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6 Best Bowling Wrist Supports of 2021 – Best Wrist Braces for Bowling

Bowling can put serious pressure on the wrist. 

And that is what makes wearing the best bowling wrist support mandatory for all levels of bowler.

A proper wrist support can bring the game in your favor. 

That being said, picking up the right bowling wrist support could be a little overwhelming since there are a large array of choices. 

And to save you some energy I have handpicked some of the top-notch bowling wrist support of the market right now. 

Have a glance… 

Top Picks

Name Mongoose Optimum Bowling Wrist Band Support BraceRobby's Revs II Right Positioner.Brunswick Shot Repeater X Right Hand Brace.
Color (Black, Pink, Camo).Blue. Black.
Suitable HandRight. Right.Right.
SizeSmall, medium, and large.Small, med, large, and Extra Large. Small, Med, Large, Extra Large.
MaterialSynthetic fabric. Duralumin.Light fabric.

5 Best Bowling Wrist Support Reviewed

1.Mongoose “Optimum Bowling Wrist Band Support Brace.

The Mongoose Optimum Bowling Wrist Support is the highest-rated bowling wrist support on the market. And these wrist supports deserve to be on the top charts. 

High-quality construction and good functionality, you get both with this wrist brace. 

It is extremely durable and the way it is designed eliminates pain on the wrist while making shots. 

Due to the user-friendly construction, the thumb release is super convenient. How comfortably and well you can release your thumb during making throw matters a lot. 

A perfect release will result in a greater shot. This is especially important if you are trying any techniques like hook shot or else. 

This bowling wrist brace is extremely lightweight. But do let that make you question the durability of this wrist. 

As mentioned before, it is a high-quality wrist brace from most points. 

2.Robby’s Revs II Right Positioner.

This one is a little expensive option but delivers proper value for the money. 

Presenting Robby’s Rev’s II wrist positioner. After the Mongoose Optimum, this is the second-highest-rated wrist support of the market. 

A good form and wearing comfort are what this wrist support delivers the best. There is an adjustable buckle that lets you adjust the wrist brace according to your wrist size. 

With this wrist brace, you can expect to have a batter rev rate and back end reaction. 

There is extended finger support as well which boosts your hook shot while protecting the exposed parts of the hand. 

3.Brunswick Shot Repeater X Right Hand Brace. 

Brunswick is a leading brand for bowling balls and they seem to shine here as well. 

The Brunswick Shot repeater x wrist support forces the wrist and forearm to maintain an optimal position all the time. 

It protects the tendons and joints from bending in the wrong way.

If I talk about durability, this Brunswick shot repeater is a 5-start in that. It is durable and at the same time pretty lightweight too.

It will absorb the sweat (if there is sweat), though the inside is pretty breathable. The metal bar doesn’t cause any issues.

All in all a good hand brace to invest in. 

4.Storm Xtra-Hook Wrist Support.

The storm has given a large chunk of quality bowling products in the market. They have been around the market for a while now and supplying pretty reliable items. 

And now here the Storm Xtra Hook wrist support is not different. 

The uniqueness, good functionality, and durability keep it on every top wrist support list.

It is heavily constructed with fabric which makes it pretty lightweight. And at the same, the material used is extremely high-quality which makes the wrist support durable as well. 

In terms of comfort, this wrist brace is 5-star. Features Velcro straps that allow you to adjust the fit of the wrist brace. 

And this brace is very comfortable to wear as well. 

This wrist brace provides support exactly where the bowlers need it the most. It makes sure your wrist doesn’t bend in an improper manner which might lead to injury. 

The brace is well ventilated, so your hand won’t be sweating. It will be very little even if it does. 

5.Kool Kontrol Bowling Wrist Positioner.

Are you looking for a cheap wrist brace for bowling? I got the Kool Kontrol Bowling wrist support from 

It is one of the best-selling bowling wrist supports on the market right now and the main reason behind this is the extremely low price and decent quality. 

The quality of this model isn’t equal to high-end expensive wrist support. But for the price, this delivers impressive value. 

It is uniquely constructed with fabric which makes the brace very lightweight and super comfortable to wear. 

There is plenty of space for air circulation, so the inside remains breathable even when it is worn for long periods. 

The design of this positioner keeps the wrist well positioned. And stops it from bending in the wrong manner. 

There is a metal support bar on both the front and backside of the brace. And they are removable as well. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to not remove the metal supports. 

For a snug and secure fit, it features Velcro straps.  

6.Storm C4 Right Hand Brace.

Last but not least, the Storm C4 right-hand brace. Another good quality bowling wrist support for beginners and professionals. 

If you are short on budget then this is not for you, since it comes with a little expensive price tag. 

Those who are already suffering from wrist pain due to the wrong flex, are going to love this brace. Wear it for a while and it will ease the pain. 

In terms of quality, there is nothing to worry about at all. The manufacturer has used top-notch material in the construction. 

It fits pretty well, thanks to its adjustability feature. 

This hand brace will force position your wrist in a proper manner and will prevent wrist injury from wrong bending. 

It is super durable and looks pretty cool as well. 

What Do You Need the Best Bowling Wrist Brace and What is it? 

Some bowling balls are heavy and to throw the ball down the lane properly you need good rigidity and backup that ensures that your wrist doesn’t flex inappropriately. And you don’t end up injuring yourself. 

Professional bowlers might not need this since they are experienced and their wrists are well-trained. But this is a must for the beginner. 

Protecting the wrist isn’t as easy as it seems, there are different techniques for that as well. And if you are a beginner that means you are far away from developing those techniques. 

Which makes wearing wrist support mandatory for you. 

A good wrist brace will keep your wrist steady and will make sure that it doesn’t flex wrong. 

Not only that, those with weak strength, with the use of good wrist support they can benefit as well. 

The wrist support keeps the wrist in an appropriate position and makes releasing very easy.

How to Choose the Best Wrist Support for Bowling?

Choosing the best wrist support for bowling is a very easy task. All you need is a little bit of the right knowledge. 

However, I have created an in-depth guide on how to choose the best wrist brace for bowling. And this should be enough to get you some of the best wrists supports on the market right now. 

I have listed 4 factors that you need to check on wrist support before making the purchase. Take a look…


The very first factor you would want to check is the material. It is extremely important and how long and how well the wrist support will work highly depends on the material quality. 

There are wrist supports that are made of fabric and there are also some which are constructed with metal inserts. 

And then there is another kind which is fabric and metal insert constructed, these are the best for everyone. 

They might be a little expensive but they can save from a lot of injuries and also will help greatly in improving the posture. 


The next thing you would want to take into consideration is the breathability of the wrist brace. 

Your hand needs to be comfortable when worn the wrist support and which is exactly why you will have to make sure that the wrist brace you are picking is breathable. 

Check if the wrist support has proper ways for good ventilation. Otherwise, you will be needing to take the brace off after every while in-game. 


Not only in the case of wrist braces but any equipment you buy also makes sure that is durable and will last for a good length of time. 

The material and the construction quality are what make an item durable. While choosing a wrist brace make sure that is fabric and metal constructed.

In that way, you will get both durability and wearing comfort. 


You will find wrist supports coming in different designs. Some highly support the thumb and other fingers. And there some design which only supports the wrist. 

Both of these designs are good, all you have to do is determine which one is good for you. 

And one more thing doesn’t matter what design you pick that should be comfortable. And there should be enough ventilation so that you don’t sweat. 

Final Words

If you know few things, finding out the best bowling wrist support from a sea of choices won’t be a sweaty task at all. 

However, I have done the work for you. These are the best wrist brace for bowling you will find in the market right now. 

Hope this guide helps you in investing your money in the ideal wrist support!

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