7 Best Airsoft Speed Loaders – Fast & Affordable Speed Loaders

There are chances that you will run out of ammo in an intense airsoft game, even if you had few magazines in your bag. 

If such a thing happens, then only a speed loader can save you from the upcoming trouble. 

Not any but the best airsoft speed loader. 

You will see few dozens of airsoft speed loaders in the market but all of them are not worthy of the investment. 

A handful among them provides the actual value and here are they! 

Take a look at this listicle of top-rated airsoft speed loaders. 

Best Airsoft Speed Loaders Reviewed

1.A&N Airsoft 500 Roound BB Hi-Capacity Speed Loader.

  • Round Capacity: 500-Rounds. 
  • Mag Design: M16/M4.
  • Weight: 3.53-ounce.

The A&N Airsoft Hi-Capacity Speedloader is one of the highest-rated airsoft speed loaders in the market right now. 

It has the capacity of holding 500 rounds of Airsoft BBs. That is a pretty good capacity for an intense airsoft game. 

Has M16/M4 magazine design. And loading any type of airsoft magazine is a very easy and quick process. In the beginning, you might take a little more time, since it’s the first time. 

This speed loader is constructed pretty well. It comes in transparent back smokey color, due to transparency you can tell how many BB rounds are left there.

It comes with a hidden feeding lip adaptor which works will all kinds of airsoft magazines. Electric, gas-powered, or spring, doesn’t matter. This speed loader will work with all kinds of mags. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • 500-rounds airsoft BB holding capacity.
  • Easy and quick mag loading. 
  • You can see how many BBs are left in the loader. 
  • Well-constructed Speedloader. 
  • I Will work with all kinds of airsoft magazines. 

2.SportPro Fidragon 100 Round BB Speedloader Magazine Loader.

  • Round Capacity: 100-Rounds. 
  • Mag Design: AEG
  • Weight: 4.8-ounce.

This is a suitable speed loader for AEGs, Pistols, and other GBB primary airsoft weapon magazines. 

It cannot hold more than 100-rounds of airsoft bb that makes it suitable for less intense airsoft games. 

It has slight black tint color and is transparent enough to tell how many bb’s are left inside. Using it is very easy and quick. 

But you won’t want to be gentle with this loader, since most of the speed loaders are plastic-made, they might get a crack pretty easily. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Suitable for AEG, pistol, and GBB airsoft weapon magazines.
  • Hold 100 rounds of bb best for casual airsoft games. 
  • Very easy to use on magazines. 
  • Transparency allows you to tell how many bb’s are left inside. 

3.MetalTac Airsoft Speed Loader.

  • Round Capacity: 100-Rounds. 
  • Mag Design: AEG.
  • Weight: 3.21-ounce.

With 100 round airsoft BB capacity, this MetalTac airsoft speed loader fits in pretty well for casual, less intense airsoft games.

The loader works pretty well, mag filling is fast and easy. Comes in little black smokey color and is transparent enough to tell you how many BBs are left. 

It is decently durable, be very gentle. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Suitable for less intense airsoft matches. 
  • Easy and pretty fast to load the mag.
  • Shows how many bbs are left inside. 

4.OneTigris 6mm BB Speed Loader.

  • Round Capacity: 400-Rounds. 
  • Mag Design: M16/M4.
  • Weight: 3.8-ounce.

Another airsoft speed loader that is worth taking a shot at, the OneTigris speed loader. 

The ABS plastic construction makes the loader pretty durable and tough. 

It can hold 400 airsoft bbs, which makes it a good choice for an intense airsoft game. 

It is an m16/m4 design loader and suits almost every airsoft gun magazine. Looks good and is transparent, which allows you to see how many BBs are left inside. 

Loading magazines with this OneTigris loader is very fast and convenient. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • 400 bb holding capacity makes it a good choice. 
  • Suits almost every airsoft gun mag. 
  • Super fast and convenient to load magazines. 
  • Pretty tough and durable loader. 

5.Valken Airsoft Max Speed Reloader.

  • Round Capacity: 1000-Rounds. 
  • Mag Design: M16/M4.
  • Weight: 8.78-ounce.

Do you need more speed and capacity? Well, then take a look at this Valken Airsoft  Max Speed Loader. 

With 1000-rounds airsoft bb holding capacity, this loader will satisfy any airsoft player. Apart from the capacity, the loading speed is pretty high as well. 

Comes with an ultra-fast feed system that ensures quick bb feeding. Suitable for both Mid and low caps. And works with almost every m4 style magazine. 

To ensure fast and easy reloading there is an anti-jam overflow clutch. 

 Why Should You Pick This?  
  • Higher BB holding capacity. 
  • Loads magazines very fast.
  • Convenient to use. 
  • I Will work with most M4 design Magazines. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you need an airsoft speed loader?

You definitely need a speed loader when you are playing a competitive match. These kinds of matches are intense and you're every second counts. So being able to load airsoft bbs fast will surely give you an advantage. 

Are our speed loaders illegal?

Yes, airsoft speed loaders are legal. But still, you would want to make sure before the match starts from the authority. 

What is a BB speed loader?

The BB Speed Loader is a small thing that enables you to load airsoft Bbs into the magazine pretty fast. 

Final words 

These are the best airsoft speed loaders you will find in the market right now. They are fast, convenient, and fairly priced. 

However, every speed loader is made of plastic so be gentle with them, otherwise, you might end up breaking them. 

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