • The barrel is too short for regular players but it is upgradeable.

Final Words 

Got your hands on the best mechanical paintball gun already? If you have gone through the guide, you must have picked one. And in any case, if you didn’t let us know what you are having a problem with. 

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