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8 Best Airsoft BBs Reviewed – Highly accurate and Durable Airsoft BBs

There are a lot of BB options available in the market and choosing the best airsoft bb from that wide range of options is surely a tough task!

You need to know a bunch of things before you purchase airsoft BBs. There are varieties like .20g, .25g, .28g, and more, you will need to know which one is suitable for what. 

And then there comes the build quality, size, FPS, etc. 

However, in this very guide, I have covered everything from best BBs for airsoft to Best BB brands, you will get to know everything here. 

But before you go deep, take a quick look at our top 8 Airsoft BB list! 

Best Airsoft Bbs Reviewed

1.Elite Force Premium Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BBS

This is the most popular airsoft bb in the market right now, the Elite Force Premium Biodegradable bbs. Not only this particular model but the brand Elite Force itself is also an extremely popular brand that is serving the market with top-notch products for a very long. 

You might find Elite Force products a little expensive but they are worth every penny. 

These Elite Force airsoft BBs come in three weights, .20, .25, and .28 grams. If you are playing a gun that shoots in 280 to 350 FPS, then 0.20gram BBs would be a great option for you. 

For under 350 FPS airsoft guns 0.20 gram BBs perform nicely. It delivers nice flight path stability and a high degree of range. 

These BBs are manufactured incredibly, they are seamless and extremely well-polished. I have seen users saying that they have used already more than 1000 rounds and still didn’t see jammed BB. 

These are 6mm BBs and delivers constantly high-performance. 

The BBs come in a 12 x 3-inch bottle and that features a screw-on cap. You can feed the BBs into the high cap magazine without even toughing the BBs. Hold the bottle and feed. There are two varieties of the bottle, one holds 2700 BBs and another 5000.

And if we talk about little more power, then 0.25 gram BBs are perfect. If your gun shoots in more than 350 FPS then you should consider using 0.25 gram BBs. You will get good accuracy and the performance is as smooth as 0.20 gram. 

That being said, you won’t get the accuracy if you use 0.25 gram BB in low-power guns. But if you are playing in a very small field, like close combat, in that case, you shouldn’t worry about the range. You can go with over 0.20 gram BBs in that scenario. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.20, 0.25, and 0.28 gram. 
  • BB amount: 2700 and 5000 Bottle. 
  • Type: Biodegradable. 
  • Finish: Well-polished and Seamless. 

2.Elite Force Premium Biodegradable0.32 gram 6mm Airsoft BBS

Looking for the best airsoft BBs for sniper? I have the Elite Force Premium Biodegradable 0.32 gram BBs for you. These BBs are highly tested for accuracy, shape, and durability, they passed the tests that is why this Elite force premium is here. 

Completely seamless and well-polished airsoft BB. You will get good accuracy, consistency, and precision. A lot of users have been using these BBs and so far everything is so good. 

For the quality of these BBs, the price isn’t much. It comes in two bottles 2700 rounds and 5000 rounds. These BBs are biodegradable. Lastly, these BBs are compatible with most airsoft guns

  • Size: 6mm. 
  • Weight: 0.32 gram.
  • BB Rounds: 2700 and 5000.
  • Type: Biodegradable. 
  • Finish: Seamless and polished. 

3.Valken Accelerate Airsoft BBS

Right after Elite Force, I have put the Valken Accelerate bbs. One of the high-end BBs out there. This airsoft BB is extremely reliable, you know why? 

Before launching, these BBs were tested by a bunch of precision machines in order to ensure the dimensions and weight. Not only that, after the machine test, a sampling hand test was done and was measured again. BBs that didn’t meet standard were rejected. 

That means, with this very Valken Accelerator you get only the qualified ones, and that is a relief. 

These BBs are well sealed, and the bottle it comes in is roll-resistant. There are two bottles, one containing 2500 bbs and another 5000. 

The manufacturer has used top-notch Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene resin in these BB constructions. The materials make sure the BBs perform well. 

According to the users, this Valken accelerates BB is a steal for its price. Performance-wise there isn’t any flaw, everyone is loving the performance. 

You won’t see any broken BB and the accuracy is also great, as long as you use a suitable airsoft gun. And lastly, these are biodegradable BBs. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.20, 0.25, 0.28, 0.30, 0.32.
  • BB Amount: 2700 and 5000.
  • Type: Biodegradable. 
  • Finish: Seamless. 

4.Bulldog 10000 Airsoft Pellets

If you are looking for a bottle of decent airsoft pellets, go with these BullDog airsoft pallets. These BBs are triple polished so that they can give incredible consistency, accuracy, and precision. Though these BBs are advertised as they give the greater range, but that is not fully true, that range isn’t extraordinary, it is decent. 

That is why I suggest this BB jar for informal and casual airsoft games or practice sessions. But one impressive thing about this BB jar is it comes with 10000 BBs and for the price that is a lot. 

The BBs are competitive grade, 0.20 gram and 6mm. Suitable with all advanced level airsoft rifles, AEG’s, and gas pistols. And lastly, these BBs are biodegradable. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.20 gram.
  • BB rounds: 10000 BBs. 
  • Type: Biodegradable. 

5.Black Ops Biodegradable Airsoft BB’s

Looking for a jar of competitive grade airsoft BBs at an affordable price? Here you go! The Black Ops Biodegradable airsoft BBs are your thing. 

You get good range, increased power, and improved accuracy with these airsoft BBs. The weight of these BBs are 0.20 gram and is a good BB for AEG rifles. 

These BBs are easily visible, thanks to their white color. The way manufacturers have engineered these BBs, they don’t bubble, don’t break easily, and last for a very long time. Plus, these are biodegradable BBs and won’t degrade unless the BBs are in water and sun exposure for a long time. 

You can use these BBs both indoor and outdoor. A perfect jar for airsoft training since it comes with 10000 rounds. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.20 gram.
  • BB Rounds: 10000 BBs.
  • Type: Biodegradable. 

6.Valken Infinity Airsoft BBS

Cheap airsoft BBs are bad most of the time. They break easily and cause the airsoft gun to jam which is definitely not a good thing. 

But these Valken Infinity Airsoft BBs will change that view totally. The price of this Valken BB pack is cheap but not the quality. For the price, these BBs are really amazing. 

In the pack, you get 5000 BB rounds. The size is 6mm and the weight is 0.20 grams. These BBs are well-polished and delivers decent accuracy and consistency which you will never expect from a cheap BB pack. 

These BBs exceed ASTM Standard F2679 requirements. For under 350 FPS airsoft guns, these BBs will work just fine. Though they are good grade airsoft BBs they are best for airsoft training. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.20 gram.
  • BB Rounds: 5000.

7.Game Face 20GPW5J Match Grade Airsoft BBs

Crossman is a top-notch brand for airsoft supplies. And this Game Face 20GPW5J is one of the best-selling airsoft BBs. These are biodegradable BBs and are match grade. Price-wise they are very affordable and quality-wise they are decent enough to satisfy the user. 

These are seamless and double polished which gives good accuracy, precision, and consistency. You can use these BBs for training as well. The weight of these BBs is 0.20 gram, the size is 6mm and the jar comes with 5000 rounds of BBs. For the price, you get a lot of BBs. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.20 gram.
  • BB Rounds: 5000 BBs. 
  • Type: Biodegradable. 

8.Aim Green: Biodegradable Airsoft BBSs

Now here we have the Aim Green Airsoft BBs. This is a large pack of airsoft BBs, the pack holds 10000 shots of bb. All the BBs are well polished, actually triple polished. Delivers good accuracy and these BBs are extremely suitable for both indoor and outdoor target shooting. 

These are biodegradable BBs, unless are they are in sun or water exposure for a long time they won’t degrade. And these BBs are highly durable as well. 

They are suitable for Gas, Spring, AEG, and CO2 pistols and rifles. The weight of these BBs is 0.25 gram and the size is 6mm. 

  • Size: 6mm.
  • Weight: 0.25 gram.
  • BB rounds: 10000 BBs.
  • Type: Biodegradable. 

How to Choose the Best Airsoft BBs?

When choosing airsoft BBs there are few things that everyone needs to check, to ensure the highest quality. In this very section, we will be discussing how easily one can find out the good airsoft BBs, what factors they should consider before making the purchase. 

Let’s get started!


Craftsmanship or construction or manufacturing means the same thing. The first step to get your hands on the good-quality airsoft BBs is to check the construction of the BBs. 

How do you do that? 

Don’t worry, you won’t have to visit their factories to check their construction, the appearance says it all. The physical appearance of the BB pellets tells if that is constructed well or not. 

Well-constructed BBs will come with a good center of gravity. The appearance will be extremely shiny due to good polishing. There won’t be any deformation, bubbles, imperfections, cracks, seams, dimples, etc. on the BB. 

That being said, every bag or jar of airsoft BBs might have some BBs that are imperfect, have seamed, deformed, cracks, etc. But they should be very few. For example in a 5000 round BB bag, you should get 20-50 imperfect BBs. 

And if that is the scene, that is completely fine, as long as the majority of the BBs are top-notch. 

Range & Accuracy 

How well you will be able to aim and how long the range would be that largely depends on your skill and power of your airsoft gun. The weather within you is playing that also matters. But along with all these one more things that matters a lot is the BB. 

As said before, how well BBs are constructed knowing that is extremely important. A poorly constructed set of BBs can take the game off from your hands. Your accuracy will be super poor and in the worst-case scenario, you might even end up with a jammed gun. 

Another most important thing is the weight of the BBs. You need to have the best BB weight and gun power combination. If you use heavy BBs with a powerful gun, then the BBs will not be affected much by the wind and that means good accuracy. 

If the weight of the BBs is very light then the wind can easily break the traveling direction of the BB. On the other hand, if you use heavy BBs with a low-power airsoft gun, then you won’t get a good range. 

So knowing what weight to choose for what FPS is a must. 

If you don’t know, we have a chart below, check that out.  


This is a very easy factor to overlook but is extremely important to consider. Once BB goes out of your gun, it’s gone, why should you care about the durability? Similar thinking crossed your mind? Well, that is very normal. 

But the thing is weak or prone to break BBs can cost you a lot. 


For example, let’s assume you are using an AEG gun, and it shoots 15 rounds of BB every sec. Now let me tell you what happens if you use low-quality weak BBs. 

Let’s say you were shooting and suddenly one BB broke inside and got stuck. It is very normal that you won’t know that the gun has been jammed immediately. And at the very next moment, you are shooting more than 10 BBs which cannot come out due to the BB that broke and jammed the way earlier. 

Now can you imagine the damage a broken BB can do? Things can get even worse if you are using an expensive high-power airsoft gun that can shoot 50 rounds per minute. 

That is one reason, now there another more serious reason why you shouldn’t even think of using low-quality BBs in matches. 

If beginners who don’t know that wearing mesh goggle is prohibited is in a match and you shoot, the BB hits the goggle and breaks into small pieces. And those tiny small pieces can easily get through the mesh and hit the eye which can cause damage that cannot be reversed. 

I hope you are understanding how important it is to ensure the quality of airsoft BBs. Nothing is more important than your own safety so always make sure you wear the proper airsoft gloves, good-quality airsoft helmet, Protective mask, and top-notch airsoft goggles.  

The Packaging  

This is surely not as important as above mentioned factors but it is wise to ensure good packaging as well. The reason is, BBs that are dirty can underperform doesn’t matter how well they are constructed. And how BBs get dirty? When you have to load them on a gun with your hands. 

There are BBs that come in bottles, those BBs can be fed into the gun without even toughing a single BB by hand. 

On the other hand, BBs that come in plastic bags and tubes are pretty irritating because you can easily spill the BBs all over the place when trying to feed them into the mag without toughing them.  

Airsoft BB Weight Chart 

As mentioned before knowing the combination of BB weight and gun fps is extremely important. Below I have designed an airsoft BBs weight to FPS chart so that you can easily know which BB weight you should choose. 

Apart from these brands, there are some other brands like Aim Green, GG&G, Thunder BBs, who are also providing good quality airsoft BBs for a while now. But the 6 brands listed above the most reputed and market leaders right now. 

How to Care for Airsoft BBs? 

Though this is a highly neglected part of airsoft but yet very important. Taking care of airsoft BBs isn’t a very time-consuming thing and nor it is tough. Have a look. 


Sometimes you need to wash BBs right after buying them because sometimes some mold, gunk is left on the BBs from the construction process. Though not every BB set is like that sometimes you would see BBs that need washing.  

However, let’s get into the process. 

It is very simple, check out the following video to learn washing BBs in few minutes.  

Store in Suitable Place

If you are using biodegradable BBs, the best practice is to store that in a dry, cold, and dark place. Not only biodegradable, store any BB like that. In high temperatures, BBs will start to degrade so you would want to keep them cool always.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best BB Weight for Airsoft Pistol?

The ideal FPS range for an Airsoft pistol is 250 to 350, so the ideal BB weight for Pistols would be 0.12 gram. 

What is the Best BB weight for Airsoft Sniper?

Airsoft snipers need better range and the ideal FPS for airsoft snipers is 400 to 500 FPS, so the ideal BB weight would be 0.30 to 0.36 gram. 

What is the Best BB Weight for AEG? 

The ideal FPS for an AEG rifle would be around 300 to 400 FPS. So the BB weight should be 0.25 grams. 

What is the Best BB weight for 350 FPS? 

0.12 gram BB would be perfect for a 350 FPS gun. 

What are the Best BBs for Accuracy? 

The Elite Force Premium Biodegradable BBs are great in terms of precision, accuracy, consistency, and smoothness. 

Final Words 

Only the best airsoft bbs will be able to give you the precision, accuracy, and consistency you want. Whenever you buy, ensure the highest quality. Low-quality Airsoft BBs can even damage a high-end airsoft gun. So be very careful when choosing BBs, they are playing a major role. 

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