7 Best Airsoft 1911 Pistols of 2021 – Top Rated 1911 Pistols

Airsoft has always been on top, satisfying users’ all-time demand.

Their 1911 handgun pistols are no less than realistic handguns in appearance. Being very comfortable in size and weight, they are perfect for Airsoft sports.

Also, for anyone who wants to practice shooting, Airsoft handgun pistols can be an ideal option.

So, if you’re looking for one, my collection of Best Airsoft 1911 Pistols will lead the way for you in selecting a suitable 1911 Airsoft pistol

Top 3 Airsoft 1911 Pistols

Name Elite Force 1911 Blowback Pistol WG 1911 Airsoft Handgun PistolWG-4613 1911 Airsoft Handgun Pistol
MaterialBoth Frame and Barrel MetalFull Metal Full Metal
Dimension11 x 6 x 2 Inches11.53 x 6.96 x 2.08 Inches10 x 6 x 1.5 Inches
Weight2.4 Pounds 2.32 Pounds . 2.15 Pounds
Round 151613
Velocity345 FPS500 FPS400 FPS.

Best Airsoft 1911 Pistols Reviewed

Now it’s time to dive into the review part 

1. Elite Force 1911 Blowback Pistol 

  • Material: Both Frame and Barrel Metal
  • Dimension: 11 x 6 x 2 Inches
  • Weight: 2.4 Pounds
  • Caliber: 6
  • Round: 15
  • Velocity: 345 FPS

Elite Force 1911 Blowback Pistol is an entirely metal-made handgun. Holding this gun will create an ultimate professional impression on you. Besides, the color black is always an elegant choice. 

It is a CO2-powered handgun and weighs only 2.4 pounds. The blowback operation offered here makes your shooting experience even more exciting and realistic. This is mainly because the slide blowback operation automatically loads firearms every time you shoot. 

The velocity this handgun comes with is quite impressive for its size. It can shoot 6mm BBs around 350 fps. Whether for your regular training or target shooting, the elite force 1911 blowback Airsoft pistol is a perfect companion for you. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Offers a realistic feel and exciting shooting experience. .
  • Small in size yet highly efficient.
  • Appropriate for beginners, practice shooting, and Airsoft Sports.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable.

2. WG 1911 Airsoft Handgun Pistol

  • Material: Full Metal
  • Dimension: 11.53 x 6.96 x 2.08 Inches
  • Weight: 2.32 Pounds .
  • Caliber: 6.
  • Round: 16.
  • Velocity: 500 FPS.

Do you have an eye for a super fast and super lightweight hand pistol? If yes, WG 1911 Airsoft Handgun Pistol is perfect for you. It is a high-performance replica handgun. And it will definitely chase the game for you. 

The WG 1911 Airsoft Handgun Pistol is an amazing tool, to begin with. It is a CO2-powered non-blowback handgun that can be a perfect companion for Airsoft sports or regular heavy practice shooting. 

The flexible hop-up system and rear sight make it extremely comfortable to use. With 16 rounds of the magazine, you can shoot .12g BBs with 500 fps. It feels like an actual professional handgun in weight and action. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • A semi-automatic gun with speed.
  • Features a working hammer making it look more professional.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Can endure heavy use.
  • Non-blowback pistol.

3. WG-4613 1911 Airsoft Handgun Pistol

  • Material: Full Metal
  • Dimension: 10 x 6 x 1.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2.15 Pounds
  • Caliber: N/A.
  • Round: 13
  • Velocity: 400 FPS.

Newbies who are confused with the selection of Airsoft Pistol can undoubtedly choose the WG-4613 Airsoft model. It is an intermediate choice for many. Users find this handgun pistol extremely reasonable in budget and efficiency. 

The WG-4613 is a CO2-powered handgun. It is very easy to operate and light in hand compared to other Airsoft professional models. It features a blowback operation with a self-loading firing mode. You will be extremely satisfied pointing this gun to your target once you get used to maneuvering it. 

It offers pure accuracy within 75 yards of center point with precisive shots. Also, this pistol comes with dual safety mode allowing you a safe shooting experience even for a toy gun. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Offers accurate and precise shots.
  • Fixed hop-up system.

4. New Wg Airsoft M 1911 Hand Gun Pistol

  • Material: Metal and ABS plastic.
  • Dimension: 12 x 7 x 2 Inches
  • Weight: 1.93 Pounds .
  • Caliber: 6.
  • Round: 16.
  • Velocity: 450-500 FPS.

We present you with our next fast performance super realistic Airsoft handgun. The WG 1911 Airsoft Pistol is an amazing fast performer. From household target shooting to AIrsoft sports, this handgun pistol offers you tremendous speed and accuracy. 

This is a metal and ABS-made handgun and operated by CO2. The adjustable hop-up system and the rear sight make it really feasible in use. It offers functional safety which ensures a safe maneuver for users of any age. 

It doesn’t come with a blowback feature which makes it even simpler in functionalities. Velocity varies from 450 to 500 fps which is adjustable to user requirements. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Super lightweight.
  • Functional with 6mm BBs.
  • Flexible and easily adjustable.
  • High velocity.
  • Almost similar to real 1911 guns.

5. Evike Win High Power 1911 Airsoft Gas Pistol

  • Material: Plastic.
  • Dimension: 8.5″ Long x 5.25″ Tall
  • Weight: 1.19 Pounds.
  • Caliber: 6.
  • Round: 15+.
  • Velocity: 370~500 FPS.

Here is a new addition to our guide – Evike Win high power Airsoft gas pistol.  Evike Win 1911 Airsoft Pistol is a very decent choice for moderate shooting. It is a durable pistol and offers a high range of services with full accuracy. 

There is a railed frame attached to this pistol where you can attach tactical laser lights and other essentials. This 1911 Airsoft pistol focuses on full protection. Hence, it is fully functional on frame safety. 

It is a CO2-powered pistol, And the output velocity can be easily adjusted between 370-500 fps to users’ needs. Also, this semi-automatic handgun pistol is non-blowback in nature and extremely efficient in performance. 

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Extremely adjustable.
  • It can fire 100+ BBs in a single Co2 cartridge.
  • Offers a railed frame.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Hop-up is adjustable.

6. New WG 1911 Airsoft Handgun Pistol

  • Material: Plastic and Metal.
  • Dimension: 11.34 x 6.81 x 2.2
  • Weight: 1.61 Pounds. .
  • Caliber: 6.
  • Round: 15.
  • Velocity: 500 FPS.

When it comes to WG from Airsoft, Airsoft beginners should pay heed. The WG 1911 Airsoft is a very compact handgun pistol. As light as its weight is, it is also very quick to the spot and velocity. 

It is a CO2-powered semi-automatic handgun. This pistol can shoot 6mm BBs at a projectile velocity of 500 fps. For beginners and even for professionals, it can be a wise selection for regular target shooting practice. 

The WG-1911 is a non-blowback gun ensuring optimum safety while firing mode. Although its heavyweight feels realistic with a 1.1 scale. However, it is light compared to other 1911 Airsoft guns

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Realistic weight.
  • Fast and small.
  • Features non-blowback system.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Offers excellent quality to its budget.

7. Double Eagle 1911a1 Airsoft Pistol

  • Material: Plastic frame
  • Dimension: 9.75 x 6.5 x 1.75 Inches
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs .
  • Caliber: N/A
  • Round: N/A
  • Velocity: 250 FPS

If you are prioritizing a lightweight airsoft pistol then this model of BBTac is going to be the perfect addition to your weapon list. The plastic construction pistol comes with 1911A1 styles and runs on a spring power system.

The shooting process of the gun is very simple; cock and shoot. Moreover, it is integrated with hop-up though they aren’t fixed. Maintaining the gun is no hassle as well as cleaning. 

If you are a beginner then you can go for this gun as it uses electric potential energy (EPE). Though it’s a single shot device, it helps to shoot with ease. Finally, considering the price I must say it is one of the cheapest airsoft 1911 pistols.

Why Should You Pick This?
  • Ultra-lightweight construction.
  • Easy maintenance system.
  • Uses the EPE and spring-powered system.
  • Highly affordable.

Buying Guide for the Best 1911 Airsoft Pistols

In this segment, I am going to help you in choosing the best gun among the recommended list.

For Beginners or Professionals?

First, understand your skill level. If you are a pro player you might handle any type of gun. But for the beginners and intermediate players, I would recommend getting a lightweight gun. Also, check out the accuracy level before fixing your purchase.

Overall Construction

Metal or Plastic there are mainly 2 major materials an airsoft pistol is made of. Sometimes, you will get a gun made of composite material.

Whatever the construction is you have to make sure the quality of the material is great. Again if it is a composite material then ensure the overall construction is solid and other facts. Keep in mind if the construction of the gun is poor then the gun is good for nothing.


Velocity is another major fact you have to keep in mind before purchasing. I think a gun will be more effective if the firing speed of the gun is better. However, don’t purchase one that will break the rule.

So, you have to choose a gun with a limited velocity that meets the fields and game rules. A good airsoft 1911 handgun should have a velocity of 200-350 FPS. FPYou may get a few guns over 400/400+ FPS velocity but before purchasing one check out the rules. The best gun is one that comes with an adjustable velocity.


One of the main characteristics of 1911 airsoft pistols is perfect aiming. So whatever gun you choose you must get them highly accurate. Still, to ensure the realism of the gun must check out the accuracy of the gun.


There are some other minor facts you must have to consider such as, comfortability, grip, firing mode, price, look, and others. I won’t suggest purchasing any highly expensive extremely cheap guns. Get into a range and select a mid-budget quality gun. And obviously, it will look realistic and kind of traditional.

Frequently asked Questions

Is 1911 a good airsoft gun?

Yes, it is undoubtedly one of the most accurate airsoft guns. It is highly durable, generally made of plastic and metal. For aiming perfectly the gun helps the beginners more.

Why is the 1911 gun so special?

There are a good number of reasons behind this. First of all, the gun brings an aesthetic feel and is great for aiming perfectly. Next, the gun is easy to hold and compact in size. Finally, the gun is inspiring for the airsoft players.

What is the best 1911 airsoft gun?

According to the popularity growth of the 1911 guns, the production has also increased. Among them, I have selected 7 special and high-quality guns and reviewed them. If you are still willing to know the best of all then I would suggest the WG-4613 1911 Airsoft Pistol.

How much will an airsoft 1911 cost?

You will find different guns at different prices. But on average a quality airsoft 1911 costs around $50. However, if you want you can get a cheaper or more expensive gun. 

How much does a 1911 airsoft weigh?

It depends on the material of the gun. If it is made of plastic then it will weigh under 2 lbs. But if it is constructed well with metal then it will be around 2-3 lbs.

Final Verdict

Airsoft handguns are already premium in nature. However, usability differs from user to user. Handguns with specific features may not be accurate for users with different needs. My list of best Airsoft 1911 pistols aims to help prospects figure out what they need especially. 

I hope this article was helpful to you. If it is, let others know as well and share our article with people who are in search of the best 1911 airsoft pistol. 

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