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5 Best Bowling Ball Polisher of 2021 – Unbiased Reviews

For optimum performance, from time to time your bowling ball needs to be polished. 

An unpolished dirty bowling ball will perform poorly and that is so obvious. 

With the trick shots, you will try to land, the ball won’t be able to perform accordingly. 

Which makes investing in the best bowling ball polisher mandatory for you. 

I have done all the work, you just have to go through and choose the suitable one. 

Check it out!

5 Best Bowling Ball Polisher Reviewed

1. Washable Giant Microfiber Polisher.

If you need the best polisher for a bowling ball, this is your best bet. Hands down, this is by far an incredible polisher that will keep the ball smooth, clean, and shiny. 

It is a microfiber cloth polisher and it locks the dirt easily, which makes the ball clean. 

This polisher is a hammock, it can hold even the heaviest bowling ball easily. It is big and gives good coverage. 

Don’t worry if the polisher gets dirty over time, it is 100% washable. And you don’t need a fabric softener to wash it. 

2. Alley Cats Bowling Ball Seesaw 2 Pack Microfiber Polisher.

This is a 2-pack microfiber bowling ball polisher. Does a great job at removing dirt and oil from the ball.

Compared to other polishers, this 2-pack polisher is pretty reasonable as well. 

Not only as a polisher, but you can also use this as a ball holder as well. It is like a hammock and can hold heavy bowling balls.

The microfiber locks the moisture and dirt from the ball. Hence making the ball clean and look better. 

It is a 100% washable polisher, so no worries, if it gets dirty. 

3. Creating the Difference TruCut Sanding Pad.

Here comes a different one. This isn’t a towel kind, it is a sanding pad that you are supposed to be rubbed on the bowling ball surface for effective cleaning. 

These pads have a weave design that enables the pad to lock the dirt and debris so that they don’t build up on the ball surface. 

The TruCut sanding pads come in two sizes 6 and 5-inch. And there are different grits, from 500 to P5000D. 

This sanding pad will bring back the lost performance of your old bowling ball. 

4. Bowling Accessory Kit.

This is an entire kit that has embroidered microfiber towel and a big see-saw. There is also one microfiber grip sack that will help you in drying your hands. 

The sack is very important, a sweaty hand can make you miss a shot. 

Moreover, with this kit, you also get a shoe protector pair. 

You are supposed to wear a protector over your bowling shoe. 

5. Athletico Microfiber Bowling See Saw.

And the last one, the Athletico Microfiber bowling see-saw. It is a microfiber polisher that locks the moisture and makes the ball clean. 

It is a hammock for bowling balls, can absorb the heavy ball. You can use it as a bowling bag as well for carrying the ball. 

You can wrap the ball with this polisher to protect it from bumps. 

Polishing the ball with this seesaw is very easy and it does an excellent job of cleaning the ball. It is a durable polisher and highly washable. 

Final Words 

Bowling ball polishers don’t cost a fortune and yet they work like magic. So do not hesitate to invest in the best bowling ball polisher. 

In the long run, you will thank me. One more thing, if you are picking a polisher then you will be needing a good bowling ball cleaning solution as well, check out top bowling ball cleaners. 

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