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5 Best Bowling Ball for Hook – Best Hooking Bowling Balls of 2021

In the present time, everyone seems to be looking for bowling balls with high hook potential. 

Because bowling ball with the highest hook potential will get you more strikes. However, to help people with worthy models I have come up with the 5 best bowling balls for the hook. 

From beginners to experts, this list of best hooking bowling balls has an option for every level of player. 

So without further ado, let me walk you through!

Top Picks

Name Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hook BallPyramid Path Rising Bowling BallBrunswick Rhino Bowling Ball
CoreAsymmetric Gas MaskNew Era 139 Symmetrical Symmetric Lightbulb
CoverstockUrethane solid reactive Pearl Reactive Resin Reactive
RG2.51 – 2.652.54 2.524
Differential 0.045 – 0.0580.032 0.030
Finish 360 – 5001500 grit factory polish500 grit finish
ActionMid lanemedium laneSmooth back-lane

5 Best Hooking Bowling Ball Reviewed

1.Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hook Ball

With Urethane reactive coverstock, this very hammer black widow 2.0 can give excellent hook performances. It comes in 5 different weights and the RG starts from 2.51 to 2.65.

And the differential range is from 0.045 to 0.058. Both the RG and differential are low in this very ball which means it is good enough to show very high hooking potential. 

Features Asymmetric gas mask core and it gives pretty aggressively mid-lane action. 

With the coarse 360 to 500 grit finish and high flare potential, this ball hooks way too faster and smoother than some other bowling balls on the market. 

It gives good consistency as well. If you have spent a good amount of time bowling and looking forward to stepping up the game, then know that this is one of the best hooking bowling balls on the market right now. 

The price of this ball makes its way out of the beginner’s league. Not only that, if you are new you will have a very hard time controlling this ball since it is extremely reactive. 

  • Core: Asymmetric Gas Mask. 
  • Coverstock: Urethane solid reactive. 
  • RG: 2.51 – 2.65.
  • Differential: 0.045 – 0.058.
  • Finish: 360 – 500.
  • Action: Mid lane. 

2.Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Here comes another good bowling ball for hook, the Pyramid path rising bowling ball. Intermediate to experts, this very ball is suitable for both. 

Comes with New Era 139 symmetric core with a pretty low 2.54 RG and 0.032 differential which makes the ball hook very well. 

Then again, it features pearl reactive resin coverstock and it is known as best for great hook potentials. The coverstock comes with a 1500 grit finish which creates more friction and allows the ball to hook smoother and faster. 

This ball has a scale rating of 181.30. 

The coverstock is highly durable and the symmetrical core allows the player to control the ball better. That being said, since this very ball is extremely reactive, if you have never thrown a reactive ball before, then you better stay off this. 

High speedy bowlers are going to love the speed of this ball. 

It doesn’t come pre-drilled, and that is good news. You can drill according to your finger and hand measurement. In other words, you can drill holes according to your comfort and it will play an amazing role in your overall bowling. 

  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetrical. 
  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive Resin. 
  • RG: 2.54.
  • Differential: 0.032.
  • Finish: 1500 grit factory polish. 
  • Action: medium lane. 

3.Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball.

Looking for the best bowling ball for beginner hook? Check out this Brunswick Rhino. 

This ball performs extremely smoothly and the reactive coverstock makes the ball hook faster. It gives a curvier back lane trajectory. 

For dry lanes and medium oily lanes, this is a perfect ball. The reactive cover stock and finish make the ball react to even a small amount of oil. 

This ball is one of the highly durable reactive resin balls you will find in the market right now. 

You should not use this ball on heavy oily lanes. And if you have never thrown a reactive ball before, it is obvious that you will have a hard time controlling this ball at the beginning. 

  • Core: Symmetric Lightbulb.
  • Coverstock: Reactive. 
  • RG: 2.524.
  • Differential: 0.030.
  • Finish: 500 grit finish. 
  • Action: Smooth back-lane. 

4.Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball.

Another best bowling ball for hook beginners. Comes with reactive resin coverstock that makes the ball roll heavily. On top of that, the 2000 grit finish also helps in there. 

It comes with Era 149 symmetric core which makes the ball give a decent hook. It has a high flare potential and it goes into the hook on mid-lane. 

The smooth coverstock doesn’t allow the ball to go aggressive and in an unpredictable way.

It comes in different colors and different weights. The ball doesn’t come pre-drilled, you will have to drill the hole according to your comfort so that you can throw the ball better. 

  • Core: Era 149 Symmetric.
  • Coverstock: Reactive. 
  • RG: 2.55.
  • Differential: 0.054.
  • Finish: 2000 Grit. 
  • Action: Strong and smooth mid-lane. 

5.Storm Omega Crux Bowling Ball.

Now we are looking at the last bowling ball on the list, the Storm Omega Crux. It is one of the aggressive bowling balls in the market right now. 

It comes with a 3000 grit abalone finish and asymmetrical catalyst core, and these two together make the ball hit the pin hard. 

As said this is an aggressive ball and it looks better as well. Plus, it has pearl reactive coverstock which makes the ball very speedy. 

If you have never thrown any speedy ball before, you are going to have a hard time in the beginning. 

It comes in three different colors and it has a very good smell of cinnamon. 

In terms of durability and performance, this very sits on the top list, no doubt on that. The rev rate of this ball is 300 RPM and the axis rotation that this very ball gives is 40-degree. ‘

However, the price of this ball is a little high. 

  • Core: Asymmetric catalyst. 
  • Coverstock: Pearl Reactive. 
  • Finish: 3000 grit. 

How to Choose the Best Hooking Bowling Ball? 

There are a bunch of factors that you will need to consider. These factors should be enough to make you realize whether a bowling ball has high hook potential or not. 

Check out!


The very first thing you will need to think about is the coverstock of the ball. The hook potential of a ball depends on a few factors and coverstock is the most important one. 

If you are a beginner then you might not find many options. Because entry-level bowling balls come with plastic coverstock and they don’t deliver any hook at all. 

So if you are completely new, start with a beginner ball, and then after a while of practicing, pick a ball with hooking potential. 

If you need a ball with great hooking potential, look for balls that come with reactive resin coverstock. This material delivers the highest hook. 

And after that comes urethane coverstock which is also great but the hooking potential is a little less than reactive resin coverstock. 



What kind of hook the ball will give depends on the finish of the coverstock. There are different kinds of finishes and different finishes make the ball hook differently. 

When the ball finish comes in contact with the lane, it causes friction and it has a lot to do with the hook. 

Balls with a glossy finish will give less hook since they will create very little friction. On the other hand, a dull finished ball will deliver a very smooth and arc-shaped hook. And with the very shiny finish, you will flip or skid type hooking. 


Few parameters tell the hook potential of a ball. The parameters are RG (radius of Gyration), Pin layout, and Differentials. 

You would want to look for low RG, Differentials, and Pin down layout since they give faster and smoother hook compared to high RG, Differentials, pin down layout. 

To make it easier for you, look for bowling balls that pack symmetrical core since they have low RG and differentials. On the other hand, the Asymmetrical core has high RG and Differentials. 


How well you will be able to hook that depends on the hooking potential of the ball and your skill. You will need both to get the perfect hook. 

Having the right finger placement and being able to take the finger out from the hole at the right time is extremely important when it comes down to applying different techniques and styles. 

Some balls don’t come pre-drilled which is a plus point. You can drill custom holes into the ball according to your finger and hand measurement. You will be able to hold the ball better and get a good grip. 

Weight Block 

Weight block is a differently shaped material and is found inside the bowling balls, right underneath the coverstock. How speedy and consistent the ball would be a small portion of that depends on the weight block of the ball. ‘

There are two types of weight blocks, high mass, and low mass weight blocks. 

You would want to go with a ball that comes with a low-mass weight block. This can come in different shapes and densities. Low-mass weight blocks are most places in the center of the ball. And they enable the ball to roll heavily which results in greater hook potential. 

On the other hand, high mass weight blocks are pancake-shaped and they don’t allow the ball to roll heavily. In other words, if you are looking for hook potential, then a high mass weight block isn’t your thing. 

Bowling Ball Hook Potential Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best bowling ball for a hook?

There are a bunch of bowling balls that have great hook potential but if you want me to take a name, I would say the Hammer Black Widow 2.0. This one comes with great hooking ability. 

How do you pick a bowling ball for a hook?

You can check few things to ensure that you are picking a ball with high hooking potential. Choose reactive coverstock, the RG and differential should below. It would be better if the finish is dull. 

Final Words 

These are the best bowling balls for the hook I have found so far. I have tried my best to provide you with accurate information. 

I have shown the best hooking bowling ball for beginners as well. However, like the ball quality, having the right skill is equally important. 

You need to know the right technique and then the ball with high hook potential will give you a great hook. 

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