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7 Best Bullet Pullers Reviewed – Save your Bucks

Do you load your own ammunition? Yes? 

Then you definitely going to need a bullet puller. Not any but the best bullet puller!

In reloading things can go wrong, even experienced ones make the mistake. So if you have to redo something, a bullet puller is going to be a great helping hand of yours. 

That being said, not all bullet pullers will be your helping handsome can ruin things instead of helping. And that is exactly why we have come up with the 7 best bullet extractors on the market right now. 

We have thoroughly reviewed each of these bullet extractors so that you get to know each and everything. 

So without further ado, let’s get into it and have a look at the top 7 bullet pullers of the market. 

  1. RCBS Pow’r Puller Kit
  2. RCBS 9440 Bullet Puller
  3. Hornady Cam Lock Bullet Puller 050095
  4. Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller
  5. Hornady Lock-N-Load Impact Bullet Puller
  6. Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller
  7. Frankford Arsenal Pile Driver Bullet Puller

Best Bullet Pullers Reviewed

1.RCBS Pow’r Puller Kit

Presenting one of the best bullet puller hammers on the market, the RCBS Pow’s bullet extractor. 

If you have a small number of bullets to pull, this would be a great choice for you. It is lightweight, it is portable, and does its job well enough to satisfy the user. 

You will get three collets with this hammer and that would allow you to work with a lot of different cartridge sizes. 

However, very large cartridges wouldn’t work fine with this hammer. 

Setting this thing up is super easy, actually, there isn’t much to set up. You just put the collet suitable to your caliber size, that’s it. 

The overall design of this very hammer is pretty effective. It comes with a large handle which will definitely give good momentum so that you can pull the bullet out efficiently. 

Not only that, the handle is pretty comfortable as well, won’t give you hand fatigue. 

The head of this hammer is transparent so everything inside is visible. It is important that you see the working progress. 

It is a one-piece constructed bullet extractor hammer and it is pretty durable. You can rely on this since a lot of users have relied on and getting a top-notch performance. 

Lastly, this is one of the best RCBS bullet puller hammers that is working fine with the users, hope you won’t get disappointed. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • 1 1/1-inch. 12 thread press. 
  • Offers good durability. 
  • Transparent head. 
  • Effective and comfortable handle. 
  • Portable and lightweight. 
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Comes with 3 collets. 

2.RCBS 9440 Bullet Puller

And here comes a collet bullet puller and it is also from mighty RCBS. Since it is a collet bullet puller, it needs a reloading press to work. 

It has 7/8-inch 14 threads and it can work with every single stage reloading press. 

One thing you should know about this bullet puller is, it doesn’t come with any collets, so you will have to purchase collets suitable to your caliber sizes differently. 

If you have a lot of cartridges to undo, then it is a good choice for you since bullet pulling is very efficient with collet pullers. 

You don’t need to worry about the durability at all, it will last for years. And another best part of this extractor is, it doesn’t damage jacketed bullets. 

Setting this up with the reloading press might take little time but once it is set, you can pull bullets way too faster than bullet extractor hammers. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • 7/8”-14 threaded. 
  • Doesn’t come with collets. 
  • Super efficient at bullet pulling. 
  • Very easy to work with. 
  • Doesn’t damage the bullet.
  • Can work with any single-stage presses. 

3.Hornady Cam Lock Bullet Puller 050095

If you need a bullet puller for reloading rifle cartridges, then have a look at this Hornady Cam Lock bullet puller. This cam lock Hornady bullet puller makes bullet pulling very easy. 

But remember, only for rifle cartridges, you cannot use this on pistol cartridges, you will need an alternative for that. 

This bullet extractor doesn’t come with collets you will have to purchase separately. There are 14 different sized collets minimum from Hornady and with those you can work on from .172 to .458 diameter rounds. 

Not only it is efficient, setting up is pretty easy as well. With this puller, you won’t have to worry about powder spilling. 

You can use this puller on a lot of bullets within a very short time. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • 7/8-inch, 14 threads. 
  • Very efficient bullet puller.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Doesn’t come with collets. 
  • Cannot be used on pistol rounds. 

4.Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller

Now we have the Lyman Magnum Inertia bullet puller, another good-quality bullet removal tool on the market. 

The way this Lyman bullet puller is designed you can use different sized calibers on this. That being said, this is the best bullet puller for .223 ammo. 

Comes with 3 collets and you can easily put the bullet on the collet, it will hold the bullet tightly. 

This hammer works efficiently, thanks to its handle which is large and comfortable as well. The handle is pretty grippy so that the user can hold and hit comfortably. 

It shouldn’t take more than 3 proper hits to pull the bullet off, if you have never used a puller hammer before then you might need a little more time. 

One thing you would want to do is, put something soft like foam or earbud on the head since there is nothing that can save the head from the pointy part of the bullet. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • Will work with 50AE cartridge. 
  • Setting the bulletin is easy. 
  • Very comfortable and effective to use. 
  • Offers decent durability. 
  • Comes with three collets. 
  • 3 hits should be enough to pull the bullet. 

5.Hornady Lock-N-Load Impact Bullet Puller

With this Hornady Lock and Load Impact bullet puller, you can work both rifle and pistol cartridges maximum of .45 caliber. 

It is a very comfortable bullet puller, a big thumb up goes to the ergonomic handle. The handle makes hammering easy and effective. 

The handle has storage for two extra collets and it comes with three collets which are enough for a long range of calibers. 

It captures the bullet and also keeps the powder safe so that you can reuse it. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • Comes with three collets. 
  • Easy to work with.
  • Pretty effective hammer. 
  • The handle has storage for collets.
  • Looks good. 
  • Offers decent durability. 

6.Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Impact Bullet Puller

This one is a pretty popular impact bullet puller, the Frankford arsenal Quick N EZ puller. It comes with 3 collets of different sizes and 4 O rings. 

With the collets provided you will be able to work on a large range of calibers, doesn’t matter whether it is rimmed or rimless. 

That being said, this hammer puller would not work with 500 BMG caliber. And probably this is the only caliber that this hammer cannot work with. 

Bullet pulling, the entire process is so easier with this hammer. The handle is large enough to give good momentum. Plus, the handle delivers great grip as well. 

Setting this hammer up could be a little sweat-breaking but once it is set right, bullet pulling would become very easier. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • Comes with 3 collets and 4 O rings. 
  • Doesn’t work with 500 BMG.
  • Can work on a lot of calibers. 
  • Comfortable and effective handle. 
  • Good design and pretty durable. 

7.Frankford Arsenal Pile Driver Bullet Puller

This is a completely different bullet puller and another effective one, the Frankford Pile Driver puller. 

It is a puller with a lever that utilizes inertia force to pull the bullet off efficiently. Compared to cam lock pullers, this type causes less damage to the bullet. 

If you need to undo a large batch of calibers, this one is your thing. It comes with pre-installed barbed fitting so that the user can attach a tube to get items like powder, bullet, castings transferred to the bucket. 

You can mount this on the wall or workbench or reloading bench if you have one. 

 Key Takeaways 
  • Very efficient and effective bullet puller. 
  • The setting process takes a little time.
  • Easy to pull the bullet. 
  • Causes no damage to bullets. 
  • Works best for a large batch of calibers. 

The benefit of Using a Bullet Extractor 

There are a couple of reasons why you should keep a bullet puller around. 

When you have a bullet puller around you can undo things that can save bucks. If you do a lot of reloading and made any mistake, a bullet extractor can undo that. 

Everyone makes mistakes, even the veteran reloaders who have years of experience they also makes mistake and that is why they always have a bullet extractor around them. 

It could be the mistake of measuring the power, you might have to pour more or less powder. Or maybe you just have placed the bullets too far. These are very common and a bullet puller can erase these mistakes. In other words, it saves you a lot of bucks. 

( In case you are worried about the accurate powder measurement, don’t for get to have a look at some of the top powder reloading scales.)

What are the Types of Bullet Pullers?

There are mainly 2 types of bullet pullers, inertia bullet puller and collect bullet puller. Described in detail below. 

Inertia Bullet Pullers 

Remember how you take out the last bit of ketchup from the bottle? Inertia bullet pullers work a lot like that. These are also known as Impact bullet pullers. 

It is a bullet puller hammer, uses the inertia and the weight of the bullet to extract it from the case. The cartridge is placed at the back of the puller through an adjustable collar. Some pullers have different-sized collars. 

Once the cartridge is placed at the back securely, now what you do is whacking the puller on a hard surface. While doing that the bullet weight and the momentum makes it break out of the cartridge. When the bullet is free, it falls into the tube. 

Inertia bullets pullers are the most famous type in the present time and there are various reasons. Inertial bullet pullers are handy and they are portable. The way they are designed they can easily work with different calibers. 

That being said, this type of puller might struggle to work with large calibers and lightweight small-sized bullets. 

Moreover, with this type of puller, you can reuse the components with some sorting. 

While whacking when the bullet and powder come out you can simply use them again. 

However, with inertial bullet pullers, you need to be a little careful as well. When whacking the hammer on a hard surface, you would want to be gentle. 

You cannot go too hard since that will damage both the puller and bullet. And if the bullet is pointy then it can scratch the tip of the puller. 

To avoid bullet scratching the puller tip, you can use soft cotton or earbud on the pointy part of the bullet. 

Collet or Cam-Lock Bullet Puller 

Collet bullet pullers are super-efficient and they are better at pulling than inertia pullers. However, collet bullet pullers are not as convenient as inertia bullet puller hammers. 

You will be needing a reloading press and caliber suited collets to use collet bullet pullers. Unlike inertia bullet pullers, Collet pullers grab the bullet and break it free. 

And doing it is pretty easy as well. With the press, lower the collet over the cartridge, tighten it and then raise the collet, the work is done! 

If you are pulling a large number of bullets then you will find collet bullet pullers extremely efficient. And this type can work with turret reloading press, progressive reloading press, and single-stage presses as well. 

With this puller, the bullet powder will be inside the case so that nothing gets wasted. However, one thing you need to be careful with is, with collet bullet pullers you cannot pull soft lead bullets since the puller will grasp them. 

Which Types of Bullet Puller Should you Go With? 

Which bullet puller will be best for you depends on the task you have in hand. If you have a large amount of ammunition to disassemble then a collet bullet puller might work best for you. 

Collet bullet pullers are very efficient, you will be needing less time and they keep the powder safe as well. So if you have more than 10 cases to redo, then go with the collet puller. 

But with collet pullers you will have to get caliber-matched collects, otherwise, it won’t work. And that is where inertial bullet puller hammers strike. 

With inertial bullet pullers, you can work on different caliber sizes. However, inertia pullers struggle to work with large calibers. And with an inertia puller, you will need a little more time to pull the bullet out. But since it is portable and works well, most professionals keep it in their arsenal. 

For small quantity bullet pulling, the inertia type will work great. 

How to Choose the Best Bullet Puller? 

Choosing the right bullet puller isn’t a very tough job, you just need to keep few things in mind which we are going to tell you below! Make sure to consider all these factors before making the purchase, so that you would get your hands on the right one. 


We have discussed the bullet puller type above, you must have come here through that. Anyways, let us summarize again. There are mainly two types of bullet puller, inertia or kinetic and collet or cam lock puller. 

Inertia or kinetic is bullet puller hammer and they would be ideal for you if you have a fewer cartridge to undo. They are portable and easy to work with. 

On the other hand, a cam lock or collet puller is used with a press. And this type is for undoing a lot of cartridges. They are very efficient and very safe as well. 

If you reload ammunition regularly, we would suggest you get a cam lock puller since they are efficient for large quantities. 


If you are choosing inertia or kinetic or impact bullet puller hammer, then you shouldn’t worry about the caliber much unless you are using very large ones. Inertia pullers can work with any caliber thanks to their adjustable collet.

On the other hand, for cam lock pullers you will need to get different collets for different calibers.


Cam lock or collect press pullers are durable enough to last for years. But when you are with a kinetic bullet puller hammer then you should be concerned about the durability. Inertia hammers are whacked against a hard surface so they need to be enough durable, otherwise, you will end up purchasing more.  

So make sure the hammer you are picking is made of top-notch material. 


Collet or cam lock bullet pullers are way too efficient than kinetic or inertia hammer bullet pullers, no doubt on that. But if you are choosing a hammer then try your best to choose the most efficient one. 

But unfortunately, there isn’t any way to know the exact efficiency without using one. In this case, you will have to rely on the users who have been using the model. Go to the user reviews and you will get a lot of reviews there. 


 To make the purchase worthy, you would always want to pick the top-of-the-shelf brands. Well-reputed brands will never mess with their product quality. 

And if somehow anything goes wrong their warranty and customer service will take care of that. Though the product would be a little expensive due to the high brand value that is worth the price. 

How to Use a Bullet Puller? 

Different bullet pullers work a little differently. For example, a collet or cam lock puller grabs the bullet to pull it, where kinetic pullers use kinetic energy to do the job. 

You should be very careful when doing the pulling process doesn’t matter which way you are going, hammering or grab & pull. If anyhow the inside powder ignites you are going to be in great trouble, so whatever you do you will have to do it wisely and gently. 

In this case, cam lock or collet pullers are safe since they don’t touch the primer which pushes and causes fire. On the other side, if you do hammering decently and know how exactly it works, kinetic or inertia bullet pullers will also be safe to use. 

Kinetic bullet puller: The very first thing you will have to determine is the bullet size, though kinetic hammer pullers can work on different sized calibers unless they are large. Otherwise, you will be needing suitable size collets to work them out. And one most important thing, do not put the bullet into the collet upside-down position. 

Put the cartridge into the collet and then lock the end. Ensure that you can lock it with the cap tightly, otherwise, you will see things flying once you start hammering. 

Now find a hard surface and start hitting. Be gentle at the beginning and slowly increase the hitting force. After every 2-3 hits tighten the cap at the back. Few hits can make you see the powder is off the cartridge and stored on the tube. 

Then you can use the same powder again. 

Reloading press: Cam lock pullers require reloading press. Extracting bullets are very easier with this but setup requires time. 

First set the device on the press and then ensure everything is properly done. Do not keep anything loose. Then insert the bullet on the station then pull the handle down so that the collet with grab the bullet and then with the handle you can pull the bullet off. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Bullet Extractor?

A bullet extractor that performs best and satisfies the user is the best pullet puller. 

Is it safe to pull a Bullet Apart?

With a proper bullet, the puller is completely safe to pull a bullet apart. 

Which are the best brands for bullet pullers? 

Well, there are a couple of them like RCB, Hornady, Lyman, and Frankford Arsenal. These brands make some of the good reloading products of the market. 

Are Bullets Dangerous without a gun? 

No! Bullets are completely safe for handling without the gun. 


We hope you got your hands on the best bullet puller. The models we have reviewed above, are being used by a lot of users and so far the majority of the users seem to be satisfied. 

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