Best bowling ball for two finger bowlers

7 Best Bowling Ball for Two Finger Bowlers | Best Bowling Ball for Thumbless Bowlers

Among others, two-finger bowling is a technique that requires the right skill and the right ball. 

Well, skill is something that you will have to build on your own, people can only guide you. That’s a talk for another day. 

Professional bowlers know their thing but beginners might struggle hard while choosing the best two-finger bowling ball. 

Getting overwhelmed easily is no surprise, there are a large array of choices available. 

However, to make it easier and faster I have handpicked the 7 best bowling balls for two-finger bowlers. 

Each of these models is highly appreciated by the users and some of them are the best-selling models. 

So if you are on the hunt for a two-finger or thumbless bowling ball, check out the list of the 7 best bowling balls for thumbless bowlers. 

They are the best you will find in the market right now! 

Top picks

Name Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling BallStorm Ice Blue/White bowling ball.Storm Tropical Surge Pearl Teal/Blue ball.
CoverstockAggressive Reactive Solid.Pearl Polyester. Pearl Reactive.
CoreAsymmetrical Gas mask.Traditional 3-piece. Lightbulb surge core.
Finish500/1000/2000 Siaair.3500-grit.1500-grit.
Suitable LaneMedium to Heavy oily lane.All lane conditions. Medium oily.
Weight Range12 – 16 pounds10 – 16 pounds.10 – 16 pounds

Best Bowling Ball for Thumbless Bowlers Reviewed

1.Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball.

First of all, this bowling ball is best for medium to heavy oily lanes. So choose this one only if you will bowling on heavy or medium oily lanes. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled, so you can do it according to your need and comfort. 

Hammer Black widow is a real deal. A lot of Professional Bowling Association (PBA) bowlers do use it as their striking ball. 

You will be amazed by the power of this ball, some call it a powerhouse. The durability is up to the notch and so is the reactivity. 

And that makes it a no-go for the entry-level bowlers, since controlling this Hammer Black Widow 2.0 would be tough for beginners. 

It comes with a very aggressive coverstock. You ensure you make a good shot, the ball will turn the oil into gold. 

The gas mask core is what makes the ball an absolute powerhouse. Overall, for the professional bowlers, this is a gem. 

It is an expensive ball and that is so predictable. 

  • Coverstock: Aggressive Reactive Solid.
  • Core: Asymmetrical Gas mask.
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Siaair.
  • Suitable Lane: Medium to Heavy oily lane. 
  • Weight Range: 12 – 16 pounds.

2.Storm Ice Blue/White bowling ball.

If you are a beginner and looking for a good bowling ball to get started with few techniques, the Storm ice blue bowling ball is your thing. 

It comes with a traditional 3-piece core and pearl polyester coverstock. This ball is very controllable and suitable for all kinds of lane conditions. 

It also got a 3500-grit finish and gives good length. You can expect to have greater accuracy as well with this ball. 

Most of the professional bowlers use this Storm Ice as their spare converter ball. 

The price is reasonable, this is another plus for the beginners. 

  • Coverstock: Pearl Polyester. 
  • Core: Traditional 3-piece. 
  • Finish: 3500-grit.
  • Suitable Lane: All lane conditions.  
  • Weight range: 10 – 16 pounds. 

3.Storm Tropical Surge Pearl Teal/Blue ball.

Looking for something predictable and very controllable? Dip your eyes in this Storm tropical Surge pearl ball. 

Comes with pear reactive coverstock and lightbulb surge core, these make the ball extremely predictable and easy to control. 

It has a 1500-grit finishing and the flare potential is medium. And that tells, this ball is best for medium oily lanes. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled, giving you the pleasure of drilling holes according to your comfort. 

The reactive formula of this ball will impress you with the curve, as long as you do the throw right. 

Comes in 6 different colors and not only this ball performs well, but it also smells excellent as well. 

  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive.
  • Core: Lightbulb surge core. 
  • Finish: 1500-grit. 
  • Suitable Lane: Medium oily. 
  • Weight Range: 10 – 16 pounds. 

4.Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball.

This is a bowling ball that suits many bowling styles. Gives tremendous performance on medium to heavy oily lane conditions. 

Features R2S hybrid coverstock, along with inverted Fe2 core. It also got a 1500-grit finish. All together gives the driller a wide range of drilling options. 

The coverstock is highly aggressive, shown incredible power on the lane. 

It is an extremely durable ball suitable for intermediate to professional bowlers. Comes in different weights and this ball smells pretty good too. 

  • Coverstock: R2S Hybrid Reactive.
  • Core: Inverted Fe2. 
  • Finish: 1500-grit.
  • Suitable Lane: Medium to Heavy oily. 
  • Weight Range: 12 – 16 pounds. 

5.Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball.

Here comes a suitable ball for both men and women. And both for beginner and professional bowlers. 

This is an extremely low-priced bowling ball that goes straight and hits the pin hard. Professional use this as a spare ball since it goes straight. 

You cannot perform techniques like hooking with this ball. That being said, thumbless bowlers can find it useful. 

This is a bowling ball for entry-level bowlers so don’t want to invest much and want a decent ball to start the journey. 

Features polyester coverstock, tzone bullet core, and finished with crown factory polish. 

A very predictable and controllable bowling ball. 

  • Coverstock: Polyester.
  • Core: Tzone Bullet.
  • Finish: Crown Factory Polish.
  • Suitable Lane: Dry lane condition. 
  • Weight Range: 6 – 16 pounds. 

6.Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball.

Another one from Mighty Brunswick, the Brunswick Rhino Bowling ball. It is a suitable ball for both rights and left-hand bowlers. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled, that is the best part, you will get what you want. If you have the right set of skills, you can make this ball hook pretty cool. 

Comes with an R-16 pearl reactive coverstock and lightbulb core. Also has a 500 Siaair finish. 

The ball is designed to be used on the dry to medium oily lanes. But for slow-speed bowlers, this bowling ball will work well on the heavy oily lane as well.

  • Coverstock: R-16 Pearl Reactive.
  • Core: lightbulb.
  • Finish: 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Polish.
  • Suitable Lane: Dry to Medium oily. 
  • Weight Range: 10 – 16 pounds.

7.Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball.

And last bowling on the list, the Pyramid Path Rising Bowling ball. A suitable model for a medium oily lane. 

Features New Era 139 symmetric core with pearl reactive coverstock. It has a 1500 grit abalone finish. 

With this bowling ball, you will get several drilling layout options, which will have things worked in your favor. 

You can expect to have good length and motion from this ball. If thrown right this ball will hit the pins super hard. 

And you can perform different techniques as well with this ball. 

  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive. 
  • Core: New Era Symmetric. 
  • Finish: 1500-grit abalone. 
  • Suitable Lane: Medium oily. 
  • Weight Range: 8 – 16 lb. 

Final Words 

As I said before, users seem to be very happy with these bowling balls. And these sit well on the list of the best bowling ball for two-finger bowlers. 

Beginner, professional, men, and women, this list has an option for everyone. Plus, there are few affordable balls as well. 

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