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4 Best Bowling Balls for Left-Handers in 2021 – Thorough and Unbiased Review

Bowling lanes and bowling balls are mostly designed for right handy bowlers because the majority are right handy. 

Whether it is about choosing a glove or bowling ball, left-handers do fall in little hassle since there aren’t very many options available. 

But I have come up with some.

Have a look at the below, these are the 4 best bowling balls for Left-handers in 2021.

Performance and quality-wise they are dominating the bowling ball market right now. 

So pull the chair out and sit tight, you are going to love this! 

Top Picks

Name Storm Ice Blue/White Bowling BallBrunswick Rhino Bowling BallPyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball
CoverstockPearl PolyesterR-16 reactive pearl GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock
Core traditional 3-piece pancak Symmetrical Light Bulb CoreSymmetrical New Era 139
Finish3500-grit polished finish500 Siaair Royal Compound/Shine2000-grit abalone
Suitable LaneAll lane conditionsMedium-dry lane Medium to heavy oily lane
Best forBeginnersIntermediate to Professionals Professionals

4 Best Bowling Balls for Left-Handers Reviewed

1.Storm Ice Blue/White Bowling Ball.

The first ball we have is the Strom Ice Blue/White bowling ball. 

Hands down these are one of the most highest-rated bowling balls in the market right now. Check out every top-lists, you will find this name on the top 5.

The way this ball is designed, you can use this ball on every lane condition. Dry, mid-dry, or heavy oily, this ball will perform well on every lane. 

It features a traditional 3-piece pancake core and pearl polyester coverstock. 

Both of these together make the ball highly durable and stable. The coverstock also makes this ball pretty predictable. 

It will roll straight and that is what makes this one a suitable ball for beginners. 

Comes with a 3500-grit finish which enables the ball to give good length with precision and accuracy. 

If you are a beginner then this Storm Ice Blue/white will come in handy. It is undoubtedly one of the best storm bowling balls. 

  • Coverstock: Pearl Polyester.
  • Core: traditional 3-piece pancake. 
  • Finish: 3500-grit polished finish. 
  • Suitable Lane: All lane conditions. 
  • Best for: Beginners. 


2.Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball.

The Brunswick Rhino is another best-selling bowling ball on the market. 

It is a suitable ball for intermediate and professional bowlers. 

Beginners should pass on this one since it is hard to control. You will have to give a decent time to learn to handle this ball properly. 

Let’s see what this ball has to offer. 

It Features R-16 reactive coverstock along with a Light bulb symmetrical core. It also has a 500 Siaair royal compound and shines finish. 

The coverstock makes this ball powerful, since it is reactive it hits the pin pretty hard. And the light bulb core maintains a good balance. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled so you can drill holes according to your comfort. 

This ball has impressive hooking potential as well. If you have the right skill you can showcase great hook shots. 

Though this ball is tough to control for beginners, intermediate players will be able to good hang on to this easily. 

This ball performs best on medium-dry bowling lanes. 

And if aesthetic matters to you, this ball is unique in that. The color looks amazing. 

One last thing, many professional bowlers use this ball as the spare ball as well. 

  • Coverstock: R-16 reactive pearl. 
  • Core: Symmetrical Light Bulb Core. 
  • Finish: 500 Siaair Royal Compound/Shine.
  • Suitable Lane: Medium-dry lane. 
  • Best for Intermediate to Professionals. 


3.Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball.

Looking for a bowling ball that can perform incredibly on a heavy oily lane? 

You got it. Take a look at this Pyramid Antidote Solid ball. 

It is a ball for professionals. Beginners stay away from this one. This is hard to control and expensive as well. 

It features Heavy-duty GPS Navigational Solid coverstock which increases the aggression of the ball. And the New Era 139 symmetrical core maintains the balance for this reactive. 

The ball also features a 2000-grit abalone finish which improves both the power and reaction of the ball on heavy oily lanes. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled, you get the chance to drill the ball according to your comfort. 

The ball 0.054 differential and the RG is 2.55.

You can expect to see outstanding performance from this ball if you drill fingertip-type holes on the balls and use them with the inserts. 

When gliding over the lane this ball can give up to 18 miles per hour speed. 

It is a superb ball for left-handers. And the hook potential is also great.

  • Coverstock: GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock. 
  • Core: Symmetrical New Era 139.
  • Finish: 2000-grit abalone. 
  • Suitable Lane: Medium to heavy oily lane. 
  • Best for: Professionals. 


4.Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball.

For medium-dry bowling lanes, this Pyramid Path rising is a good choice. And it is extremely effective for left-handers. 

Compared to some other bowling balls, the price of this one is pretty reasonable. However, this is not suitable for beginners. 

Intermediate bowlers can go with this one but beginners will have a very hard time controlling this one. 

It can perform in different lane conditions but does best on medium-dry lanes. 

Features Reactive Pearl urethane coverstock along with 1500 grit polish finish. And also has a Symmetrical new era 139 core which maintains a good balance.

The coverstock and the finish make the ball pretty aggressive in backend reaction. 

The hook potential of this ball is also very impressive. 

If we talk about durability, you don’t need to worry about that. Just make sure you keep the ball clean after every match with the best cleaner. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled so that is also an advantage for you. 

  • Coverstock: Reactive Pearl.
  • Core: Symmetrical New Era 139.
  • Finish: 1500 grit Abralon.
  • Suitable Lane: Medium-dry lane. 
  • Best for Intermediate to Professionals. 


Final Words 

I have taken you through the top 4 bowling balls for the market right now. They are undoubtedly the best bowling balls for left-handers. 

There might be some other balls that are great for left-handers, if you know about any, let me know in the comment section. 

I’ll try to add that to the list.  

In case you are interested check out my reviews on the Best cleaner for bowling balls and the best gloves for bowling

With that said, wrapping this up. Will see you soon on some other reviews or guide. 

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