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5 Best Bowling Ball for Beginners to Intermediate Bowlers | Top -Rated Models

For a person who has never done bowling before and has no idea, choosing the very first bowling ball is going to be pretty hectic.

You cannot just purchase any ball that looks good! You will have to invest money in a ball that will be ideal for you.

And how would you figure that out?

Though this very article!

I have come up with an in-depth guide on buying a beginner-level bowling ball. Not only that, after going through a bunch of ball balls, I have listed the 5 best bowling balls for beginners.

Each of these balls is thoroughly reviewed so that you can have enough information to decide.
So with that said, let’s get started!!!

Best Bowling Ball for Beginners – Top 3 Picks

Best Beginner Bowling Ball In-depth Reviews

1.Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Polyester Bowling Ball

We are looking at one of the best beginner bowling balls, the Brunswick Tzone ball. It is a polyester ball that is extremely suitable for newbies.

The manufacturer has used a pancake core in this ball that makes it easier for beginners to throw the ball straight. Pancake core is good for the newbies since that enables the user to grow good control over the ball.

One factor that keeps this very bowling ball one step ahead of other entry-level balls is, it offers hook potential. Most of the beginner bowling balls of the market lack this.

No hooking potential makes the ball useless in the oily lane.

It comes with a good polishing finish and it comes with a minimum level of flare potential. The user will be able to get a good grip of this ball, will be able to learn all the lane basics, throwing techniques, etc.

If we talk about the price, the manufacture have kept the price pretty reasonable. It is not expensive. And comes in a lot of colors so that you can choose your favorite color.

  • Core: Symmetrical core.
  • Coverstock: Polyester.
  • Suitable lane: Dry.
  • Finish: High polished.
  • Weight: 6 – 16 lbs.
  • Flare: Medium.
  • Very easy to use for beginners.
  • Easy to throw.
  • Comes in a bunch of colors.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not very heavy, neither too light.

The Con
  • Not very much durable. That is expected since it is an entry-level ball with a low price tag.

2.Brunswick Rhino Beginner Bowling Ball

What every beginner wants with a bowling ball is very easy hooks and this Brunswick Rhino can give that. If you are a beginner and looking for a good entry-level bowling ball for hook, here is your catch.

But one thing you should know before buying this very ball, and that is it doesn’t come pre-drilled. You will have to get it drilled according to your finger or holding comfort.

This is actually a good thing, you will get the right grip.

For medium, too little oily lane conditions, this is an excellent ball. It comes with an R-16 reactive pearl coverstock, this is a very durable coverstock and compound royal shine 500 Siaair finish.

Since it has a very low differential rating, it can glide via different oil patterns and that makes the straight shot very easy. You will be amazed by the consistent trajectory of this very ball.

If you can use the right technique, you should be able to generate a good spin from this ball. And as mentioned before, this ball hooks very well and easily.

If I talk about the core of this ball, it comes with a light symmetrical bulb core and this is what plays the major role behind great hook and pin action.

The core makes it easier for the ball to develop a good amount of momentum.

Lastly, it weighs around 15 lbs. this is a good weight for beginners. Actually, it will suit most of the players.

  • Core: Light Symmetrical Bulb Core.
  • Coverstock: R-16 Reactive Pearl.
  • Suitable Lane: Medium oily to dry.
  • Finish: 500 Siaair finish.
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Flare: Low.
  • You will get to see impressive hooks and pin actions.
  • Comes in three different colors.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Works fine even in the driest lane.
  • Maintains Consistent trajectory.
  • Not heavy and nor light.

The Con
  • Doesn’t come pre-drilled, there is good side of this as well. You will be able to drill accurately.
  • The ball gets scratchy pretty soon.

3.Pyramid Path Rising Beginner Bowling Ball

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate bowler, you will find this Pyramid Path rising bowling ball extremely suitable.

The price is very reasonable and the quality is high. Do not misjudge this very ball due to its entry-level price tag.

The manufacturer has used high-quality technology in this one. And this technology enables any bowler to get high performance in medium oily and medium dry lanes.

With a new era, 139 symmetric core, and pearl reactive cover stock, this very reactive ball gives a good hook.

This is a versatile ball and you can use different techniques and bowling styles with it.

Doesn’t come pre-drilled which is both good and irritating. But the good side is heavier since you get to drill according to your comfort. And the better you can hold the ball, the better you can control it.

Comes in a bunch of colors and weighs, choose the suitable one.

  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetric.
  • Coverstock: Path Pear Reactive coverstock.
  • Suitable lane: Medium oily and Dry.
  • Finish: 1500 grit factory polish.
  • Flare: Medium.
  • Weight: 8 – 16 lb.

the pros

  • Comes at a low price.
  • Very easy to control.
  • Good hooking power.
  • Offers decent durability.
  • Suitable for medium oily and dry lanes.
  • Can be used different throwing techniques.

The Con
  • Doesn’t come pre-drilled.

4.Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball

This Hammer Black Widow 2.0 is a great bowling ball for intermediate to professional bowlers. Beginners also can choose this ball but it will take time for them to get used to this ball.

If you can get the throwing right, you will be able to land great hooks. But the perfect throwing with this ball is a little hard and it takes time.

It gives enough traction on the medium oily to heavy oily lanes. With the asymmetric gas mask core this very ball delivers the power you expect from the black widow.

Not only that, this ball is extremely durable as well.

You don’t need to wipe the ball off in between the game, the oil is needed for the reaction. A beginner might need few days to get used to this ball and when they get a good hand, they will love this ball.

However, this is an expensive ball!

  • Core: Asymmetric Gas Mask.
  • Coverstock: Aggressive solid reactive.
  • Suitable lane: Medium to heavy oily lane.
  • Finish: Siaair 500, 1000, 2000.
  • Weight: 15  pounds.

the pros

  • Highly durable ball.
  • Delivers good power.
  • Impressive hooks.
  • Suitable for medium to heavy oily lanes.
  • Siaair top-notch finish.

The Con
  • Expensive ball.

5.Storm Phaze III Bowling Ball

The Storm Phaze II was one of the best Storm balls, and now the Storm Phaze III has taken the place.

The storm has lifted this Phaze III for the most part. They didn’t use the Hybrid version of TX-16 solid reactive in this Phaze III.

They have used the RS3 hybrid in this Phaze III. It also packs Velocity core, and altogether makes this very bowling ball shine higher.

It comes with a very good Grapevine smell. Almost everyone likes

It is best for medium oily lanes, but it can work well in different good patterns. If you want you can try different techniques and styles with this ball as well.

  • Core: Symmetrical, velocity core.
  • Coverstock: RS3 hybrid cover.
  • Suitable lane: All lane (best for medium oil),
  • Weight: 15 pounds.

The pros

  • Great grapevine smell.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Suitable for all lane conditions.
  • Good hooking power.
  • Suitable for different styles and techniques.

The Con
  • Little hard to control.

What are Different Bowling Ball Categories?

There are mainly three categories of a bowling ball, entry-level, intermediate, and advanced level. But unfortunately, the ball's name doesn’t contain these categories, you will have to check the ball and few features to know under which category the ball is.

I have made this as simple as possible, have a look!

Entry Level

If you have never done bowling before then surely you would want to go with an entry-level bowling ball. An entry-level bowling ball shouldn’t cost you much. However, here is how you will find an entry-level ball.

Look for the material of the ball, Polyester or plastic balls are the entry-level balls. On the product description, you will surely find the construction material.

Polyester or plastic balls have very low friction and go completely straight down the lane, which enables the beginner to gain consistency.

Intermediate Level

Intermediate-level balls are a little expensive since the intermediate level is all about hooking. Urethane balls fall under the intermediate category. They deliver greater action on the lane.

Advanced Level

These are for professionals who are ready to invest a lot of time and money into bowling. Some advanced urethane balls fall into this category but mostly it is reactive resin balls that are considered advanced level bowling balls. They are pretty expensive for obvious reasons.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Bowling Ball?

If you have never done bowling before, then surely choosing the very first bowling ball is going to be tough. But the toughness will get a little easier with the guide I have provided here.

You are about to see an in-depth bowling ball buying guide which will definitely help anyone to choose an ideal bowling ball.

Take a look!

Ball Weight

When you are out there checking on the bowling ball trying to figure the suitability, the very first thing you would want to check is the weight. There are balls that are heavier and lighter. Heavier balls weigh around 14 to 15 pounds.

Seems very heavy? They aren’t actually if the drilling fits your hand properly.

Going over the head? Alright, let’s go deep!

Most beginners go for lighter weight so that they can handle the ball better. It is true if you are a beginner you can go with a lightweight bowling ball, that will be easier for you to balance and throw the ball at the beginning.

But beginners can choose heavier balls as well if they want. But the finger drilling needs to be very accurate. When the finger holes are accurate, you won’t need to squeeze the ball in order to hold on to it.

When the thumb, span, and pitch is drilled properly, you won’t be needing much muscle power to throw the ball. Normally, bowling doesn’t require much muscle power, the skeletal system of the body is what is supposed to the trick.

The heavier ball hits the pin well and stays on the line mostly. Lightweight balls are prone to jump off the pins. And also has chances that they will leave pins standing, if not thrown by a skilled bowler.

However, if you are an adult, you should be able to handle 14 to 15 pounds bowling balls.

Cover Stock

Bowling balls come in different coverstocks, In case you don’t know what coverstock is, it is the outer shell of the ball that creates friction with the late surface. Different type of coverstock performs differently and they come with their own set of pros and cons.

There are a bunch of different coverstocks which are, plastic, solid, urethane, resin, pearl, hybrid, and a few more.  Check out below.

Plastic: Polyester balls come with plastic coverstock, these are for the newcomers who didn’t play bowling before. Plastic coverstock bowling balls are widely available in the market. And they are very affordable as well.

Resin: Reactive resin bowling balls increases the coverstock movement, it makes the coverstock extremely aggressive. This core is a mixture of the same material used in urethane. That being said, reactive resin coverstock comes with different additives.

You will find reactive resin coverstock to be a little tacky which results in extra traction and solid back-end lane traction.

Pearl: These coverstocks are super smooth and look very shiny. Since they are shiny and smooth they are more like to go more down the lane before hooking and this type of motion is called “Angular”.

Pearl cover stock could be a good choice for beginners. The ball will glide on the lain even if the lain has very little amount of oil.

Solid: Solid coverstocks are great for on-lane reaction. They are way too stronger than pearl and hooks pretty early as well. The early hook means having a very smooth motion.

Though some people do recommend solid coverstock bowling balls for beginners I don’t think so. Because it is a little strong to be handled by a beginner. It is more suitable for intermediate bowlers.

Hybrid: As the name suggests, these coverstocks are the hybrids of pearl and solid coverstocks. With the hybrid coverstock, you will get a nice balance of angularity and smoothness. Though the hook will be a little slower than the solid coverstocks. But that being said, it won’t give unpredictable violent hook-like pearl coverstocks.


The bowling ball cores are also known as the weight block of the ball. There are different types of cores and they make the ball function differently. Different cores make the ball perform differently.

The physics behind the ball core is pretty complex, if you are a beginner you don’t need to get your head into this. Even some professional bowlers struggle to get a good understanding of that.

However, as mentioned before there are different types of cores. Below they are discussed in detail.

Pancake: Once this used to be an extremely popular ball core but with time it faded since some better core made their entries. But still, you will find a very few bowling balls come with pancake core but they are mostly plastic balls. To be honest, now there are a lot of better options.

Symmetric: Balls with symmetric core have a very smooth motion and since they are pretty predictable, experts suggest beginners choose bowling balls with the symmetric core. A low symmetric core along with a smooth coverstock should be enough for a beginner.

Asymmetric: These cores have a very complex shape and are usually seen on high-end bowling balls. The asymmetric core isn’t for beginners at all. This core has a late and angular motion on the lane. When it comes to the Asymmetric core, you will have to take things pretty seriously, things like positive axis point, axis rotation, tilt, etc.


If you are a beginner then you might not know this, it is important to choose a ball according to the bowling style. If you want to learn hooking or straight throws down the lane, then you should go with a polyester ball, it is also referred to as a Plastic or spare ball. You should get a good polyester ball within 45 to 100 bucks.

On the other hand, bowling balls for hooking are more advanced and they come within 75 to 140 buck range.


The grip of the ball is one of the most important factors. There are mainly two types of grip, fingertip grip, and conventional grip. If you want to learn or master the perfect hook shot then go with a fingertip grip. And the conventional grip is for beginners.


Doesn’t matter how top-notch the ball is if the drilling is inappropriate, everything will be wrong. The drilling should according to your finger measurement so that you can hold and throw the ball very comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do reactive bowling balls do?

Reactive balls react to the lane. It will cause friction and if the delivery is accurate then a reactive bowling ball will hook pretty good as well. However, if you are a beginner, you shouldn't worry about reactive bowling ball now.

Is brunswick tzone deep space bowling ball good?

Yes, Brunswick tzone deep space bowling ball is a great ball indeed.

Is pyramid path bowling ball good?

If you want reliable performance, you can surely go with pyramid path bowling ball.

Is Rhino bowling ball good for beginners?

Yes, rhino bowling ball will be a good choice for both beginner and intermediate bowlers.

Which is a good bowling ball for beginner?

I have shown alist of 5 bowling balls for beginner. But if you want one name, that would be brunswick tzone deep space bowling ball.

Does beginners need spare ball?

I dont think beginners need a spare ball.

Which are some of the best bowling balls that come at an affordable price?

We have the Pyramid Path Rising Beginner Bowling Ball that comes at a very low price.

What should intermediate bowlers look for in a bowling ball?

Well, that depends on their play style. If they want to try different techniques then you will have to look for bowling balls that were designed for that kind of play style.

Should beginner bowler bowl in heavy oil?

I don't think it would be a good idea for beginners to start bowling in heavy oil lanes.

Advantage of abralon polished bowling ball?

Abralon polished bowlling balls hook less compared to shiny bowling balls.

Which are suitable bowling balls for dry and medium oily lane?

Check out this list of bowling balls for dry to medium oily lanes.

Do beginners need to look for hook potential?

Beginners should focus on the basics at the beginning. Looking for a hook ball or hook potential should be their least concern.

Advantage of path reactive pearl coverstock?

Who should choose polyester coverstock?

Polyester coverstock bowling balls are for beginners. They sometimes are chosen in spare balls as well.

Final Words

These are the best bowling ball for beginners I have found so far. There might be some other options available but users seem to have a good time with the balls I have mentioned. However, hope you get a suitable bowling ball for you.

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