6 Best Airsoft Grenades Reviewed – Buyer’s Guide & In-depth Reviews

A grenade with proper range and effectiveness can help you wipe out several enemies in a zone

without going near them. In airsoft games, the use of grenades can add more fun and realistic


With that point in mind, we have thought of reviewing the best airsoft grenades. Though there are

not too many options available in the market, people still get confused while buying one.

Before buying any, you need to know the basic features and facts about airsoft grenades and

practical review results. Thus, we are presenting six models that we find good according to our

experience and a short guide.

Best Airsoft Grenades Reviewed

Recently, we have bought 10-13 types of grenades for military simulation ops. Among them, six

models seem the right options for most conditions. Here are those with their detailed overview.

1.Thunder B Airsoft Co2 Simulation Grenade

  • Cartridge weight: 12 gram Co2
  • Shell usage: Single time
  • Detonator delay time: 3 seconds.

About this airsoft Co2 grenade, the first and foremost thing is, this is super easy to use, the reloading

process takes not more than a second. Pull the pinout and throw!

The shells are easily replaceable and the package comes with 12 Flash Bang thunder B shells. Similar

to the real grenade, shells are created but they tend to be lightweight.

Almost in all environments and surfaces, they are usable because of the non-pyrotechnic design.

Also, the low-impact burst yet effective is provided.

This sound-maker grenade is safe to use but created for serious training, not suitable for gameplay.

2.TAGinn R2B Airsoft Pyrotechnic Hand Grenade

  • Material: Polymer
  • Detonator delay time: 3.5 seconds
  • Shell Usage: Reusable.

The TAGinn R2B is one of the best hand grenades for training as well as tactical games. The design is

mostly for gameplay with colorful marking powder smokes.

With a loud boom, the airsoft grenade covers a good spread radius of up to 5 meters. The best part

is, one single never fails to hit the target properly. Though this is a little bit expensive, every throw is

worth it.

The built-in material is a polymer that tends to provide durability. In fire-proof storage, they can be

stored with no tension at all. They are pretty much durable and have no case of being useless.

This is a big advantage of knowing the explosion time. Once the safety spoon is released, it

detonates in 3.5 seconds. So, the user is always aware of the timing.

3.Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Shell usage: Reusable
  • Item weight: 1.1 lb

This reusable Bang 22 Xtreme is a blessing to the users. It comes with overall packages with extreme


With full metal (Aluminum alloy) constructions, these airsoft grenades are extremely durable. The

The plain cylinder style grenade needs absolutely no maintenance but offers the best result.

Users have the facility of setting the detonating time with 3 adjustable timer settings. The timer can

detonate on any surface like concrete, grass, wood, etc.

This airsoft grenade produces the loudest sound of all. The new Bang22 Xtreme sounds 60% louder

than the original Bang22. Never bang it too close to your opponent that may cause injury.

4.TAGinn FBG-6 Airsoft Sound Hand Grenade

  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Detonator delay time: 3.5 seconds
  • Sound: 130 dB

Another amazing product from TAGinn that will be worth buying. It also comes with a 6 grenade


The main difference from other TAGinns is their loud explosive sound. The sound is rated at 130 dB

that is pretty loud to attract attention or distract from any operation.

This airsoft grenade also detonates after 3.5 seconds of pulling the pin. Safety is always on point

with this huge facility. But don't release it on a dry grass surface, it may cause a fire.

These grenades are made of high-quality safe polyurethane material that offers enough durability. In

the simulations or training, they show safe yet effective operations and there will be no harm if

perfectly equipped.

5.ASG Storm 360 Impact Gas Grenades

  • Material: CC aluminum
  • Shell usage: Reusable
  • Coverage radius: 10 m

ASG gas grenades are finely designed with realistic shells and fit almost every type of standard

grenade pouches.

With high-quality nylon and solid aluminum construction, this airsoft grenade offers you durability

the most. Also, this is extremely lightweight and reaches the attack area with no hassle.

This high-quality grenade is reusable as it has a 360 degree BB dispersal pattern. It seems expensive

at first but this is one of the best smoke grenades to cover.

With an impact style detonation trigger, the airsoft grenade can cover up to 10 m blasts that are

huge for an airsoft grenade. This provides real help in a critical situation during stimulation or

gameplay to escape.

6.TAGinn TAG-67 Paintball Pyrotechnic Hand Grenade

  • Coverage Radius: 10 meters
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Detonator delay time: 3.5 seconds

This super safe blue paintball pyrotechnic TAG67 grenade is one of the finest. With the legendary

m67 design, it also feels real while holding.

Once you pull out the pull pin and lose the safety lever, it will detonate after 3.5 seconds. The

ignition of the fuse won't bang if you don't release the safety spoon. The pin can be backed if you

don't want to toss.

The grenade's body is made of traumatic safe foamed polyurethane meaning these grenades are

lightweight yet durable. The heavy metal imitation surface offers durability. The foam shell sends

paint and fragments up to 10 meters radius.

Buying Guide

While opting for the best airsoft grenade, there are some facts you all should learn. Here are some

facts and tips that you should check before buying the airsoft grenades.

Built-in material

The built-in material depends on the type of airsoft grenades yet always opt for high-quality

materials. If you are using it for serious training, then Polyurethane, aluminum alloy is the best

option. But for fun game purposes, you can go for grenades made with polymer.

Coverage Radius:

Depending on the situation, the grenades should be chosen. Grenades with a fair enough coverage

radius are pretty expensive. From 10m to 20 m coverage area is perfect for any type of situation. While

buying smoke grenades, must check what’s its coverage radius.


Sometimes even airsoft grenades cause serious injury, if not perfectly checked or used.

Manufacturers have been thinking about the solution and developed safety spoons.

The detonator delay time helps to have a flawless throw. So, when choosing the grenades, check the

detonator delay time as well as the safety spoon.


Are airsoft grenades reusable?

According to the manufacturer's design, this is decided. Most of them are usually reusable if there is

no single-time use notice. The single-use grenades are comparatively cheap and on the other hand,

heavy metal durable reusable grenades are expensive.

Which one is the loudest airsoft grenade?

Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme is the loudest of all airsoft grenades. This reusable airsoft

the grenade will definitely create panic or be super distracting for opponents.

How does a sound airsoft grenade work?

Sound grenades at first create a very bright light “the flash”, then sound the loud bang. These

grenades are also known as stun grenades to simply distract the opponents.

Can 11-year-olds play airsoft?

According to USA airsoft battlefield rules, the minimum age range is 12 for playing with airsoft

grenades. Parents should not encourage children under 12 to play with airsoft.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best airsoft grenades models that we think you can use to make your sim ops more

realistic and challenging for the enemies.

According to our experiences, Thunder B Co2 and Bang 22 Xtreme are the best overall picks. But if

you want to go for a budget option, Tagine FBG 6 is the budget-friendly option you should consider.

We think there is no more important stuff left to cover. Thus, we hope you get the right one after

going through today's article.

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