9 Best Bowling Balls of 2021 – Top Bowling Balls Reviewed

If you think only dedication and hard practice is enough to become a pro bowler then you are wrong. Ideal bowling is also highly necessary to achieve true success. 

But to get the best bowling ball you have to understand some of the primary scientific principles of a quality bowling ball. Moreover, you have to understand which one is a good fit for you and the suitable Coverstock and weight. 

Don’t be afraid to hear this. We know it’s tough for a newbie, even for a professional, to consider all these factors. So we have listed the 9 best bowling balls and in this content, we are about to break down the products.

9 Best Bowling Balls Reviewed

We have gathered different types of bowling balls for beginners and expert-level players. So, whether you want the best heavy oil bowling ball, best bowling ball for straight bowlers, or best hooking bowling ball, everything you’ll get there.

1. Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball 


• Coverstock: NeX Solid Reactive

• Core: Atomic

• Finish: 2000-grit Abralon

• Weight: 12 Pounds

• Dimension: ‎9 x 9 x 9 inches

• Color: Magenta/Black/Violet

Physix was recently introduced by Storm. The Proton Physix bowling ball we are about to review is the third in the line with the Physix Storm. It is designed to offer more flexibility and better control in the lane. 

Bowlers often find it challenging if the platform is oilier than average. It is almost a nightmare. However, Physix minimizes this risk to a great extent. The higher traction and hook offered by this ball are impressive and efficient.  

This ball is designed with low RG of the core. It helps to create a smooth spinning ball all the way. With the CoverStock of NeX Solid Reactive, this ball is invincible when it leaves your hand. 

The ball is made of premium quality materials and it always provides a stable Midland read. It offers a powerful entry angle which in turn increases the pin carry. 

Proton Physix is perfect for beginners, professionals, and bowlers who want to play with style. It is available in three different colors and can be carried by both men and women. 

Why Should You Pick It? 

• Offers more traction and hook. 

• Lower RG maintains stability in the spinning. 

• Suitable for heavy oily lanes. 

•1-year warranty. 

• Best bowling ball for dry lanes


2. Hammer Black Widow 2.0 


• Coverstock: Aggression Solid

• Core: Gas Mask

• Finish: 500, 1000, 2000 Siaair

• Weight: 15 Pounds 

• Dimension: ‎9 x 9 x 9 inches

• Color: Black/ Red 

There is a specific fan base for black and red-colored bowling balls. If you are looking for serious black and red colors in your ball, check out this hammer black widow 2.0. 

It is the upgraded version of the original black widow. The original Black Widow is one of the most successful bowling balls of all time. Now it’s back again with more elegance and beauty.  

With a 500-2000 Siaair finish, it offers more traction than ever, making it ideal for medium to high oily platforms. This ball can create lots of angles by maintaining a consistent ball motion all the time. The lower RG also keeps the ball spinning in harmony. 

Bowlers love this ball. And it gives precisely everything you can ask from the original black widow and more. Released in 2020, Black Widow 2 is proving to be one of the best played 10 pin bowling balls. 

Why Should You Pick It? 

• It weighs only 15 pounds and can be managed by both women and men. 

• Premium quality and hits hard. 

• Maintains a consistent motion all the time. 

• Feels like the original black widow and offers more traction.

• It comes with a 1-year warranty. 

• Best bowling balls for league bowlers. 


3. Motiv Fatal Venom 


• Coverstock: Infusion Pearl Reactive 

• Core: Gear

• Finish: 5500 Grit LSP

• Weight: 14 Pounds 

• Dimension: ‎10 x 10 x 10 inches

• Color: Green/Grey

No, we are not talking about the venom movie. Our next bowling ball on the list is Motiv Fatal Venom. Don’t worry, it won’t bite you. It is made to make your bowling experience smoother. 

Our Motiv Fatal Venom is designed with modern technology. It offers a monstrous combination of length and angular hits, which makes this bowling ball the best solution for medium oily surfaces. The 5500 grit LSP is made to engage more traction and add better direction and maneuver to your hit. 

Motive Fatal Venom is manufactured with the latest Motiv cover technology. It makes your ball invincible and keeps it more focused on the target point. You will also have the marvelous authentic gear core from the Venom Shock here. 

This bowling ball is power. It serves you precision and speed from the moment you hold it to the moment of release. It is available in two different colors and can be played by both men and women. 

Why Should You PickIt? 

• Motiv Fatal Venom is lighter compared to other bowling balls. 

• It offers better traction and engages less hook potential. 

• RG factor is quite minimized in this ball for increased performance. 

• You will have a 1 Year warranty from the manufacturers. 

• This ball is built with modern technology. 


4. Storm Phaze II Bowling Ball 


• Coverstock: TX-16, Reactive Solid

• Core: Velocity, Symmetrical  

• Finish: 3000 Abralon

• Weight: 12 Pounds

• Dimension: 21.59 cm* 22.86 cm* 22.86 cm

• Color: Red/Blue/Purple 

Phase II is the second most popular release by the Storm brand. It is almost the same as the original phase I. In the case of efficiency and performance, they both work similarly. 

Both Phase I and Phase have the same RG and HDV (high differential velocity). The main differences between these two models are in the core and outer finish. 

The TX-16 cover stock used in Phase II is one of the new editions we are talking about. This solid cover stock offers more traction in oil with lower middle lane skid. 

This new phase II edition offers an earlier and smooth motion than before. Users can enjoy a better-controlled motion when they are at the breakpoint. 

Another new edition is the 3000 abalone grit finish in phase II. This feature prevents your ball from skidding over the breakpoint.  

Moreover, this second edition helps create more hooks. And, while passing through the end pattern, these hooks prevent going sideways.  

Why Should You Pick It? 

• Phase II is the updated version of phase I. It is meant for more consistency and stability. 

• It offers lower RG and high differential velocity, similar to Phase I. 

• The added TX-16 offers more traction on an oily platform. 

• The improved outer finish is meant for better control and zero sideways delivery. 

• More hooks but with firm control. 


5. Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball


• Coverstock: Plastic/ polyester

• Core: Symmetrical 

• Finish: High Gloss Polish

• Weight: 6 Pounds

• Package Dimension: 9.02 x 7.99 x 7.99 inches

• Color: Pink/ Blue/ Arctic Blast/ Indigo and many more. 

Are you looking for some reliable bowling balls on your affordable budget? Brunswick Tzone Deep Space is super-efficient in the realm of bowling and comes in at a really friendly price.  

It is a blast when it comes to providing methodical straight-line accuracy. And you can also maintain nominal spare shot stability with the Deep Space bowling ball. 

There has been this durable polyester cover stock on this ball, which makes it one of the primary selections of many beginners. 

You must be thinking, polyester is very common as cover stock. What makes Tzone Deep Space one of the top-notch selling items? The main reasons are affordability, reliability, and consistency. You will hardly find such firm durability in any other bowling balls. 

This ball offers incredibly lower hook potentiality. And the core is also symmetrical. With this symmetrical nature, you can easily find additional shot targets and shoot them with pure accuracy. 

Why Should You Pick It?

• Offers more stability and reliability.

• It is incredibly budget-friendly for beginners.  

• Despite having polyester cover stock, these deep space balls can smoothly cut through any lane condition and hit like butter. 

• Delivers with maximum accuracy. 

• Helps you target firmly and hit it again and again.  


6. 900 Global Zen Master Bowling Ball 


• Coverstock: Response Solid Reactive

• Core: Meditate Symmetrical 

• Finish: 3000 Grit Abralon

• Weight: 12 Pounds

• Dimension: 10 x 10 x 10 inches

• Color: Magenta/Black/Green

Experience the most recent constructive upgrade of the 800 series by the 900 global. The 800 series was hitting so hard that they decided to introduce something more exquisite. This is where Zen master comes in. 

It is quite sophisticated in appearance. From professional bowlers to beginners, more or less every enthusiast in the world of 10 pin bowling prefers the Zen master. 

What makes this ball so appreciated and a solid bargain for your pick? It is made of solid reactive coverstock, which makes it already one of the best controllable for bowling. 

Prepared for heavy medium oil, the Zen master can shoot through any platform environment without any sideway deliveries. It doesn’t slip through or make detours. This ball offers accurate precision with an increased traction rate. 

The mediate symmetric core is responsible for maintaining proper consistency and balance. The hook potential is impressively lowered offering more straight path outputs. The previous version offered more efficiency and speed. However, this new version is better and more improved.  

Why Should You Pick It? 

• Good to go over any medium-heavy oil lanes. 

• Offers better maneuverability and control over the ball and platform. 

• Full of diversity when it comes to appearance. 

• The mediate symmetric core offers more stability. 

• Available in different sizes and budget-friendly. 


7. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball


• Coverstock: R-16 Pearl Reactive

• Core: Light Bulb

• Finish: 500 Siaair / Crown Factory Compound / Crown Factory Polish

• Weight: 4.876 kgs

• Dimension: 9.7 x 9 x 8.6 inches

• Color: Purple/Pink/White Pearl

Do you fear the Rhinos? Yes, we all do. But there is nothing to worry about. The rhino we are going to talk about will offer you some amazing bowling experience in the 10 pin bowling system. 

These Rhino bowling balls from Brunswick are fit for modern lanes of any category. They can be used for smooth and most clean deliveries even for beginners. Training with the Rhino balls can be a fun experience, to begin with. 

The coverstock is made with premium R-16 pearl reactive. It is designed to deliver useful back-end motion and flexible length under any circumstances.  

These bowling balls are meant to be less sensitive when rolling through the dry or oily parts of the platform. So, next time when the lane is drier than usual, you do not need to worry. Just keep playing. 

The core shape here is not something you will find in most bowling balls. The light bulb core shape helps Rhino maintain an amazing ball motion. And pin action delivered by these balls is quite impressive. 

Why Should You Pick It? 

• They are budget-friendly. 

• Designed to deliver repetitive strikes and more scores. 

• Less sensible to oily or dry lanes. 

• More manageable. 

• Good for beginners. 


8. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball 

• Coverstock: Polyester 

• Core: Pancake 

• Finish: Abralon W/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish

• Weight: 6 Pounds 

• Dimension: 9.1 x 8.55 x 8.4 inches

• Color: Blue/Purple

Some people love to play with style. Our Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is something that is given a finish of aristocratic design and reliable service. People of choice love this bowling ball even by its appearance. 

Don’t get me wrong for its service. Ebonite Maxim Bowling is very lightweight. You can feel the amazing flexibility in your hand when you hold the ball to deliver. 

Professionals claim that hook potential is impressively reduced while the weight offers many benefits in its throw. It is made of polyester coverstock and is more suitable for dry surface lanes. 

It is cheaper in price and a good pick for beginners, regular practice, and training. Professionals also prefer this Maxim due to its better control and comfort. 

This time, Ebonite solely made sure your bowling experience gets elevated with exciting looks. This bowling ball makes you look good at any age and for any gender. 

Why Should You Pick It? 

• This ball is perfectly appropriate in weight and balance. 

• Good and budget-friendly pick for beginners. 

• Adds value to the bowling environment.  

• Stylish and beautiful in appearance.

• Designed to deliver straight pathways. 


9. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball 

• Coverstock: Path Pearl Reactive

• Core: 139 Symmetric

• Finish: 1500-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish

• Weight: 10.69 Pounds

• Dimension: ‎9 x 9 x 9 inches

• Color: 1-Black/Silver 

What if I say you can achieve peak performance with our next bowling ball in line? I am not lying. Pyramid Path Rising Bowling ball is ergonomically designed to fit into any bowler’s grasp from strokers to left-handed players.  

It is systematically designed with pyramid technology that offers more stability. Once it gets out of your hand, this bowling ball doesn’t care about lane type, speed, or revolution rate. It is perfect for medium to medium-dry conditions. 

This path rising is finished with 1500 grit polish and delivers a sharp ball reaction throughout the lane. It brings diversity in ball motion and offers several drilling options. RG is maintained quite low here with a value of only 2.54. 

You can hook it hard, roll it strongly and drill the ball for your convenience. This ball is a magnificent piece of art. From beginners to professionals, Path Rising is suitable for anyone.

Why Should You Pick it? 

• Serves benchmark motion for medium-level lanes. 

• Appropriate for players of any skills. 

• Perfect scale rating is 181.30 

• Lower RG with versatile drilling choices. 

• Suitable for medium and medium dry lanes. 


How to Choose A Bowling Ball? 

It is not always hard to choose the best bowling ball if you are well prepared. Our short guide will help you focus on the facts that you should highlight before buying the best bowling balls for sport shots. 


There are three types of bowling balls available in the market. They are – Plastic, Urethane, and Reactive Resin types. Another variant is also available known as the particle. 

Plastic and polyester bowling balls are cheaper and good to go. But they hold comparatively less potential when it comes to professional use. 

For beginners, it is always good to go with reactive resin-type balls. They are sturdy and good to go under any circumstances.  


Coverstock is the part of the ball that comes in direct contact with your skin and surface. 

Cover stocks determine the level of better maneuverability, friction, and speed based on your skillset and lane type. 

Existing cover stocks also determine the types of your bowling ball.  


There are three types of core found in bowling balls – symmetrical, asymmetrical, and pancake. Beginners are advised to go for symmetrical and pancake core types. They offer better performance and focus on direct reactions. 


Maintain the 10% rule when it comes to bowling balls. Your bowling ball shouldn’t be more than 10% of your body weight. 

Too heavy balls can cause discomfort and imbalance while very light balls can lose track of control. 

Price: Bowling balls can range from $40 to $150. Depending on your bowling criteria, the price can vary. Beginners shouldn’t go for heavy-duty balls at the very beginning of their journey. The type and variations in the ball should change with your progress as well. 

Top Bowling Ball Brands

We have already explored the best bowling ball but before trusting us most of the viewers will trust the brand. So, we want you to get familiar with some top bowling ball brands. Here get a short detail about the 5 best bowling ball brands.

1. Storm

Even those who are not a bowler already know about Strom. It is arguably the most popular bowling ball brand that was introduced in 1991 by High Score.

Undoubtedly, the Storm bowling balls offer proper stability, the balance of looks, reactivity, and brawn.  Along with bowling balls, they sell bowling accessories. And the best thing is they donate a portion of their profit to support breast cancer awareness programs and research. 

2. Brunswick

Brunswick is another biggest and boldest name in the sport of bowling. This brand was established in 1845 though they joined the bowling industry in the 1880s.

If you want a mid-performance and high-performance bowling ball at a reasonable price then it’s hard to beat Brunswick. 

3. Hammer

The best bowling ball with the best logo – Undoubtedly Hammer is the name that comes to your mind. This famous brand was established in 1981 and became highly popular due to delivering the best quality urethane bowling balls. 

Did you know Hammer was the first-ever professional bowling staple and ball brand to have their logo displayed by the PBA broadcasts!

4. Columbia 300

Another ancient brand is the Columbia 300 famous for producing stylish hard-hitting bowling balls. The first bowling ball of Columbia 300 was launched in the 1960s. 

They produce balls for both beginners and experts. And recently, they are producing quality bowling balls at a cheaper price.

5. Pyramid

Pyramid is known for producing the most affordable bowling balls founded in 2011. Besides producing bowling balls they also produce entry-level bowling accessories. The polyester bowling balls are their most selling products.


Which Bowling Balls Are The Best? 

The best balls should inherit some solid qualities. Lower hook potential and RG, durable Coverstock, and Symmetric or Pancake Core are some of the useful features you should look into a bowling ball. 

Globally played bowling balls have reactive resin coverstock and symmetric or pancake core with lower hook potential and smooth finish. RG should be kept at  2.5 or below for a healthy performance. Look for these features in your next bowling ball, surely it will be the best one for you. 

Why Are Bowling Balls so Expensive? 

You can easily get a bowling ball for under $50-$60. But trust me, it won’t be up to the mark. Reactive Resin balls are considered to provide ultimate performance. And most of them are above $150. 

If you want quality and high scores, you have to compromise with the price a bit. 

What is the Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers? 

Straight bowlers need to rely on power and the motion of the bowling ball. The nature of the game is different from the hook bowlers. 

Hence, their requirement for the bowling ball needs to be heavier, have a symmetrical core, and be built with less porous coverstock. 

As straight bowlers rely on speed and power, the features described above will help them get direct line shots. 

What is the best beginner bowling ball?

Well, we would recommend the Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball as the best for beginners.

What is the Best stroker bowling ball?

Hopefully, “ Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball” will be the best stroker bowling ball.

Final Verdict

You are now familiar with the best bowling ball of all time. We have researched very long and found 9 products suitable. However, we have also added some additional facts about the best bowling balls. Don’t forget to cover them before choosing one of the 9 recommended products.

Finally, some of our viewers asked for a  specific suggestion. For them, we would recommend – 

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