7 Best Juggling Balls of 2021 – Great Return on Investment

It is hard to tell about the quality and performance of juggling balls until you use them. 

When you are shopping online it becomes tough to choose one since there is no way you can hold or use it. 

And to make the task easier for you I have come up with something. 

I have done my research and have picked 7 models which are the best juggling balls you will find in the market. 

How did I do it? Checked a lot of real user reviews and found these 7 juggling balls are doing excellent. 

Have a look! 

7 Top-notch Juggling Balls Reviewed

Speeders Juggling Balls for Beginners.


  • 4.2 oz. weight
  • Machine washable.
  • Waterproof.
  • Best for beginners.

Speeders have made sure these juggling balls provide the user a good experience. I have seen people giving this Speevers Juggling balls big thumb up for its performance. 

If you are new to juggling then this could be a great catch for you, since it is best for beginners. 

It comes in different weights and sizes, you can choose according to your need. And also comes in different colors as well. 

The manufacturer has tested these balls in extreme situations just to be sure about their quality and they have survived. 

These juggling balls are washable and waterproof. You can juggle literally anywhere, you will be able to clean the ball easily even if the ball falls into the mud. 

They are machine washable, so putting them into the washing machine won’t be a problem. 

Professional and beginner, both can use these juggling balls. 

Higgins Brothers Juggling Balls for Professional.


  • 15.8-ounce. 
  • Top-notch construction.
  • Incredibly long-lasting. 
  • Best for professionals. 

Are you a professional juggler? And looking for a set of juggling balls that will satisfy your need? 

Have a look at these Higgins Brothers Juggling balls. Made in Canada, used top-quality polyurethane coated fabric in the construction. 

Moreover, these balls are hand stitched which ensures good seams quality. 

To check these balls’ strength and durability, they have been taken through several tests. And the most brutal one is they have been running over by a car. 

And they survived!

These juggling balls have a glossy appearance that makes them look good. 

Zeekio Galaxy Juggling Ball Gift Set.


  • 4.7-oz weight. 
  • Natural Grain Leather Construction. 
  • Highly durable and long-lasting. 
  • Best for Beginners. 

Another professional quality juggling ball set, the Zeekio Galaxy juggling ball. One of the top-rated juggling balls in the present time. 

Features 12 panel natural grain leather construction. Compared to other juggling balls, this one is a little solid at the beginning. 

But once they break-in, they are just perfect. The look of these balls is pretty cool, makes them a perfect gift material as well. 

GloFX 3-pack Juggling Ball.


  • 3.2-oz weight. 
  • Durable PU leather construction. 
  • High-quality stitching. 
  • Best for Both Professional and Beginners. 

From beginner to professional jugglers, these GloFX juggling balls are suitable for jugglers of any skill level. 

The manufacturer has used soft and durable PU leather on the exterior construction of these balls. And inside the ball, there are special microbeads. 

The stitching is top-notch. 

In order to ensure the quality of the balls they have been taken through several strength tests and they have passed. 

This makes them a reliable and worthy piece. 

These juggle balls are well-balanced, which will enable you to learn juggling easily. In the beginning, these balls are solid but once they break-in, they will perfect. 

US Games Juggling Ball.


  • 6.4-oz weight. 
  • High-quality vinyl construction. 
  • Affordable balls. 
  • Best for Beginners. 

The US Games Juggling ball set is a very simple one. If you are thinking about starting juggling, then it is a perfect choice for you. 

These juggling balls are low bounce and don’t roll. The manufacturer has used high-quality and durable vinyl in the construction. 

For developing hand and eye coordination these balls will work great. Comes in bright colors that make these ball very visible.

With the purchase, you will get juggling instructions as well. 

Duncan Juggling Balls.


  • 9.2-ounce weight. 
  • Constructed with vinyl shell. 
  • Very durable and well-balanced. 
  • Best suited to beginners. 

Another one for the beginner jugglers, the Duncan Juggling Balls. Each ball has mixed colors and a 4-panel design. 

It features bright vinyl shell construction and the plastic bean is filled with balls. These balls don’t bounce much which makes it easier for beginners to learn juggling. 

The construction of these balls is pretty solid and they are pretty durable as well. Though they are best suited to beginners professionals can also use this set. 

Cleaning these balls is very easy and they offer good grip as well. 

Mister M Juggling Balls.


  • 4-oz weight. 
  • High-quality construction. 
  • Doesn’t roll away. 
  • Best for beginner jugglers. 

There are two sets of Mister M Juggling balls. One set includes 3 juggling balls and another one includes 5 juggling balls. 

Choose whichever is suitable for you. The build quality is pretty good and the grip is decent. 

When on the ground the ball won’t roll away, plus the bounce is very low. And it makes this juggling ball set a perfect choice for beginners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which juggling balls are best?

According to my, the Speevers juggling balls and the Higgins Brothers juggling balls are the best balls for juggling. 

What juggling balls do professionals use?

Different professional jugglers use different balls. Some even used customized juggling balls. But overall I think the Higgins brothers juggling ball is a perfect choice for professional jugglers. 

Are tennis balls the best balls for juggling?

No, they are not. If you are a professional juggler then you might find them good. But for beginners, tennis balls are not something they should start with. With a tennis ball, any beginner jugglers will get demotivated. 

Is Juggling Difficult? 

No, it is not! If you can spend few hours daily with full dedication on juggling, you will be able to learn it perfectly. You just need to be patient. 

Final Words 

I will be glad if you have chosen any of these 7 best juggling balls. Users are having a good time with these balls and I hope you will be too.

Let us know what you think! 

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