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7 Best Airsoft Mask of 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Like goggles, wearing the best airsoft mask is also equally important. 

There are more than a hundred different airsoft face masks available in the market and surely not all of them are worth choosing. 

You should choose a mask that has the ability to protect the face from fast traveling airsoft bb’s. And that should be very breathable as well. 

However, if you are looking for good airsoft face masks, roll your eyes below, we have come up with the 7 best masks for airsoft. 

However, if you are looking for good airsoft face masks, roll your eyes below, we have come up with the 7 best masks for airsoft. 

  1. Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet and Mesh Mask.
  2. OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask.
  3. ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask.
  4. NO B Tactical Foldable Mesh Mask.
  5. IndependentThose Tactical Paintball & Airsoft Mask.
  6. Aoutacc Foldable Airsoft Mesh Mask.
  7. Senmortar Full Face Skull Airsoft & Paintball Masks.

7 Best Airsoft Mask Reviewd

1.Jadedragon PJ Tactical Fast Helmet and Mesh Mask

At the top, we have the Jadedragon PJ tactical fast airsoft helmet and mask. For airsoft, this is a high-end setup undoubtedly. The users are saying it, we are not. 

It is a complete head setup for airsoft. Comes with a fast helmet which protective enough and is pretty lightweight. You can use the helmet in both paintball and airsoft. 

Then there is a foldable mesh mask. The mesh portion is only on the mouth and it is extremely breathable and comfortable. 

With the setup, you get a goggle as well. However, the goggle might not stand in front of fast traveling airsoft pellets so you would want to use your airsoft goggle

The helmet comes with side rails which makes it compatible with other accessories like goggle strap clips, hook, and loop, flashlights, name tapes, etc. 

You get a night vision to mount as well with the helmet. The helmet is extremely adjustable, will fit any head shape unless it is a kid. 

If we talk about aesthetics, the entire setup looks damn classy. Anyone will look amazing, it has the military vibe. 

2.OneTigris 6″ Foldable Half Face Airsoft Mesh Mask

If you want only a mask, without a helmet and anything else, check out this OneTigris half-face foldable mesh mask. It is one of the best mesh airsoft masks you will find in the market right now. 

It is foldable which makes it effortless to carry. Has adjustable straps that make it fit very well on any face shape. 

It features soft padded nylon fabric on both cheek sides. Plus, there is protection for the nose bridge which also offers good comfort. 

If we talk about the ventilation, you won’t have to worry about that at all, this face mask is extremely breathable. 

In terms of protection, it offers good protection. But one problem with mesh masks is, if the BB breaks, tiny pieces can get inside through the mesh. 

This mask offers ear protection as well. It is impact-resistant and temperature-resistant. Overall, a great mask for airsoft. 

3.ATAIRSOFT Tactical Protective Adjustable Skull Full Face Mask

This is a plastic face mask for both airsoft and paintball. Since it is a plastic mask it protects very well. It has mesh on both sides of the cheek which makes it pretty breathable. 

Wearing this mask is also pretty comfortable if the face isn’t big. Features transparent lens which are supposed to protect the user from the fast traveling airsoft bbs. 

And there is also a shock-absorbing sponge that makes you feel nothing even when bbs hit hard. The mask has passed ANSI Z80.3 ball drop test, not only that, this mask is both impact and temperature-resistant as well. 

However, there are two downsides to this face mask. One is, the lens start fogging within few minutes into the game. And the last one is, it doesn’t fit well to every shape. 

4.NO B Tactical Foldable Mesh Mask

Looking for an affordable airsoft mask that provides both good comfort and safety? You got it! Have a look at this NOB Tactical Foldable Mesh Mask. 

It is extremely lightweight and foldable, so carrying it isn’t an issue at all. It is constructed with 1000D nylon which makes the mask extremely durable. This mask is dirt and water-resistant as well. 

In terms of protection, this mask does as expected. It protects the ear as well. However, if bb breaks the tiny parts can get into the mesh which is so obvious. This is the problem with every mesh mask. 

If we talk about comfort, this mask is 10/10 in terms of comfort. It has adjustable straps which makes sure the mask fits you well. 

And then there are soft padded fabric cheek sides along with nose bridge protection which increasing the comfort. Most importantly, this mask is extremely breathable. 

Once you wear the mask there won’t be any pressure on your face so that you can concentrate on the game. Lastly, this mask looks good as well. 

5.IndependentThose Tactical Paintball & Airsoft Mask

Here comes an affordable plastic-made airsoft full face mask, the Independentthose Tactical Paintball, and an airsoft mask. 

As the name suggests, this is a mask for both paintball and airsoft. Constructed with polycarbonate material along with TPU impact-resistant composite plastic. 

It is a full face mask and it comes with adjustable straps, vents, visor shading, etc. Things that every full face masks come with. 

The elastic head strap of the mask ensures it fits the user’s head well. It also features foam and cushion which delivers comfort when you wear it. The sides of this mask can be bent a little in order to ensure a good fit on the side. 

It comes with lenses that have the ability to withstand 310 FPS within 5-meter bb shooting. This is the limitation, if you are in a game where there are more powerful airsoft guns, then you will have to wear something more protective. Otherwise, you might end up hurting the eyes badly. 

Since it is a plastic face mask, it can protect you from BBs very well. However, you should think about the goggles. We would recommend not to get started with these lenses. 

6.Aoutacc Foldable Airsoft Mesh Mask

A very simple airsoft mask. This Auotacc foldable airsoft mesh mask comes at an affordable price. It is constructed with Low carbon steel and 1000D nylon, these two materials together make this mask pretty durable. 

Comes with an elastic belt strap that is extremely adjustable, and that allows it to fit everyone very well. The mask is extremely breathable and comfortable to wear. 

It is the ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test passed. Offers a maximum of 600 fps protection, so make sure you get something more rugged if the fps you are going to play in is higher than 600. 

The mask is compatible with different helmets, and goggles. 

7.Senmortar Full Face Skull Airsoft & Paintball Mask

Wearing this mask will surely make you stand out from the crowd. This skull design mask will catch every eye. Presenting Senmortar full face mask suitable for both paintball and airsoft. 

It is very lightweight and pretty durable. It is constructed with TPU material. 

Comes with adjustable straps which makes it fit well with everyone. It is slip and wear-resistant. Plus, has a great shock-absorbing ability. 

It features a forehead and Nose Bridge cushion so that users feel very comfortable wearing the mask and keep the head in-game. 

The mask is not ventilated very well, at the same time not very poor as well. You can say the ventilation is fair. 

What is an Airsoft Face Mask? 

An ideal airsoft mask is a thing that covers the entire mouth area. Airsoft goggles and helmet covers the eyes and head area. And the rest area is covered by an airsoft mask. 

Airsoft mask is strong and highly protective and super comfortable as well. 

Benefits of Wearing an Airsoft Mask

Wearing a good airsoft mask is as important as wearing an airsoft goggle. Nobody wants a scarred face, broken teeth, and pain that doesn’t allows to open the jaw even slightly. And an ideal airsoft mask is what can save you from that. 

We know a lot of young new airsoft players overlook the need of wearing a mask, what they think is airsoft pallets are not fast or hard enough to cause any serious damage. 

But they are wrong. Airsoft pallets travel pretty fast and they are strong enough to make you cry in pain. They are strong enough to make you lose teeth. 

We are not making this up, there are a lot of stories that people losing their teeth, damaging the face, getting scarred for life, and many more. 

Trust us, this isn’t a risk worth taking. 

Your face is valuable, and you need to protect it by wearing a good airsoft mask. 

How to Choose the Best Airsoft Masks? 

Choosing a top-notch mask for airsoft is easy but a tricky job. You will need to check few factors right before making a purchase in order to make sure you are getting your hands on the right face mask. Below we have described all the factors that require attention, have a look! 


There are mainly two types of airsoft masks that you should be choosing from, full face and half face airsoft masks.  


As the name suggests, these masks cover the entire face. Full face masks are very popular because they cover the entire face and they are pretty easy to wear and putting off. Requires no maintenance at all.

Full face masks come in different styles, you will have a lot of options in terms of aesthetics. They are protective and most importantly, some full-face masks come with a great ventilation system that will keep you very comfortable.  


These masks only cover half of your face. It is suitable for those who love customization and have their own goggle. 

Half-face masks don’t come with a goggle when a full-face model does come with one. If you are a beginner, then do not consider picking a half-face mask. 

This type of mask is for the experts who know exactly what they need. Beginners need time to figure where they are the most comfortable and protected, and till then they should stick to half-face airsoft masks.  


How well-built, protective, and durable the mask would be that largely depends on the material used in the construction. There are two types of material that are+ widely used, plastic and steel mesh. Check out which one should you choose and why.  


For airsoft and paintball equipment plastic is a great material. Not only are these two, plastic being used in constructing a lot of sports items. 

Talking about masks, plastic is a top-notch material for airsoft masks since it comes with the toughness that is needed to prevent the airsoft pellets from hurting the face. 

When a plastic mask is on you will feel nothing at all if pellets hit pretty hard. Doesn’t matter how many times pellets hit the mask, nothing is going to happen to your face. 

However, with plastic masks on problematic thing is the ventilation. In plastic masks, the air circulation is usually very poor unless the ventilation process is top-notch. So you will have to adjust to that. 

And one more thing, plastic might make you feel a little heavy on the face compared to the steel mesh material. 

Steel mesh

If you want incredible breathability and air circulation, steel mesh masks are the best options. They are super lightweight and are extremely breathable. In terms of comfort, steel mesh airsoft masks are 9/10. 

But if we talk about the protection, this material falls a little behind compared to plastic material. If the pellets hit pretty strongly, the mask is more likely to break off. 

You will see small parts are falling off, that being said, the mask will not be ruined completely, you will still be able to play.  

We would say you should go with the plastic airsoft mask since protection is what matters the most. If you are playing with powder airsoft guns then steel mesh masks are no go. Otherwise, you might consider wearing steel mesh airsoft masks. 


There are faces of different shapes and manufacturers just can’t make masks for every shape. So what some manufacturers did is they came up with adjustable airsoft masks which are adjustable through straps. 

When you are picking a mask make sure that comes with a bunch of straps and also make sure they are very easy to adjust. An ideal mask will come with at least 6 straps that will support every face shape. 

There are some elastic style bands which we don’t recommend. Because when jumping or crawling they get misplaced and become a distraction. Stick with adjustable straps, they will be the best. 

Air circulation 

Protection is the first priority and then comes comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask then it is not worthy. 

If you are choosing a plastic mask then make sure the mask comes with proper ventilation ports. Low air circulation inside the mask will cause your goggle to fog. And the heat inside will cause you to sweat. All of these together will give you a horrible experience. 

When you are looking for the ventilation system make sure the vents are tiny. Some masks come with vents that are large, they surely let air circulate better and keeps inside cool but those large vents compromise the safety. 

When the vents are larger than the airsoft pellets, then it is a threat and you should avoid such a mask. There is no point! 


If you are choosing a full face mask then surely it comes with a goggle or visor. If none of these come with the mask, then avoid that. A good full face mask should come with protective eyewear that can prevent the fast traveling pellets from damaging the eye. 

Not only that, the goggle needs to be fog-resistant. Otherwise few minutes to the match you will start to see blurry. 

Some airsoft full face masks come with wire mesh eye protection, we would suggest you stay away from those masks. Wire mesh can prevent the pellet from penetrating inside but if somehow the pellets break the tiny parts of the pellets can easily get into your eyes. 


This should be your least concern. First ensure the mask provides the needed protection, then make sure you are comfortable wearing the mask, it is breathable and it fits you well. And then look for the aesthetic. 

If you wear an eye catchy mask surely that will make you stand out from the crowd and who doesn’t want that? 

But remember, this is not important. You should not compromise anything from the aesthetic of the mask. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are airsoft mesh masks safe?

No, they aren’t. Though they can prevent the pellets from directly penetrating inside if the pellets break, their tiny fragments can easily harm you. 

Can you use paintball masks for airsoft?

Yes, you can! But remember, airsoft can cause more damage than paintball. As long as the paintball mask is hard and tough enough, you are good to go.  

Do you have to wear a mask in airsoft?

You should not leave your house with an airsoft goggle and a mask. Actually, if you are playing airsoft in the venue, they won’t allow you to play without wearing a mask and goggles.  

Final words 

Choosing the best airsoft mask is a very easy job. Check how protective that is, make sure the material is plastic, check for the right fit and good ventilation system, and you are good to go. 

All these models we have reviewed here are top-rated airsoft masks of the market right now. The majority of the users are pretty satisfied with these masks. We hope you find what you are looking for. 

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