4 Best Bowling Gloves of 2021 – In-depth Reviews & Buyers Guide

If you are new to bowling then you might raise eyebrows when you hear using bowling gloves. 

Not knowing about it at the beginning is very normal. 

But let me tell you having the best bowling glove on while bowling can save you from hand injuries. 

So there is no way you should ignore this, you will thank me later.

That being said, if you are looking for a pair of best bowling gloves, roll your eyes below! 

Top Picks

NameStorm Xtra-Grip Plus Right Hand Wrist SupportEbonite Pro Form Positioner GloveMumian Professional Anti-Skid Bowling Glove
Hand OrientationRight HandBoth HandsBoth hands.
MaterialSpandex fabric. Leather and Wavy Spandex Fabric.Silicone.
VentilationHigh-breathability. Medium-breathability. High-breathability.
Wrist SupportYes Yes. No.
GripGood. Good. Decent.
Durability Highly Durable. Highly Durable. Decent.

4 Best Bowling Gloves Reviewed

1.Storm Xtra-Grip Plus Right Hand Wrist Support.

One of the highest-rated bowling gloves on the market, the Storm Xtra Grip Plus. 

This is wrist support and a glove as well. If you are right-handed, then this could be a great pick for you. 

You will get great backhand support. And also keeps the wrist position pretty stable. These gloves keep the wrist in a fixed position and that allows you to score consistently high. 

It has great ventilation, if you sweat a lot then this is your thing. 

If you are a beginner and keep using this glove, you will be saved from developing a lot of mistakes. Mostly the positioning mistake. 

The wrist support of this glove will protect you from some kinds of injuries as well. 

You can expect to have good durability from this glove. It is simple and yet gorgeous in features. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Gives flexibility to the thumb, middle, and ring finger. 
  • Comes in different sizes and fits pretty well. 
  • Highly ventilated gloves. 
  • Provides great wrist support. 
  • Keeps the wrist fixed and stable. 
  • Prevents some injuries. 
  • Highly breathable glove. 


2.Ebonite Pro Form Positioner Glove.

If you have spent a good amount of time in the bowling industry, you must have heard the name Ebonite. 

One of the top-notch bowling ball accessories manufacturers. 

The Ebonite Pro Form positioner glove is another top-notch creation of them. 

Quality, comfort, convenience, and great support, you will get all of them from this very glove. 

The wrist support this glove offers is just incredible. You will be able to keep a consistent position throughout the entire game. 

And that will result in a higher score. 

The backhand support of this glove is what keeps the consistency. The padded steel there has a great gripping compound and this gives greater control over the ball when holding and releasing. 

The manufacturer has used leather material in the construction. So in terms of durability, this pair of gloves is way ahead. 

On the fingers, they have used Wavy Spandex fabric which delivers the needed grip. This material also makes the glove a little breathable. 

And lastly, it comes with hook and loop closure which is very easy and comfortable. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Extremely durable bowling gloves. 
  • Delivers great wrist support. 
  • Comes with an incredible gripping compound. 
  • Wide range of sizes and fits well. 
  • The fabric construction on the finger makes it breathable. 


3.Mumian Professional Anti-Skid Bowling Glove.

This is not a bowling glove with wrist support. And it comes in pairs. 

The reason why I picked it up is, it is budget-friendly and super comfortable to wear. 

Since it comes in pairs, both righty and lefty can choose this pair. 

If your hands sweat a lot then this glove could be a great helping hand for you because this pair is extremely breathable. 

You will get good flexibility with this pair of gloves. And the grip it offers is also pretty good. 

Do not expect any wrist support from this glove. If you are a beginner, then ignore this one. It is suitable for professionals. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Comes at a very low price. 
  • Extremely comfortable to wear. 
  • Super breathability. 
  • Incredible flexibility. 
  • Delivers a good grip as well. 


4.Bowlingball.com Monster Grip Bowling Ball Glove.

And here comes the last glove of the list, the BowlingBall MosterGrip Glove. 

The popular feature of this one is their incredible grip. You will have good control over the ball when holding and releasing. 

It comes with wrist support as well which keeps the wrist positioned and stable. 

And this results in a higher consistent score. 

The manufacturer has used synthetic fabric which gives decent durability. Wearing this glove is pretty comfortable during the game. 

The palm texture of this glove is filled with tackiness which enables you to hold a bigger surface area of the ball. 

In other words, this glove gives you better control over the ball. 

There is a Velcro hook and look closure system that works well and easily. Plus, the glove also features a nylon strap which adds good support to the wrist. 

I would suggest this ball for beginners since it is affordable and offers good support as well. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Delivers great grip. 
  • Enables you to have better control over the ball. 
  • Provides great wrist support. 
  • Very comfortable to wear. 
  • Has decent ventilation. 
  • Comes at an affordable price. 


How to Choose the Best Bowling Gloves?

Getting confused when choosing bowling gloves is pretty normal, especially for beginners. 

There are dozens of different models coming from different brands and all of them are labeled as Best. 

So yes, it is pretty hard to dodge all the average pairs and reach the ideal one. 

No worries. I have created an in-depth buying guide on bowling gloves so that you can choose the ideal one easily. 

I have described few factors below and you would want to consider all these factors before making the purchase. 

Let’s get started!


There are different types of bowling gloves and they serve a different purpose. To know which one will work well for you, you will have to know about each type. 

Below I have listed all kinds of bowling glove types, have a look! 

Single-finger: These gloves are mainly designed to protect and strengthen the pinky and index finger. They improve the support and the grip. 

In single finger gloves, the middle and ring finger remains open and flexible. You can easily put into and take out the finger from the ball holes. 

Fingerless: You will get an incredible grip on the palm with fingerless gloves. With fingerless gloves, fingers remain open, flexible, and ventilated for optimum comfort. 

That being said, since fingers remain open, they are not protected. Hence, fingerless bowling gloves aren’t a suitable option for beginners. 

Two Finger: This is the widely used type of bowling glove. With this type, the index and the pinky finger will be covered and remain protected. And the middle and ring finger remains open. These gloves give a good grip on the palm as well. 

Finger Socks: This bowling glove type covers and protects the thumb and palm. And gives good stability and control. But also leaves the rest of the fingers unprotected. 


In bowling gloves, constriction two materials are widely used which are Leather and Nylon. 

Both of these are good materials for bowling gloves and both come with their own set of pros and cons. 

Nylon gloves are very flexible and light since nylon comes from synthetic polymers. On the other hand, Leather gloves are heavy but they are super durable. 

In terms of durability, leather bowling gloves way too durable than nylon gloves. But the flexibility you will get with the nylon gloves, leather doesn’t provide that. 


Let's break it down into two types. One design is the full hand which covers the entire hand including all fingers. They are highly protective though sometimes they lack flexibility. Plus, in full hand gloves, the ventilation is very poor. 

On the other hand, open thumb gloves give good flexibility and ventilation. But the thumb remains unprotected. 

Full hand gloves are a little pricey than open thumb gloves. 

If you are a beginner, then I would suggest you go with full-hand bowling gloves. 


In a bowling game, how well you will be able to play that largely depends on how well you can grip and throw the ball. If you don’t have the right grip, you are going to fail miserably. 

So the glove you are about to pick that must have the needed grip and tackiness. When you have a better grip, the throw will also get better. 


Not only protection to the finger, but bowling gloves should also give good support to the wrist as well. Better support on the wrist will increase the bowling stability and accuracy. 

Gloves with weak support might leave you injured, you never know. This tends to happen mostly on longer bowling tournaments. 

You will get bowling gloves with different support levels in the market. 

Final Words

If you have gone through the entire article, you must have got your hands on the pair of best bowling gloves already. 

I have tried to give as much as information I can so that you get the needed help. I hope I have been successful in these. 

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