7 Best Airsoft Tracer Unit in 2021 – Time to Rock the Airsoft Field

The last time when I was on the Airsoft field at night at least 5 people asked me about the secret behind glowing BBs. 

If you are a regular airsofter then most probably you are already familiar with airsoft tracers. 

As I’m a by-born fancy guy I tried to bring even a better effect on my gun in the Airsoft field. 

The things that helped me the most are the best Airsoft tracer units. 

Amazingly it creates an excellent effect to make someone wider their eyes. 

Well, I am not keeping it secret from my viewers. So, in this content, I am going to reveal the 7 top-notch airsoft tracer units. 

Best Airsoft Tracer Units Reviewed

1. ACETECH Lighter BT Tracer Unit for 4mm/11mm Pistols.

  • Dimension: 35.5mm D and 91.7mm L
  • Weight: 78g
  • Tracer type/BBs: Red & green light tracers.
  • Battery type: Li-poly
  • Supported sustain trace function: Up to 35 RPS.

First on the list, an amazing airsoft tracer unit from ACETECH having 2 different color tracers; green and red for ultimate accuracy. It includes an LED power display and is integrated with a li-poly battery that takes only 2 hours for getting fully charged.

Gladly inform you that the tracer is compatible with both Android and iOS. Besides, the sustain trace function supporting capability is 35 PRS running fire. Finally, it will fit perfectly with most rifles submachine guns, with an M11+ CW belt & M14 - CCW 

 Key Features: 
  • Functions up to 35 PRS running fire
  • 1 charge provides 30000 tracers.
  • Supports both Android and iOS.
  • Integrated with LED display.

2. ACETECH Brighter C- Tracer Unit.

  • Dimension: 28mm D & 57mm L
  • Weight: Only 32g
  • Tracer type/BBs: water gel and green tracer BBs.
  • Battery type: Li-poly
  • Supported sustain trace function: Up to 35 RPS.

On the second spot, a small yet smart unit tracer for Airsoft guns. Being small the tracer can be installed on the silencer or the gun hand-guards. Having the smartest technology the Brighter C is highly powered effective. It will automatically turn off if it is idle for 5 minutes. Again you can wake it up just by shaking.

Built with a li-poly battery the tracer has 3 indicators. Res for low power, orange medium, and green for high power indication. You'll get a charging cable, adapter, and replacement cap with it.

 Key Features: 
  • Automatic switch-off functions 
  • Shaking awake smart feature available.
  • Battery level detection system is availabe.

3. ACETECH Blaster Tracer.

  • Dimension: 2.76L x 1.26W x 1.26H inches
  • Weight: 70g
  • Tracer type/BBs: water gel, 
  • Green tracer, and normal BBs 
  • Battery type: Li-poly
  • Supported sustain trace function: Up to 35 RPS.

Another smart tracer is here with 3 eye-catching modes. Including trace and flame only, and trace and flame modes the tracer will blow anyone's mind. 

Just like the previous one, it is also compatible with smart functions and power-saving modes. Shake it up for an easy kick-off and 5 minutes of idle time will automatically turn off the gun. Moreover, it is compatible with green tracer airsoft BBs, and water tracer BBs and for flame-only mode, you can use normal tracer as well.

 Key Features: 
  • One button and 3 modes; Flame only, tracer, flame & tracer.
  • Compatible with IP65 rating.
  • Smart technology is also used.
  • Crafted with plastic, led cover front, and aluminum cover.

4. ACETECH 14mm AT1000 Tactical Tracer Unit. 

  • Dimension: 156mm x 37mm
  • Weight (Without battery): 140g
  • Tracer type/BBs: Green tracer
  • Battery type: 4 AAA rechargeable Eneloop battery
  • Supported sustain trace function: 1800 RPM.

If you've been looking for a tracer with high power capability then this product is the one you should opt for. The tracer runs on four Eneloop AAA batteries that are rechargeable. It will ensure 100000 rounds of playing. 

You will love to know that the tracer includes the CE, FCC, and RoHS compliant. Though it is compatible with only green tracer airsoft BBs you can also use red tracer BBs. Comparing this item with a previous product this one is slightly heavy; 140 grams. The last thing I want to mention is the smart power of technology which saves a lot of power.

 Key Features: 
  • Up to 1800 RPM (Sustained ROF)
  • Available power level detection and smart idle feature.
  • One charge provides the gaming times of 100000 rounds.

5. ACETECH Predator L Tactical Tracer Unit

  • Overall weight: only 36g
  • Dimension: 68mm Length and 32.4 mm Diameter
  • Tracer type BBs: Supports both green and red
  • Battery type: 10440 Li-ion 3.7V battery (Included)
  • Supported sustain trace function: Up to 30 PRS.

This one is another power-saving Airsoft tracer unit for rifles manufactured by ACETECH. Considering its weight, battery power, overall working functions, and compatibility this one will be an ideal option for anyone.

Unlike the previous one, this one supports both green and red luminous bullets. Again, there is a led battery indicator that provides essential signals about the battery level. And finally, I love the no missing lighting and lighting decay issue.

 Key Features: 
Available power indicator detects charge level.

  • CE, RoHS, and FCC compliant Included.
  • Fit to almost all types of rifles.

6. DoxiGlobal Mini Simulated Spitfire Tracer Unit

  • Overall Dimension: 35mm x 75mm
  • Weight: 72g
  • Trace/BBs type: Waterbomb and green luminous BBs.
  • Battery type: Lithium battery.
  • Supported sustain trace function: Up to 35 PRS.

Meet with another smart, waterproof, and durable tracer that comes from DoxiGlobal. With smart energy-saving functions and 2 modes, the product is now at the top of the market.

The supported sustain trace function limit is 35 PRS (max). Plus, the aluminum alloy shell ensures a very long-lasting performance of the tracer. You can use water bombs or green luminous for this tracer.

 Key Features: 
  • Designed with aluminum alloy
  • Used UV LED technology.
  • Battery supports 2000 rounds (4 hours almost)
  • Motion sensor included.

7. ActionUnion Tactical Auto Pistol Mini Tracer Unit.

  • Dimension: 29mm x 65mm
  • Weight: 60g only 
  • Trace type/BBs: Luminous BBs green and water bomb
  • Battery type: Powerful lithium battery
  • Supported sustain trace function: Up to 35 RPS.

The last product on the list is from ActionUnion and its specialty comes in the battery power backup. Integrated with a lithium battery it can provide a service of 6 hours per charge. 

The trader uses UV-led technology and a motion sensor to save extra power. Another plus point is the battery level indicator. So, surely it's a smart tracer. The package arrives with a lighter, USB cable, and s 14mm CCW thread adapter. And the last thing I would love to inform you is that there are 6 imported 5W powerful LED lights for creating saturated lighting.

 Key Features: 
  • • Great battery backup; approximately 20000 rounds/6 hours.
  • • Aluminium alloy is the core material.
  • • Fits well on 14mm CW rifles (M14) and 10 mm CCW pistols.

Final Verdict

I have done my duty by reviewing the best airsoft tracer units on the current market. Now I want to be smarter airsofter having your glowing gun. Pretty much all of the products are highly popular and most of them come with smart power functions. 

If you could open up your wallet a little wider then go for one with different modes. In the end, I would suggest the ACETECH Blaster Tracer with M14- CCW and M11+ CW.

However, the choice may vary. So, check out all the items and make your purchase before your favorite one runs out.

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