best bowling ball for stragiht bowlers

5 Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers – Best Straight Bowling Balls of 2021

Beginners start with straight bowling because that is the easiest. Hook bowling is for intermediate to expert bowlers. 

Not every ball will go straight unless you pick the one that is made for going in a straight trajectory. 

And that is exactly what this article is all about. 

I have come up with the 5 best bowling balls for straight bowlers. 

Have a check on these 5 best straight bowling balls, trust me, you are not going to regret it! 

Top Picks

NameStorm Ice Bowling BallColumbia 300 White Dot Scarlet Bowling BallStorm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball
Core 3-Piece Pancake coreTraditional 3-core
Coverstock Pearl PolyesterPolyesteU1S urethane
Finish3500-grit high polishAbralon Polished Finishhigh gloss polished
Suitable laneMost lane conditions All lane conditionshigh dry

5 Best Bowling Ball for Straight Bowlers Reviewed

1.Storm Ice Bowling Ball.

For straight bowlers, the Storm ice is a great bowling ball. This very ball packs everything that is needed to give incredible straight bowling. 

Features pearl polyester coverstock. This coverstock keeps the ball roll straight and hits the pins hard. 

Also comes with a 3-piece core which also supports and helps the ball and coverstock to maintain a straight trajectory. 

Also has a 3500 grit finish, which enables the ball to give the maximum length on the lane. 

Whether for casual throws or competitive, this ball fits in perfectly in both. 

A great choice for beginners, though the price is a little high for entry-level bowlers. But still, the quality is worth the price. 

And lastly, you can use this ball to most lane conditions, it will do absolutely fine. 

  • Core: 3-Piece. 
  • Coverstock: Pearl Polyester. 
  • Finish: 3500-grit high polish. 
  • Suitable lane: Most lane conditions.

2.Columbia 300 White Dot Scarlet Bowling Ball.

The Columbia 300 comes with a line of top-notch bowling balls. And the White dot is one of them!

The Columbia 300 White Dot scarlet bowling ball is a great entry-level ball, enough for beginners to learn bowling. 

This is a straight-going ball, with no curve or hook. Once thrown well, this ball will glide over the lane like butter. 

Features polyester coverstock that is very shiny and glossy. Plus, the color and smoothness of the ball satisfy the eyes as well. 

On the dry bowling lane, this ball wouldn’t overreact. 

From 6 pounds to 15 pounds, this very ball comes in different sizes and colors, which enables you to choose an ideal one for you. 

It has a pancake core and it helps greatly in making straight shots. 

  • Core: Pancake core.
  • Coverstock: Polyester.
  • Finish: Abralon Polished Finish. 
  • Suitable lane: All lane conditions. 

3.Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball.

Have a look at this Storm Mix Urethane Bowling ball. Another one of the best straight bowling balls. For high dry lane conditions, this is an excellent ball. 

Features U1S urethane coverstock which is very durable. Also comes with a traditional 3 core weight block along with low reactive coverstock. 

And it gives the user great control over any lane. 

It is a suitable ball for beginners, but along with that experts also using this ball, mostly as a spare ball. It has a high gloss finish and looks pretty cool. 

Before you go on the lane with this ball make sure to wipe clean this ball with a dry cloth. It comes in a wide range of colors, choose your preferred color. 

  • Core: Traditional 3-core.
  • Coverstock: U1S urethane. 
  • Finish: high gloss polished. 
  • Suitable lane: high dry. 

4.Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball.

Then here I have the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space bowling ball. This is a bowling ball that you will find in most top lists. 

Brunswick Tzone balls come in a lot of colors and they are suitable for different lane conditions as well. 

This very ball is used by both beginners and professionals. Some use it as a straight ball, some as a spare, and while some use it as an entry-level ball. 

And in every area, this ball does wonder if used right. Everything a beginner bowler needs, this ball has all of it. 

It is very affordable, comes with polyester coverstock which makes the ball roll straight. It is a perfect ball for use on dry lanes. 

Very easily controllable. The hook potential is super low and this is what you want as a beginner. You want the ball to go straight and hit the pins, that’s what this ball is. 

Comes in different colors and weights. 

  • Core: Bullet point. 
  • Coverstock: Polyester. 
  • Finish: High polish. 
  • Suitable Lane: Dry lane. 

5.Pyramid Path Bowling Ball.

 Pyramid Path bowling ball is suitable for a lot of bowlers. Whether it is the spare ball, entry-level ball, or professional’s ball, this very one suits all of them. 

It is also a straight-going ball but compared to other bowling balls on this list, this one has little more hook potential. However, that is negligible. 

The price is very affordable and this ball is very controllable as well, these two features together make this ball extremely suitable for beginners. 

And if you are an expert, you will surely be amazed by the performance this ball gives in the dry and medium oily lane. 

Comes with polyester coverstock and it is pretty durable. Also has a pancake core which makes straight rolling a little easier for the ball. 

There are a lot of colors and weights on this ball, you can choose the one you like. One good thing about this ball is, this one doesn’t come pre-drilled. You will be able to drill holes according to your comfort and grip. 

  • Core: Pancake Core. 
  • Coverstock: Polyester. 
  • Finish: polished. 
  • Suitable lane: Dry and medium oily lane. 

Final Words

I know as a beginner you might not be interested in spending much on your first and that totally makes sense. That is why I have kept few balls on the list that are easy on the wallet and also perform pretty well. 

However, your search for the best bowling ball for straight bowlers should end here since all of them are the best straight bowling balls

But still, if you need help regarding something else, do not forget to comment below! 

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