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7 Best Airsoft Helmets of 2021 – Get the Best Return for the Bucks

Fast traveling airsoft BB’s can hurt the head badly, and that is why you need to get that inside the best airsoft helmet. 

If you are a beginner, then you might want to overlook the need for a good airsoft helmet but trust me, you will suffer. 

Like airsoft goggles and masks, a helmet is also extremely important. 

And that is why I have come up with a bunch of airsoft helmet reviews. I have listed 7 airsoft helmets that are performing extremely well. 

Take a look!

Top 3 Airsoft Helmets Comparison

JFFCESTORE MH Updated Version Fast Tactical HelmetTactical Airsoft Fast HelmetJFFCESTORE PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet
ABS & Carbon Outer MaterialABS outer materialABS Outer Material
Highly durable and reliable. Highly Durable and Reliable. Highly Durable and Reliable.
very comfortable to wearComfortable and easy to wearComfortable and easy to weart

7 Best Airsoft Helmets Reviewed

1.JFFCESTORE MH Updated Version Fast Tactical Helmet.

Have a look at the JFFCESTORE MH fast tactical helmet. It is one of the highest-rated tactical helmets in the market right now. 

The manufacturer has used Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic in constructing the rail and accessories of the helmet. 

This helmet comes with a mesh foldable mask which is made of low carbon mesh and 1000D nylon material, these are known to be durable. 

It is a full helmet, which means it comes with a mask and goggles. It has a thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber goggle frame and PC material constructed lenses. 

The lenses are oxidation and shock-resistant. Adjusting this helmet is super easy, comes with suspender straps and neck/chin pad for better fitting. 

This helmet will fit even if you have a bigger head, a lot of users who have big heads are having a good time with this model. 

For head sizes from 55 to 59 cm, this helmet fits nicely. And this makes the helmet suitable for most people. 

It has a bunch of hook and loop panels on different sides. You can add different accessories according to your need. 

Not only airsoft, but this helmet is also suitable for paintball as well. 

The helmet is extremely comfortable, mesh mask is super breathable. Though the helmet comes with pads I would say if you can get few more good quality pads for better comfort. If you can’t that is totally fine. 

However, the goggle that comes with the helmet isn’t reliable in a powerful airsoft game. Fast traveling airsoft bb can cause the lens to break. So you would want to get yourself a top-notch airsoft goggle that will fit with the helmet. 


  • Extremely durable helmet. 
  • Very comfortable to wear. 
  • Comes with top-notch rails and accessories. 
  • Easy to wear. 
  • Comes with a goggle and mesh mask. 
  • Suitable for both paintball and airsoft. 

  • The goggle might not withstand fast-traveling bbs. 

2.Tactical PJ type Airsoft Fast Helmet

With this tactical PJ-type fast helmet you get a set of helmet accessories and a foldable half face mask. If we talk about the helmet quality, you don’t need to worry about that at all. 

The helmet will easily protect your head from the BB. It has 9 piece sponge padding on the helmet which is adjustable and makes the user feel extremely convenient. 

Due to those pads and the toughness of the helmet, you won’t even notice if a fast-flying bb hits hard on the helmet. 

The helmet is highly adjustable. Has a chin strap that allows the helmet to fit very well. The helmet fits properly to the 54 to 63 cm head size. 

Features side rails where you can add all the needed accessories. It is a lightweight helmet so if you wear it for long hours you won’t feel fatigued. 

Features a mesh mask that protects the mouth and ear. Since it is a mesh mask it is extremely breathable. Another advantage of mesh mask is goggle doesn’t get foggy. 

One thing to remember, this helmet might not be suitable with all the airsoft goggles, so make sure to choose a goggle that is compatible with the helmet. 


  • ABS constructed helmet. 
  • Comes with railings. 
  • Adjustable sponge pads deliver great comfort. 
  • Absorbs shock effortlessly. 
  • Fits most head size. 
  • Comes with a mesh face mask. 

  • The helmet isn’t compatible with all airsoft goggles.

3.JFFCESTORE PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

Constructed with ABS engineering plastic that makes it is extremely strong and impact-resistant. Damaging this helmet with airsoft bb will be a tough job for sure. 

The helmet comes with a foldable mesh mask, is super breathable, and reduces lens fogging as well. In terms of protection, the mask works well, thanks to low carbon steel construction. 

The helmet has a night vision mount on the front, and that makes this helmet suitable for camping trips and hunting as well. 

Comes with rail conductors on both sides, the helmet has attachment points as well. Visors, cameras, flashlights, etc. can be attached and removed very easily. 

Whoever is looking for an airsoft go pro helmet setup, here is your catch, the JFFCESTORE multifunctional fast helmet. 

The helmet has cushions inside. The lining and the memory foam sponge pads make wearing the helmet extremely convenient. 

With this helmet, you get eyeglass as well but I don’t think that would be sufficient. You should get yourself a good airsoft goggle that is compatible with the helmet. 


  • Impact-resistant and protective helmet. 
  • Extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Fits well in most head sizes. 
  • Good-quality mesh mask.
  • Mask covers the ears as well.
  • Railings and attachment points. 

  • Goggle isn’t protective. 
  • The goggle isn’t sealed with a helmet. 

4.Airsoft MICH 2000 ACH Tactical Helmet

I loved the appearance of this helmet, that black look will surely make anyone stand out from the crowd. Anyways, presenting the Airsoft Mich 2000 ACH tactical helmet which is a great helmet for airsoft. 

It features a clear visor that gives the user clear vision and also gives eye protection from the airsoft bb. If you want you can detach the visor, it is easy to install and uninstall. 

Airsoft goggles can be worn inside the helmet. 

The helmet size is 59, comes with all the adjustable suspender and chin straps. It fits most head sizes. However, if you have a too big head that it could be an issue. 

The manufacturer has used ABS plastic in the construction of the helmet, this construction makes the helmet enough tough for airsoft. 

Though the helmet is lightweight it is a bit bulky, but that shouldn’t be a problem since wearing this helmet is very comfortable. 

One downside of this helmet is, the visor doesn’t cover the mouth area, so a good airsoft mask will be needed. 


  • Very classy appearance. 
  • Comes with an easy remove visor. 
  • ABS plastic constructed helmet. 
  • Pretty lightweight helmet. 
  • Fits well in most head sizes. 
  • Has side rails for attachments. 

  • The visor doesn’t cover the mouth area. 
  • The helmet is a little bulky. 

5.ATAIRSOFT Tactical Airsoft Paintball MICH 2000 Helmet

Are you looking for an airsoft helmet that delivers good value at an affordable price? Well, you got it then. Take a look at the ATAIRSOFT tactical mich 2000 helmet. 

It is one of the affordable airsoft helmets of the market that offers great value for its price. 

The helmet fits head from 56 to 61 cm or 22 to 24-inch. Comes with suspender and chin straps to ensure a snug fit. 

It is constructed with top-notch ABS plastic, this is a great material for airsoft helmets, makes the helmet perform really well. 

The weight of this helmet is around 770g, well, that isn’t heavy. 

The helmet also features a couple of loop panels for patch attachments and as I said before, there is 7 piece sponge padding inside the helmet which is adjustable as well. 

Features side rails, bungee retention, safety light mount, nametapes, etc. 

It is a very durable helmet, good enough for paintball and airsoft. But not for anything more powerful.


  • ABS plastic constructed helmet.
  • Comes at an affordable price. 
  • Extremely comfortable. 
  • Suspender and chin straps for adjustment. 
  • Has side railings and other mounts. 
  • Pretty durable helmet. 

  • The chin strap isn’t adjustable. 

6.ATAIRSOFT PJ Type Tactical Multifunctional Fast Helmet

If you are into a light airsoft game, then I would suggest choosing this ATAIRSOFT multifunctional helmet. It won’t fit well in large heads so keep that in mind when purchasing. 

The internal length width is 17 cm and the internal length is 22cm. wearing the helmet is very comfortable. 

It features foam inside which delivers comfort. Plus, this helmet is pretty lightweight as well. The helmet also features a sliding visor and you cannot wear any glass under the visor. 

And the quality of the visor isn’t very good which is why I don’t recommend using this helmet in from of fast traveling airsoft bbs. 

It is actually a great helmet for kids’ nerf rivals. Plus, it can be used in paintball as well. Lastly, the helmet comes with rails and other attachment mounts. 


  • Pretty lightweight helmet.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Delivers good comfort.
  • Features a visor. 
  • Comes with rails and other mounts. 

  • Poor quality compared to other helmets on the list. 

7.ATAIRSOFT Adjustable Maritime Helmet

For those who have a big head, this helmet is not for them. A few users have complained about the size of this very helmet. Choose this one only if you have a small or medium head and also when purchasing read the sizing instruction carefully. 

It is suitable for sizes from 53 to 61 cm. It is constructed with ABS plastic, one of the best materials for airsoft helmets. 

It weighs 770g, which isn’t very heavy. It has sponge pads inside that continuously deliver comfort to the head. And there suspender and chin strap as well which ensures you can make the helmet fit well. 

In terms of durability and protection, you shouldn’t worry much. It would perform very oil in airsoft, paintball, and nerf games. But nothing more powerful. 

Features side rails, and clips, and mounts for all the attachments. Comes in three colors, choose the one you like. 


  • Highly durable and tough helmet. 
  • Comfortable to wear. 
  • Comes with a suspender and chin strap.
  • Features side rails, clips, and mounts. 
  • Looks pretty cool.
  • Comes in three colors. 
  • Not very heavy. 

  • Doesn’t fit in large heads. 

Final Words 

A helmet that makes you feel comfortable and protects the head from fast traveling airsoft bb’s, will be the best airsoft helmet for you. 

Just because someone else had a good time with a helmet, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will also have a good time. 

One big issue with helmets is the sizing. If you have a large head, you will find very few options available for you. And when the helmet doesn’t fit well, it doesn’t deliver any comfort but discomfort. 

So I would urge you to triple-check the sizing and then make the purchase decision. And airsoft helmets are only for airsoft, paintball, and nerf games. Do not even think of using that as something else, such as in front of reading ammunition. 

And in any case, you are interested check out the following reviews as well!

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