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7 Best Bowling Tapes of 2021 – Reviews & In-depth Buying Guide

In bowling often beginners end up hurting their fingers while releasing the ball. 

And one way to get over that problem is to wrap the fingers with the best bowling tape. 

In case you are wondering which bowling tape you should buy, roll your eyes on the list. 

I have hand-picked the 10 best bowling tapes on the market right now. 

High-quality and durable, you will get both from these listed bowling tapes. 

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Top 7 Best Bowling Thumb Tapes Reviewed

1.Genesis Excel Copper 2 Performance Bowling Tape.

The highest-rated bowling tape of the market, the Genesis Excel Copper 2 performance tape. 

A suitable pick for both medium and fast-release bowlers. 

This tape adheres very nicely and a single strip easily lasts several matches. 

Sometimes sweat might make the tape come off but still, you will be able to get on with a single strip for at least 3-4 matches. 

This box holds 40 tapes, if you are a regular bowler, this much should be enough for a month or two. 

Another good thing about this model is, they are pre-cut. You wrap around the finger right out of the bo

2. Genesis Excel Performance Tape.

 Another classy-looking bowling tape is the Genesis Excel Performance tape. 

It fits and adheres very well. Provides great protection to the fingers. Though this tape isn’t thick at all but still the protection is amazing. 

Perfect for fast-release bowlers. It is a dual stretch tape. A single strip will last several matches in a day. 

Comes at an affordable price.

3.Motiv Flex Protective Performance Tape.

This tape will protect your fingers from sores, bruises, blisters, and etc. It sticks to the finger pretty nice and improves the performance. 

There are different colors of this Motiv Flex bowling tape, different colors are suitable for different release speeds. 

This one is grey in color and it is best for medium release. 

Wearing on and removing this tape is a breeze. It comes pre-cut and a box consists of 40 pieces of tape. 

4.Turbo Grips Course Fitting Uncut Tape Roll.

This is an uncut roll of bowling tape. Not only bowling but this tape can also be used in most sports activities such as lifting, boxing, etc. 

Comes in three colors and the texture in each color is different.

Here we are looking at the Mint color and the texture of this is coarse. You will get a very firm grip with this tape. 

After putting the tape on, you will be able to readjust it if needed. And once you wear this tape, it will easily last for a bunch of games. 

The adhesive on this tape wouldn’t leave any residue after removing it. 

5.LYFT-RX Sports Grip Tape.

If you were looking for a multi-purpose option, I got the LYFT RX tape for you. 

The tape will protect your fingers from rips, tears, blisters, bruises, and cuts. Gymnastics, bowlers, weightlifters, crossfitters, everyone athlete will find this tape helpful. 

The fabric is extremely flexible and allows your finger joints to move flexibly. 

Once you wrap the tape on, it will take the shape of your finger which will increase the comfort. 

Doesn’t matter how sweaty your hand is, once you wrap this tape properly, it will last for the entire day. 

Highly durable tape. Easy to wrap and remove. The adhesive doesn’t leave any marks after removing the tape. 

6.Vise Hada Patch Pre-Cut Tape.

If you want to keep the ball release consistency the same in every lane condition, then you better dip your eye in this Vise Hada Patch Pre Cut Tape. 

When wrapped on fingers, you will feel the incredible grip. The finger joints will be able to move flexibly. 

This bowling tape isn’t thick at all, but still, the protection it offers is impeccable. Sores, bruise, cut, tear, blister, this tape will save your fingers from all these. 

 The tape is pretty comfortable as well. If we talk about durability, it will last very long. And the adhesive sets are very strong so you will be able to play a bunch of matches with a single strip. 

However, since the adhesive is strong, it leaves little residue after removing the tape. You might struggle a bit to remove the tape. 

7.Turbo Texture Tape For Bowling.

This is another tape roll but you won’t have to cut pieces, it is pre-cut. 

Presenting Turbo Texture bowling tape, one of the top-rated bowling tapes. It is a very simple tape, comes in cream color.

Adheres to fingers incredibly and lasts several games. 

Wrapping and removing is pretty easy. One roll comes with 100 pre-cut pieces. A good grab for regular bowlers. 

How to Choose the Best Bowling Ball Thumb Tape?

Choosing the ideal bowling tape is a breeze if you know only a few factors. Don’t know what factors to check before purchasing a bowling tape?

Scroll down…


The main reason behind wrapping bowling tape around the fingers is to protect the finger from bruises, tears, blisters, and sores. 

And this is the very first thing you will be checking on the bowling tape you are intended to buy. Make sure the tape is able to protect the finger. 


The right grip is extremely necessary, otherwise, you will not be able to make a proper shot. So you will be choosing a bowling tape that provides the needed grip.

There are some tapes that sacrifice protection for better grip, I will recommend you stay away from such models. 

You will be needing both good protection and grip. There are a bunch of tapes that offer these both, they might be a little expensive but in the long run, you will be on the winning side. 

Check for the texture, if you find the texture grippy then go for that.

Ease of use

You will want to pick a tape that is very easy to wrap around and remove. And also try to pick a tape that wouldn’t leave any residue after removing. 

Final Words 

So! Got your hands on the best bowling tape? I am pretty sure you did. I hope things go right with you. 

And do not forget to let us know how the tape went with you that will help a lot of other people looking for a good bowling tape. 

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