7 Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns of 2021 – Get the Best ROI

A realistic paintball game experience can add an extra attribute to the entertainment. Mag fed paintball guns are something that offers you that.

The usual element used in the paintball gun is the hopper. Hopper system paintball guns seem a little bit childish compared to the military environment.

A magazine-fed gun brings out the ultimate military battle experience which gives the expected adrenaline rush in the field.

 After our hunt through numerous web pages and research, here are the best magazine-fed paintball guns reviewed for you.

Best Mag Fed Paintball Guns Reviewed

1. Tippmann Stormer Elite Paintball Marker


  • Rounds: 20
  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Air gun power type: CO2 or HPA
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Barrel Length: 9.75 inch
  • Action: Semi-automatic


A loaded package is waiting for you if you choose to buy this one. Whether you feel like playing with the classic hopper system gun or want to run in the field like a military, TMC mag fed paintball marker will let you both.

You can customize this by choosing from 3 models. The tactical configuration of this gun includes a 6 position collapsible stock, front/rear flip-up sights, and a tactical front shroud.

Along with a dummy magazine, you will get 20 rounds of paintball magazine as well. The FPS range of the marker is adjustable between 250-325.

Overall, this rugged gun has a composite body with a stunning look and weight which is pretty convincing to put this in the very first position in our list.

Why Should You Pick This?

  • You will get an authentic in-line bolt system.
  • You can play with any style from mag fed or loading features.
  • This gun is A-5 proven and has a high-performance barrel.
  • Includes a gas line inside.
  • It will give you a realistic, durable feeling.

2. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Gun


  • Rounds: 20
  • Caliber: 0.68
  • Air gun power type: pneumatic
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Barrel Length: 12 inch
  • Action: Semi-auto


Woodsball, CQB, or any tactical game you like, this gun can make you more comfortable and cleverer in the field.

Having both traditional loading and mag-fed features, this gun can accompany you with reliability and durability. Its over-molded rubber grip will provide an easy-pull trigger.

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker is fully functional with a 12” barrel and an FPS range between 250 to 325. This sturdy weapon comes with two 20 round spring-driven magazines.

Overall, this fully functional semi-automatic style gun gets huge applause from us for giving super outcomes to its users.

Why Should You Pick This?

  • Tippmann TMC Magfed marker has an authentic AR look. Most likely an M4.
  • It will give you a heavy yet smooth feeling.
  • The magazine cost is comparatively cheap yet strong.
  • The manufacturer will provide you with a 1-year warranty for it.
  • You will get a fully functional charging handle with it.

3. Tippmann TMT TMC Elite .68 Caliber Magfed Marker, Black


  • Rounds: N/A
  • Caliber:0.68
  • Air gun power type: full pneumatic, CO2 of HPA.
  • Weight: 7.55 pounds
  • Barrel Length: 3″⅛ long
  • Action: Semi-auto


Next up,the Tippmann TMT TMC elite marker.This lightweight paintball gun comes with an 8.25” M-LOK handguard made of Aluminium. Also, it is recognized as a full pneumatic gun.

Along with an internal gas line made of stainless steel, it has an air-thru stock as well.

You will have a dual-fed option in this marker. You can either go for the traditional hopper system or the mag-fed loading. Although this one requires an extra 13/3000 HPA tank which you have to purchase. This is worth it compared to its performance.

Why Should You Pick This?

  • Includes an M-Lok Aluminum handguard.
  • This gun is fully pneumatic.
  • Has both traditional and mag-fed loading systems.
  • Carries an air thru-stock.
  • The internal gas line is made of stainless steel which assures durability and looks.

4. Maddog Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Gun Combo package


  • Rounds:20
  • Caliber:0.68
  • Air gun power type: pneumatic, CO2
  • Weight:6.5 pounds
  • Barrel Length:12 inch
  • Action: Semi-auto


Looking for a package that will remove your other headaches of arrangements to start a game? You are in the right place, we guess. This starter package will supply you with the fundamental apparatus you need along with a paintball marker.

In this package, the Tippmann Mag Fed marker will come with a protective HPA paintball accessory kit which includes –

  • Proto Primo 200 Round Paintball Loader,
  • Maddog Padded Chest Protector, 
  • Proto Primo 200 Round Paintball Loader,
  • 48/3000 HPA Paintball Tank,
  • 4+1 Paintball Harness,
  • Mad Dog Neck Protector,
  • Tactical Half Gloves,
  • Standard Paintball Pods.

Providing protective equipment, paintball tank, and other necessary apparatus with the gun, this starter package plays the role of a time saver. You don’t have to roam the market searching for gloves, harnesses, and tanks at a reasonable price if you get this one.

Why Should You Pick This?

  • Provides you with all the necessary equipment you need to get into the game.
  • Gives you a fabulous Tippmann Mag Fed marker which offers high performance with a dual loading style.
  • The Milsim marker requires extremely low maintenance.
  • The HPA tank is highly functional and gives 450-800 shots per fill.
  • The quality of protective apparatuses is super safe and comfortable.

5. Maddog Tippmann Stormer Titanium Paintball Gun Marker Starter Combo package


  • Rounds: 800-1100 shots per tank fill.
  • Caliber:0.68
  • Air gun power type: C02
  • Weight: 7.1 pounds
  • Barrel Length: 9.75 inch


Another package to support your needs! Collaboration between Tippmann Stormer paintball marker and Maddog’s Titanium Paintball Gun Accessory Kit will convince you to get satisfaction from this combo.

The titanium package will offer you-

  • CO2 Paintball Tank(20 ounces)
  • Stealth Anti-Fog Paintball Mask
  • Maddog 6+1 Deluxe Padded Paintball Harness
  • 200 Round Gravity Fed Paintball Loader
  •  Barrel Squeegee
  • Six Standard Paintball Pods
  • Maddog 6+1 Deluxe Padded Paintball Harness

The marker itself has a .68 caliber with semi-automatic firing mode and 4 Picatinny rails. The gun will provide you a fully functional combo of front and rear sights and 6 collapsible stocks.

It’s a satisfying and convincing combo pack compared to the quality of the marker and kit.

Why Should You Pick This?

  • The CO2 tank is highly functional with 800 – 1100 shots per fill.
  • The paintball marker has a wide reputation itself confirming accuracy, reliability, durability, and sturdiness.
  • GenX Stealth Mask will give you full face hard plastic coverage protection.
  • You will get a 200 round hopper with a barrel squeegee for maintenance.
  • Assures 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

6. Action Village Tippmann TMC Package Kit


  • Rounds: 150
  • Caliber: 0 .68
  • Air gun power type: CO2
  • Weight: 6.55 pounds.
  • Barrel Length: 12 inches.


The ultimate action village package can provide a flawless outcome to the user.

This combo includes-

  • Mag-fed tactical carbine marker,
  • Empire’s X-Ray musk,
  • Warrior’s Deluxe 4+1 paintball harness,
  • The Empire 20oz CO2 bottle,
  • Dye’s Alpha Pods. 

The Mag-fed tactical carbine marker has dual functionality including both mag-fed loading and hopper configuration. You can customize it to have more unique qualities and a smooth gameplay experience according to your wish.

The musk will act as high-quality goggles that ensure protection and safety while you play in the paintball field. Also, you will not feel uncomfortable wearing this musk for a long time as it has dual-density goggle foam. The X-Ray contains a single pane anti-fog lens which will prevent fogging as well.

The Empire 20oz CO2 bottle can carry 20 ounces of CO2. Warrior’s Deluxe 4+1 paintball harness and Dye’s Alpha Pods adds an extra advantage to the bag. 150 rounds of .68 caliber paintballs can be carried by the pods.

All in all, it’s a prize-winning combo for the paintball players out there. Getting all necessary quality products at one glance is not easy, but this combo can be a great deal to grab indeed.

Why Should You Pick This?

  • The paintball marker in this package can be your long-term friend assuring quality performance.
  • The CO2 bottle is made of aluminum which confirms durability.
  • The high-quality musk offers you safe gameplay.
  • The paintball pods are translucent which gives a nice look and informs you about the loading.
  • You can load the gun easily as it has a lid with two smooth cuts.

7. Tippmann TMC Mag Fed Paintball Marker


  • Rounds: 2×25 round
  • Caliber: 0.50
  • Air gun power type: CO2
  • Weight: 6.55 pounds
  • Barrel Length: 12 inches.


This gun has a higher caliber of 0.50 compared to others on the list. It’s a fully pneumatic one with a high-quality in-line bolt system. As usual, you will have a common feature of the dual-fed configuration in this marker.

A 12” high-performing barrel and a fully functional battery charging handle will give you the smooth experience of using this paintball marker. The gun carries a bottom-mounted ASA as well.

The internal gas line system knocks off the look of old-styled outer gas line markers. The gas line is made of stainless steel which assures quality as well. A durable aluminum receiver is also set on this weapon. 

Why Should You Pick This?

  • You will shoot with a gun that has a caliber of 0.50.
  • The in-line bolt quality of this marker is pretty convincing.
  • Provides a stunning look and lighter body.
  • External selectors with two positions.
  • Duel-fed configuration will let you experience two different dimensions.

How to Choose the Best Mag Fed Paintball Gun?

Choosing the best mag-fed paintball gun could be very tough for beginners. There are dozens of models out there which will overwhelm any beginner. 

So before you go and just pick any mag-fed paintball gun, invest few minutes researching what exactly you should look for. 

Trust me, you will be able to invest your hard-earned bucks on the right mag-fed unit. 

Easy features

When you need a magazine-fed paintball gun, that should be easy to use and have a good response while using in tactical games. You can check the quick-release magazine system, which may give you less time while reloading. In a tense moment, each second is valuable. 

The mounts are also important, the Picatinny rail and general rail mount will allow you to attach a flashlight or a target glass easily. In a few cases, you may need a tool to attach them, and some are as easy as to just fix with some screws. 

The accuracy is very important also, the make and the brand can give you better-manufactured products that will save your back in tactical games. It will also be comfortable for the users too. 


You always need to find a paintball gun that will suit your budget. If you are an occasional player, you may not go for a professional gun on a high budget. Similarly, if you are a hardcore paintball player then you can spend some big cash on a gun. So, you should find a gun that will match your budget. 


Your expertise in playing paintball also makes sense. If you have just started playing paintball then, you should not go for a professional gun, a beginner-level weapon will get the job done. 


When you are handling a paintball gun, you should know the features well. Being a beginner you cannot handle a professional and advanced paint gun. So, you need to choose a gun that suits you. You can get the guns for beginners and continue your games. In the case of your professional playing mode, you can go for advanced tactical paintball guns because maintaining them requires expertise. 


When you are handling an advanced paintball gun but you do not have proper knowledge about it. Then for sure, you will face some trouble. Advanced guns come with better features, where you can have good accuracy, fast loading, and updated attachments. So, if you are not familiar with them you cannot handle it. So, as per your requirement, you choose the gun. 


Advanced guns are more powerful to increase accuracy and make you a winner in tactical games. You will find guns, that are made for beginners, but you cannot get better results compared to the upgraded guns. So, it needs your expertise too to handle a gun. 

We have shared above, which thing gun-buying depends on. You can decide wisely, which one you should pick. Depending on the level of your expertise in tactical games you can now go forward to selecting the perfect product. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mag fed paintball gun?

There are several reputed brands that make good quality paintball guns. Among them, guns from tippmann, spyder, and first strike guns come with better performance. You can choose anyone from them to enjoy a good performance. 

Are mag fed paintball guns better?

Yes, definitely. Magazine-fed paintball guns are much better and faster loading than other paintball guns. It is the best feature in better reloading options. 

What is the most powerful paintball gun you can buy?

There are different models available with good features, but the First Strike T15 is the best available in the stores. You can choose it undoubtedly by closing your eyes. 

How do mag fed paintball guns work?

Magazine-fed paintball guns are perfect and more realistic. You can load the magazine and start shooting. It is also easy to reload. Just refill the magazine with paintballs and continue your game. 

Do paintballs hurt more than airsoft?

BBS airsoft is smaller and faster. But on the other hand, paintball is comparatively large. So, it will hit and hurt more. 

Can paintball kill you?

The answer is yes. Paintball is a safe sport but it can also hurt you. But a few deaths caused by paintball games are done for only indirect causes and carelessness. 

What are first strike paintballs?

These are specially modified paintballs for sniper operation from Tiberius Arms. These upgraded shells are made from polystyrene materials and come in a unique shape. 

Are there paintball shotguns?

These are the new additions to the game. These are made with special features to work on close ranges with low impact. These are unique from all their senses. 

Final Words

Only a sports enthusiastic person can relate to the importance of equipment quality in a single game. A good marker can either make or ruin your day. So, it’s fundamental to invest your money in a good quality paintball marker.

The best magazine-fed paintball guns reviewed in this article are reliable and convincing to buy. You can easily compare the configurations mentioned and choose your desired paintball marker for this season. Quality assures gameplay, that’s the motto of shopping in this sector.

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